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Catch-22, perhaps? (Forces)

I wouldn’t trust my gut instincts after Link Between Worlds 😛

In seriousness, I can’t really say if Sega is doing anything right merely by pissing off the Nintards (sounds like a fitting topic for the defunct Great Entertainment Decline forums). Hell, irritating as they are, companies should focus on getting as many people as possible to play their games. No one should be picky with where their money comes from, especially going into a franchise that has no more legs to stand on. Unless they ascribe to some 80/20 rule where they figure 80% of their profits will come from 20% of their consumer base. The biggest problem now is that… the Nintendo fans are the only group of people who are taking interest in Sonic. Most news coverage of new Sonic games are coming directly from Nintendo sites, no doubt helped in large part thanks to disastrous exclusivity deals that went nowhere. Xbox fans I couldn’t tell you one thing about, but damn sure the Sony crowd will ignore Sonic. 

But Nintendo fans have a vested interest in appropriating Sonic for themselves. Hell, the only reason they keep bringing up 06 is two-fold. One is because they want to shame the real fans from having their own tastes by using 06 as the example of why we should fear a game with more…. “mature” content, it’s why their talking points make no goddamn sense. And second, because in part they are still somewhat bitter by the fact that 06 wasn’t put on the Wii, and the fact that the game was received poorly helped them sleep at night. They jumped on 06 every chance they got to make themselves feel good. They won’t ever talk about Secret Rings or Black Knight, 2 virtually unplayable pieces of trash who’s only saving grace is the soundtrack, but 06 is their sacrificial lamb. Notice that Generation gets more heat than it’s objectively inferior, Wii exclusive Colors? Nintards are far more critical of games that aren’t exclusive or even present on their home console. Sonic Mania, they’re merely using as a tool to push their own ideas on the franchise. I’ve watched damn near all kinds of Mania videos, and many of these people would have to be Nintendo fans to play so badly. I lost count the amount of times I wanted to snatch the controller from their hands and show these morons how easy these damned games are.

if anything, purging those jackasses from the fandom is only beneficial for the fandom, but not Sega. But this kind of audience is bad for the franchise. 

The problem with Sonic fans now is hypersensitivity. Much like Pokemon fans, our pack of idiots panic at the slightest of things, ironically taking after IGN in foolish declarations such as Sonic never being good. A game takes on a darker tone? Well, Shadow had a darker tone, and 06 had a darker tone, and Unleashed had a darker tone, and those games were all failures. So by default, Forces taking on a darker tone is automatically a bad move on Sega’s part. Nevermind the fact that these games sold far better than every single game that came afterward, maybe with the exception of Sonic Dash and all the repackaged Genesis games. 

See, this kind of thinking is not only dense, it’s also detrimental if a company ever bothers to listen to it’s fans. There’s no critical thinking or analysis done to see why Sonic games have failed enmasse, they just go on the automatic assumption that the mere inclusion of certain elements is automatic failure. Like say Sonic’s friends, that was one helluva meme that people ran into the ground. Instead of thinking the gameplay elements that Sega arbitrarily stuffed into the characters was a bad call, we had to wait for Sonic Unleashed before these inbred jackasses could admit that there was nothing wrong with Sonic’s friends. 

If you had to listen to any criticism, I’d say look towards those that proclaim Sonic has an identity crisis. Every new game that comes out, they always change how it plays to a style they have no experience in designing. All the damn time. We the fans were never allowed to get accustomed to Sonic games because Sega was more interested in chasing fads OR making sure they don’t get bores developing their games. Cause see, the Japanese hate making sequels. The idea that you might have a money making franchise on hand is something that they’re apparently too good for. And it would certainly explain Sega’s “pass off 2D Sonic to some other developers cause we’re too good for that noise”. But unfortunately,  unlike the west that understands the necessity of consistency (most of the time), the Japanese tend to throw everything out with bath water and rarely ever look back. 

