Even though they brought back those damned lock-on crosshairs. 

We finally see what they meant by “it’s not Green Hill” as the landscape seems to have been terraformed forcibly. You know…. actual re-imaginings. Then again, the Chemical Plant showing from Monday had some real effort put into it. Of course it would. it’s fucking Chemical Plant, the darling of the classic days (amongst Casino Night at least.)

Did we really need Egg Dragoon to come back?

Hmmm …. I wonder why Silver is in. And not playable dou! Ah right CaC.

By the looks of it, the Wispons don’t seem incredibly intrusive, though the window is tiny and I can barely make shit out. They do seem fond of showing the Burst wisp which is merely a flamethrower. And I’m guessing it’s one of those horribly dated “one powerup per level” restrictions for the sake of platforming puzzles. 

It’s annoying, sure, but i’ll try to be less pessimistic. Anything is better than Boom at this point.

Anywho, time to relive some childhood memories with Bump in the Nig-…. “Produced by Ken Pontac!?” NOOOOOO! MY LIFE IS A LIE!

EDIT: I haven’t watched the new trailer yet.