On the question of Robotnik’s name.

First off, Sonic 1 was released in America and Europe before it ever hit the shores of almighty Nihon. 

Secondly, the conceptual creation of these characters was a joint effort. Not exclusively a Japanese concept. 

Thirdly, I have trouble believing SOA wouldn’t run this by the top execs and get away with it for 8 years straight. We all know what happened when Bernie Stoler took the Nights engine without permission, those fuck ups were immediately pissed. I doubt an entity as power hungry and controlling like SOJ would let this shit slide for so long. Especially not from some baka gaijin!

Lastly, the nickname explanation is complete horse shit. A person doesn’t just go from calling himself Robotnik to Eggman in the span of one game (SA1-2) right after expressing disgust of being referred to as an egg period. Had this been the case, very few of the new characters would ever refer to him by his nickname. Shadow and Rouge I doubt would address by such a shitty nickname given their personalities and occupations. This has everything to do with pushing the Japanese aesthetic on international audiences as that is what is most important for Soj. I’m still shocked we aren’t calling this Sonnikku no Hedzog or w/e retarded shit they call it in moonland.

On the subject of Knuckles’ s mental degradation. 

This is an even worse explanation than even Iizuka himself has trouble swallowing. You’re essentially saying that Knuckles has no other purpose beyond a rival…. except he’s been passed over in favor Shadow, Jet, Blaze, and Silver. Compared to them, Knuckles is a real joke. Not only is he borderline retarded, he’s also been nerfed in his actual combat skill.

This gullibility shtick stopped being a thing in 2005 where Knuckles is just that angry idiot that exists. Some people would say “What about Chronicles?”. What about Chronicles! ? The shit was made by Bioware, it has no baring on SOJ’s handling of the character. Which, out of ALL the characters in this franchise, is completely fubar. Tell me, how is it they give him a halfway decent reason to be in SA2, but revert back to shoehorning him as a rival when he’s treated no differently than Kuwabara from YuYu Hakusho?

Hell, I’d go so far as to call it racist given that Knuckles is so blatantly patterned after stereotypes of black people, whom the Japanese literally believe to be mentally retarded anyway. After all, they approved of this asshole.

Knuckles’s constant gullibility is SOJ not knowing what else to do with Knuckles. Given the existence of Shadow and Blaze, Knuckles no longer has a purpose in this series. As evidenced by his continual abandonment of his duties for no other reason than “Sonic needs a group of 3”.

Gameinformer calls these “burning questions” bah! It does show Sega to be a bunch of pathological liars.