This is why I feel we shouldn’t be too quick to write off Forces… at the moment. They’re going back and revisiting old ideas and are trying to improve them in some way. They’re going back to elements they’ve at least some experience in. And I must admit, I’m liking the Wisps this time around. Instead of being timed powerups for pseudo-exploration or puzzles, they are now weapons of ass destruction via the whims of the player. At the same time, I’m not in denial of it’s problems. The Acts seem insidiously short, CaC is 100% cosmetic, the writing and animation is sub par, the inclusion of Retro Sonic was an afterthought confirmed by Sonic Mania’s bizarre delay, and clearly, Roger Craig Smith is just phoning in his performance. The gameplay side looks fine. The content side, I feel, is getting shafted. And there appears to be some lack of interest in Forces development, or SOJ is being bad at marketing by “keeping too much of the game a secret so you can be surprised later”. Forces will be yet another game of demands and deterrents. A divisive game that will exist merely to spawn more idiotic debates about what Sonic needs to survive in the coming generations.

That’s always the reception for Sonic games. Because at the end of the day, Sega won’t ever get their act together. You look at some of the decisions they made for this game and would have to wonder if they’re even serious. But I’m getting off-topic. It could just be the very fact that it is just a ” darker and edgier” Sonic game that we haven’t seen for literally 10 years, and all Sonic game during this period were made to coddle the Nintards. And because that’s not the case here, they’re attacking everything in Forces to make it appear as unappealing as possible. It was bizarre to me that character creation got the heat that it did. Who the fuck do you know hates CaC options!? It’s the least offensive feature you could ever include in a videogame. The rage and pushback against Forces is disproportionate, and I see that as a result of this resistance toward “grimdark” takes.

The Nintards have gone insane over Sonic the Hedgehog. They literally believe they own it and should be the only ones dictating how the games should be made according to the standards they hold for Nintendo games. That’s detrimental for a number of reasons, but most importantly because the values that people expect from Super Mario are in direct opposition to the values that people expect from Sonic the Hedgehog. 

People want Sonic to adhere to Arcade Centric Values. Their rejection of treasure hunts, 06, and the like are evidence of that. People expect Computer Centric Values from Super Mario. Their so-called “rejection” of NSMBW is evidence of that. In large part, Nintendo was able to convert Mario into a Computer Centric franchise so easily because Mario games have never been fast-paced, and have put a larger emphasis on exploration and secrets. Mario already had the foundation laid out for the future of the series. On the other hand, Sonic was full on Arcade Centric. Keeping a high ring count, putting an emphasis on blasting through Zones as fast as possible, the numerous bonus rounds,  there’s no foundation here to convert Sonic to the ideals of Computer Centrism. 

This generation (and the one before it) is dominated by Computer Centrism. The biggest games are now FPS’ s WRPGS and Open World games. Barely anything else can compete with that. This generation of gamers were born with and grew up on a steady diet of RPGs, Grand Theft auto, Call of duty, Uncharted, and pretentious indy games. The only Arcade Centric genre that has a leg to stand on is the fighting game genre. Everything else is practically dead. Arcade games don’t have the kind of replay value that today’s gamers understand or give 2/5ths of a fuck about. Their idea of replay value Is “100% completion” masturbation post game fetch quests, or a shopping list of side missions. 

Nintendo had the Advantage going into the future because they’ve already invested more time on Computer Centric games than did Sega. Sega was an Arcade company from the get go, leaving them to play catch up on Phantasy Star Online. That’s their most successful game this generation (one these asholes won’t share, goddamn them!). And because Sega still acted like an Arcade company, their ideas of Computer Centrism gets musty when going into Sonic. It gave way to all these bad habits of forcing you to play through gameplay elements you don’t want. The werehog was the most glaring example of Computer Centric Sonic up until Lost Mind and Bust. Secret Rings would’ve been an alright game if Sega didn’t become fearful of the critique that it would be too repetitive. Freeing Sinbad was a pain in the ass. But they do this merely because they see everyone else doing it. They epitomize the Birdman Fallacy. 

If people can’t understand this, they will never know what’s wrong with this franchise. As for how Sonic will be received outside of internet? Pff, it’ll be ignored like every Sonic game after Unleashed. Unless that shit was mobile, I wouldn’t kid myself. Around the US, the only folks I see going for Sonic are the ones that President Dump wants to expel from America. Those guys always take an interest in niches (King of Fighters, anyone?).  Their pudgy kids are the only ones rockin Sonic shirts. That should tell you how fucked Sonic is.

