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Pretty much. Though I don’t know about 06’s story being rewarding. Had it been better written, had no lame ass princess, or not taken it’s sweet time out for some animu teenage boy gossip, it probably would’ve been interesting outside of Shadow’s story. Hell, I think that had more to do with it being about him rather than being about a princess you barely see throughout the game.

Maybe that’s the magic of previous Sonic stories, they were less about these NPC’s and more about what the gang was up to. They were more or less connected to the main plot anyway while in 06, the gang all feel like random, foreign entities that are there just because. Shadow’s story feels self-contained and tries to advance his own story while Silver is a mere tool that doesn’t develop and Sonic is an animatronic doofus. Maybe if Elise was actually interesting instead of being a yamato nadesko bore to appeal to Japan’s crappy standard of desirable women minus the G-cup, then we’d have something

I know that’s not what you meant, I just ramble. No argument on unleashed. 

“Barbarian…. gamer”?

I’m assuming by this bit that there are signs abound of developer pretentiousness… which, judging by some vids i’ve watched, seems accurate enough. Did we really need a sign that said “Flying Battery coming up next!” After killing the first Heavy? Talk about nonsensical and trying too hard. It’s neither cool nor clever, and makes no goddamn sense in context. Robotnik was so certain you’d kick his ass that he has a movie studio announce his escape vessel/fortress. My ass.

It’s like the bastids were so caught up in trying to be clever.

How does a background make any level disorienting unless it blended in seemlessly with the foreground? 

Oh pleeeeeease don’t ruin Studiopolis! It’s the only redeemable zone this game has! I’d wager the “hook” would’ve been better if Studiopolis was the first zone and not been held back by idiotic padding.

Actually no. The level design in Classic Sonic isn’t “structured” like a typical platformer level. It is completely irrational to use something like DKC to describe how Zones in Sonic shoild be designed. I’ve said before that Sonic games weren’t designed with conventional design philosophies in mind. Nintendo, Capcom, and the like have a very mechanical method to it’s level design while Sonic games were more organic.

Instead, the zones were designed with realistic geographies in mind. In outdoor/nature areas, the zones are more open and “horizontal”. You feel free to run and jump anywhere without fail. On the other hand, industrial areas are designed more claustrophobic. Everything is busy and noisy, like a labrynth. The “maze” that you speak of.

This is because as one commenter mentioned, Sonic was about nature vs industry. The environments reflected those extremes like that of the real world. You go to a park or a farm (sure why not) you have all this open space! Go to a factory, casino or otherwise and you might feel claustrophobic. 

Compare to your typical Mario platformer, damn near every level is built like a contraption with specific means to progress. It’s all mechanical. Sonic Zones are built more “naturally” where players are free to find their own means to progress (until 3K). You could say Classic Sonic had a more “realistic” approach to level design. Tis why Mirage Saloon sucks as a Sonic Zone with it’s floating hands. It assumes the Zones of old were just random fantasy obstacles. 

You know, I think this is why so many people don’t know how Sonic could work in 3D. They’re always thinking of Sonic as a conventional platformer series than otherwise. Out of all the fangame developers, the guys who made Sonic Robo Blast 2, I think, are the only ones who fucking get it! Green Flower Zone, large open spaces. Poison Plant Zone, claustrophobic shit hole. I’m starting to think these young cats are so obsessed with Nintendo games that they can’t understand any form of design beyond conventional design and specific methods to solving an obstacle. Players should look at Sonic Zones as big ass playgrounds rather than megalithic contraptions that need tangibly defined solutions. The solution is “just play the damn game! Don’t think about it too much!” With a health system built for wimps, w/e hiccups are along the way are negligible. Sonic himself was described as being “free like the wind” And I feel the level design should reflect that.

Oh I can hear those mother fuckas on crying “Classicfag!” Dem sweet ass memories… before it became cool. Now you got all these hipster fucks championing classic Sonic just because it’s old oh im rambling again.

I’ll contend that Mania has no appeal for this generation, sure. Except kids if they’re able to get it.  Old asses like myself would probably get a kick out of how far they went to capture the spirit of the 90’s, all the way to making old ass artwork, boxes, and manuals. But that reeks of exploitation. Our old asses aren’t that easy to manipulate (at least i’m hoping). That zone ratio alone fucked the pooch, and I won’t stop bitching about it. 

Amma, this game is so conflicting! On one hand, I want it to succeed,  but on the other, I want folks to understand how shallow it is!