Some folks might be thinking “well Mania might revive interest in Sonic”. I don’t know any digital game that did this. Sonic Dash certainly did no favors for this flailing series, and frankly, it’ll do marginally better than lost mind and bust by virtue that it’s on platforms that people actually own. Sales wise will probably be par the course.  It won’t do better than Mania, obviously. Critical reception will likely be just as disproportionate as it is now, the status quo is too precious to the gaming industry. They literally masturbate to making constant editorials on the downfall of Sonic while falsly claiming they’re huge fans (all journalists love computer centrism, btw). Digital games don’t do shit for a franchise. It’s simply easy money. And Mania isn’t some revolutionary title, it’s simply fanservice. I’m not betting on it revitalizing anything atm.


By the balls of Ra, how do you fuck this up!? 

I don’t have the game yet, but please don’t tell me they pulled some “wait 2 old ass zones to get your new zone” bullshit.
They pulled that, didn’t they?

What horse shit format! I wouldn’t be surprised (though saddened) if the game somehow flopped because Sega decided to jerk us around with this nonsense. They could’ve just used those 4 new zones for the aborted Episode 3 of Sonic 4 if this was the case!

Ugh…. 8 old ass zones, and you gotta plow through them just to get the new zones, goddammit Sega…

But the new zones are the reward!” That’s gonna be the apologetic slogan for this game if such complaints existed. “But the second Acts are redesigned!” Why not the whole fucking Zone, jackass!?

Gah! Right now, mutha fuckas are all moist and shit for this game, I hope they bought this shit in droves to validate their hype and propaganda. Cause I don’t see any reason to get hyped for 20% New shit.

Words of wisdom. Never… eat… banana chips. Your wisdom will become a chip off the old block, if you catch my drift. 

With any bouts of depression, there’s only one genre that would assuage me. JRPGs! What more depressing depths of insanity is more appropriate than a genre of games that show heroes getting more soft core action than you?


I went back and played through Xillia 2, and … shit. Words can’t describe just how good this game is. It’s one of those rare moments when Hideo Baba has a momentary burst of qualitative thinking that produces something genius. It’s sad because after this, he makes goddamn Zesteria, a tragedy that exemplifies everything wrong with JRPGs. IE, the lack of control, pathetic plot, cringe-inducing characters… blah. I wonder if Berseria has another red-head mary sue.

 I don’t know how or why, but for once, the Japanese discovered what makes an RPG… an RPG. It’s not creative/innovative battle systems, or grind away to progress through the game, or dungeon puzzles. It’s all about… playing the role, so to speak. It seems Namco took that literally, however, as the path of this preset avatar… is a depressing tale. As it’s an old game, most of you already know the story, but… for those who don’t as well as for the sake of padding out this post :P, Xillia 2 is about a guy called Ludger Kresnik, the semi-silent protagonist whose goal was to work as an agent of the illustrious Spirius Corporation. But thanks to a lot of bullshit involving a terrorist attack, and a little brat with a voice that is but a cheese grater to my ears, instead gets sacked with a debt of 20 million fucking Gald. As a result, his passport or… w/e is hit with travel restrictions until he pays off his debt. Considering most people who would play this game might already have student loan debt they can’t pay off, this might be an uncomfortable character to play as.

But as you continue through the game, you find out quickly that Namco just wants to shiiiiit all over this guy. I thought Luke Fon Fabre had it bad after that earthquake. He gets knocked out by a buttmonkey, is constantly attacked first and foremost by enemies, loses a love interest, gets blackmailed into joining a corrupt agency, is forced to kill his own brother, forced to choose between sacrificing himself or his surrogate daughter, gets digested by a giant teepo doll for paying off his debt (don‘t ask), etc, etc. There is literally no end to Ludger’s suffering. And as Ludger serves as the player avatar (mostly just selects dialogue options), most can’t help but empathize with him. He’s essentially a reflection of people going through real life struggles. You put up with horse shit on a daily basis, and literally no one appreciates or acknowledges you for it, until you die. Ludger becomes the woobie (is that the right trope?) of the game.

It certainly doesn’t help that he is surrounded by people who are, for the most part, privileged or more successful than he is or ever will be (unless you choose to murder a child). The cast of characters from the first Xillia becomes your party for this game. But take a look at who you are surrounded by.

You have a journalist who doesn’t stop smiling or being optimistic about the world, who’s only major concern is not getting a perfect story to appease her boss. All the while being in no danger of losing her job despite being shit at it. Meanwhile, your major concern is paying off 20 million in debt, and raising a precocious little bastard who talks about how much better her daddy is at cooking when you so much as decide to feed the ungrateful bitch.

Then, you have a preteen whose only real concern is trying to find a stuffed rabbit for said ungrateful bitch just so she can play “big sister”, that is literally her entire motivation in this game. Meanwhile, your major concern is paying off 20 million in debt, and raising a precocious little bastard who talks about how much better her daddy is at cooking when you so much as decide to feed the ungrateful bitch. (Bah, Elize is just a kid, what concerns can she have!?)

Next up, you’ve got a salesman who is breaking all kinds bread with locals, and is close to gaining a trade partner to make even more money. His only major concern is not gaining his trade partner and making… the same amount of money as before. probably wouldn’t have his small business without relations to a noble family… or did he sever those ties after killing Liam O’Brien? Meanwhile, your major concern is paying off 20 million in debt, and raising a precocious little bastard who talks about how much better her daddy is at cooking when you so much as decide to feed the ungrateful bitch.

You also have a Prime minister whose job is…. admittedly more stressful than yours, though considering he’s also a genius strategist and a former military commander (goddamn overacheving Gary Stu), his job is a breeze. His only worries are…. dying? Meanwhile, your major concern is paying off 20 million in debt, and raising a precocious little bastard who talks about how much better her daddy is at cooking when you so much as decide to feed the ungrateful bitch.

Then you have a king. A goddamn king! Not just any king. An expert super samurai who can utilize the powers of god mode spirits… who has no concerns in the game outside of some loneliness at the top of his ivory tower… even though he’s always accompanied by psycho Ms. Fanservice who outright offers to fuck. Meanwhile, your major concern is paying off 20 million in debt, and raising a precocious little bastard who talks about how much better her daddy is at cooking when you so much as decide to feed the ungrateful bitch.

Then you’ve got 2 sex-bomb spirits (including the aforementioned psycho) who have no major concerns at all outside of fighting other spirits. Meanwhile, your major concern is paying off 20 million in debt, and raising a precocious little bastard who talks about how much better her daddy is at cooking when you so much as decide to feed the ungrateful bitch.

Finally, and this is probably the biggest offender, you have a teenage prodigy of  the sciences who is making medical breakthroughs that can also solve the world’s energy crisis, and is practically a master of Baji Quan Kung Fu, who also notes how he would knock some sense into you on 2 occasions, and is the center of affection for the 2 aforementioned sex-bomb spirits. If that’s not enough, the little brat you’re taking care of sings his praises while constantly berating you through out the game. And despite all that, he’s still a giant worry wart because he cares so much! And he’s just a medical/college student who’s probably no older than you.

Meanwhile, your major concern is paying off 20 million in debt, and raising a precocious little bastard who talks about how much better her daddy is at cooking when you so much as decide to feed the ungrateful bitch.

I might’ve exaggerated a tid bit much, but the point stands. You are playing the role of a failure at life, who is surrounded by several examples of successes at life. Bombarded by the constant reminder that you are nothing compared to these incredible individuals who have achieved so much. They don’t have a care in the world, but you carry much on your shoulders. No one recognizes you, no one bats an eye at you, and you’re nothing more than a tool for those in power. But the company you keep… those are examples of achievement and status! Within that entire group, you are nothing special. An irrelevant, unremarkable specimen. A failure of evolution. Hell, if you can’t keep track of a morbidly obese cat, you are chastised for it, even when you’re going into an alternate dimension with the expectation of conflict! It’s like your entire exists to make a mockery of you no matter where you go.

As well, you spend the majority of the game helping these assbites solve their little first-world problems. The king wants to make friends, or a spirit wants to be a better sister, or a salesman is going through depression over poor life choices, or a kid is trying to find a stuffed rabbit. Not one of them will pony up some chedder to help pay off your debt, but they will buy you expensive clothes that they literally expect you to pay them back for!

So yeah. Your character gets fucked at every opportunity. And what does he gain? The loss of his loved ones.

At a critical moment in this game, Ludger must sacrifice the life of his brother to create a “soul bridge” to reach a temporal dimension known as the land of Canaan.

……Even though the original bridge is still active.

Why he has to do this is very…. very…. dumb. It has everything to do with a test called “Origin’s Trial” whereby the great spirit Origin wants humanity to be willing to sacrifice themselves to prove themselves worthy of not getting killed off… by relying on 1 or 2 people. Origin has always been a jackass, and now he wants to play god. 

Since this whole segment was full of shit, I kept selecting answers that would delay the inevitable boss fight. And of course, the king (pictured above), is all too eager to kill someone. Because pretentious duty calls for it.

……But then…. something amazing happens! 

This mutha fucka goes full-blown bat shit!

I’ve Not read any guide on this game, so I had no idea you could fight all these folks! Everyone in your party immediately become your enemies. It was… actually not that difficult of a fight (Thanks Freezing Eruption), and as a reward…

Bros before hoes?

This was a thing of beauty. He literally…. murders all of his allies, some could say friends (only Elize applies, when you think about it. The rest were self-righteous assholes), for the sake of his own family. The world gets fucked, sure, but when you think about the alternative endings, you honestly lose more than you gain. You either become president of Spirius but lose the brat and your brother, or you just die. They’re not satisfying conclusions to what was a journey of suffering. In life, we are taught that we, the peasants, must sacrifice everything for a little bit of prosperity. Apparently, in the Xillia universe, that includes family. Those in power or higher status sacrifice very little, or nothing at all, but it is the peasants that must suffer for the greater good. A Christian philosophy, of course. Afterall, Origin is playing god, and yahweh apparently loves putting people through trial just to see if they meet his approval. 

 So when Ludger is left with the choice of killing his own flesh and blood, even at the behest and pressure of his peers of people with higher status, power, numbers, and authority, this one guy decides to cut the bullshit and say “No more. You guys have asked me favors, and i’ve gotten nothing in return, aside from some clothes I’m expected to pay back for. I’ve sat around and listened to everyone sing the praises of all of you while the only singing I got was from some crazy bitch over the phone calling about this money like some teenage slut-bucket looking for child support. I had to watch my waifu get flushed down a dark portal, just to watch her dullard twin go and fuck the tethering nerd next door, and tbh, none of you jackasses would have bothered to join me if said nerd wasn’t with me in the first place. But now you’re telling me to let my brother, the last family I have on this rock… die for your sakes? For a test created by this false god!? For the salvation of his ego!? Y’all done crossed some fucking lines! He ain’t no damn sacrifice, not while I’m still alive! You want him, you go through me!”

And he just went to town on them! This ending is called the “Julius/bad ending” though there is nothing bad about it. It’s the most satisfying conclusion. It exemplifies liberation from societal expectations/standards. A man telling the world that he will suffer no more. Instead of wishing for freedom, he is taking it by force. Sure, the world is practically fucked, but  the long run, Origin had it coming. Pretentious bitch.
*sigh* It’s quite fun reading too much into shit. I really wanna play Berseria. 

I dub thee “Nakamoron”.

Well, it has been confirmed. We finally have a reason as to why Retro Sonic is in Forces. And that reason is fuck all. This was provided by a Justin. The source is in his comment from my last post. This is ofcourse another interview done from a Nintendo site so ofcourse Sega tries to sell people on the value of the Switch even though the games are fucking multiplatform!

I won’t do the whole interview as there isn’t a whole lot to be gained from it all imo.

 So right here, yhe explanation for Retro Sonic is that Nakamura wanted to detail the story better. A character who’s involvement in the story is nebulous…. but is necessary to… detail the story better. He said controlling different characters is essential to explaining the world more efficiently. We know this was the trope of 3D Sonic games from 98-06. He wanted characters that would feel like Sonic to be playable… which you have:

Tails. Knuckles. Cream. Shadow. Metal Sonic. Blaze (especially this cunt). All of these characters were created with abilities similar to those of Sonic’s. This game was being made side by side with Mania, yet this jap isn’t even taking a hint. So instead, he puts in Retro Sonic to express the world better, even though there is nothing that connects retro sonic to the game itself.

Justin bluntly states that this was a complete lie. And in trying to make sense of Nakamura’s reasoning, it’s hard to disagree. Half the fandom is nicknaming the game “Generations 2”, and for good reason. Retro Sonic’s mere presence gives them no other indication. Egg Dragoon all but confirms it. The presence of older villains demand such a title.

But more so than that, the game is borrowing ideas from the likes of Xillia 2 and DB Xenoverse. 2 games that are heavily dependent upon fanservice to sell themselves. Creating your own character/using a semi-preset avatar to interact with all your favorite characters. Forces is no different In this regard. Hell, with the playable avatars, retro Sonic’s inclusion for this very reason is completely unnecessary. The Avatars being regular everyday citizens can do well in explaining/expressing this universe as they live it. Why they don’t just have retard sonic and the avatar as playable characters and drop retro sonic altogether is anyone’s guess. It’s a waste of resources as there simply is no (good) reason for it’s presence other than, I suppose, to troll fans.

Unless… this is my original theory in that Retro Sonic comes to this world from a different dimension as a result of infinite or something, which would make sense and Nakamura would be an idiot not to use that. “Sonic Dimensions” was a rumored title after all. And these cocksuckers are trying to separate the muddled continuity for Amma knows what reason.

Yes, my last post was shit. I was having a helluva week. 😛 You try co

Intro for Mania

It’s alright. Music isn’t as shitty as before.

Knuckles gets shafted again, not pleased about that. Budget clearly went into this intro.

I honestly wish I had some more enthusiasm, it looks like a nice intro.

A while back, I showed my last 2 posts to the Nintendo fan at work (if anyone recalls him) where, while he wasn’t completely offended, mentioned that I had spent like 4 posts talking about the wonders of the Nintard mind, and it was chapping his ass. He’s begging the question of if I had anything nice to say about Nintendo fans or if I despise them outright. Probably some strange measure of assurance, a person can’t 100% not tolerate something or else they’re biased and have no credibility based on that alone. It’s a logical fallacy that says one’s views on a subject has to be balanced (Like/Dislike) to be credible. It’s why you see so many people online when they rant about something, they go “mind you, I do like this one thing!” To soften the blow, because they know bitches be sensitive. 

But if you’re reading this… “dude”…. no, I don’t hold you all in contempt. And there’s only one specific reason why. Nintendo fans will actually help you if you have a problem. If anyone recalls, some years back I had issues with my 2DS’ s R button. It was acting like it was being pressed all the time. I asked around some forums and people were legitimately trying to find solutions. No one really had an answer, but they were courteous and patient the whole time. Eventually, the R button unfucked itself and I haven’t had issues since (mainly cause I don’t play it anymore, mind you)

See, you won’t get help like that from no fuckin Sony fans. You got questions or issues with your devices, you better go to official employees or wikis for answers. Sony fans will outright insult you for not being smart enough to figure out these issues out on your own. “Use the search function, dipshit!” Yes, info that may be outdated will help me now, you arrogant fuck. You get all kinds of hassle, Sony fans are not pleasent people to be around. So yeah, Nintendo fans aren’t completely insufferable. 

Those goddamn Mario/Zelda fans are where I draw some fuckin lines.

But yeah, enough with the fandoms. Sonic Mania releases in 2 weeks! And oddly enough, I’ve gotten over the zone ratio. Unless I missed some news, thats just not getting fixed.

Looking at some of the more recent Mania vids and news, my prospects for the game are a lot better than before. The Chemical Plant remix was lovely and I assumed the delay was to actually remix the zones so they feel fresh and new

Then I saw a vid for Act 1.

By that, I am assuming that each Zone’s first Act will be an old rendition while each second Act will be the actual remix. That…. I dont like one bit. It comes off a tad lazy and creates this conundrum. The fans are gonna want new content, so people are likely to not enjoy playing the first Act of each zone, instead preferring to rush through to get to Act 2. The replay value is reduced as you’d have just a fragment of a zone to replay should you ever feel the desire. This is why I harped on the Zone Ratio so much because that spells a lack of new content you’d want to replay through. 

I know some people would say “well, Act 2 is the reward” and I say to hell with that! If Mania is some love letter to 30 year old fans, the game itself needs to be the reward. 

Bah…. I do think they’re going a bit cuckoo with trying to make the game feel as old as possible while having some hipster techno music playing in that trailer (actual manuals) and the game is loaded on hype. I don’t think i’ve seen this much fanfare for Mega Man 9, and that’s a franchise people don’t openly despise. Goes to show how starved people are for a halfway decent Sonic game.

Still, we should all hope for the best that Mania succeeds significantly in sales. Not internet reviews and praise. A sales failure for Mania is not desirable on any level. Otherwise, I truly fear the fate of this series if it doesn’t do well.

I really love the zone music, though. That soundtrack is fucking legit.