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Lords of Shadow 1 wasn’t even that grand of a success.

A letter from one of the devs was written in the wake of LOS2’s crap reviews.

Well, I would like to shed some light over the development of this game… Working with Mercury Steam and I would like to tell this anonymously- is about an everyday frustration. Here’s to every guy that has experienced hell during the development of this game, but especially to those who have led this to the mess that Lords of Shadows 2 is:

– Kojima had little to nothing to do with the development of the first game, he came by, set a seal, visited the studio, signed some things and that was it. He had even less to do with Mirror of Fate and LoS2.

The vast majority of this team is aware that the game we’ve done is a real piece of s*** that has nothing to do with the first one’s quality and production values… Nobody is surprised by the low reviews we’ve got.

– If there’s someone to blame here, that’s Enric Álvarez. He is the person who has led a broken development based on his personal criteria, completely overlooking programmers, designers and artists. Despite his nice look to the press, often considered as some sort of creative “visionary” in the looks of David Cage and Molyneux, this guy has serious problems. He is a mean and naughty guy (WTF!?), and since the “success Lords of Shadows 1” his ego has grown to the point of not even daring to say ‘hello’ when you meet him in the hallway.

His distrust to his own workers is enormous. Most of the development team often found out features of the game through press news, rather than from the studio’s head – unbelievable. And there is no corporate culture here at all… this is just a handful of people working blindly and at the disposal of an alleged visionary.

– Many of the studio founders are people with zero abilities for running a studio. Often here newbie developers know more than their own bosses. This structure only leads to a slow, messy and absurd development process, with the end result of Lords of Shadows 2 being a perfect example of what happens due to that.

– Absolutely every design idea has to be monitored, taken away and mutilated by Enric Álvarez. Several game designers have grown tired of this and have abandoned the studio.

– The art direction for this project has been erratic and beheaded. After Enric dismissed every idea and core decission from our main art director for the previous projects, he decided to just leave. It was a battle of egos unleashed by Enric (something that he has carried over with since his times in Rebel Act). Our now former art director is still working in Madrid, now with the Tequila guys making RIME.

– Many others have just turned to other studios offers, sick of the situation here. Almost every month we see fellow devs packing up and getting out of here looking for a new job abroad that’s sad. It’s amazing how the biggest AAA game developer in Spain is not even willing to make its workers a counteroffer. This company does not think highly of its talented workers and their good work. There has never been any kind of salary bonus or anything that remotely resembles it. Not even a single “Good job team!” acknowledgement.

– The production management for this project has been terrible, way often the heads of each department dismissed every production deadline and imposed their own criteria. As a result, the development was delayed for six months, and that investment only came out of MercurySteam’s pockets. The QA department is treated like cattle, with shameful wages and almost everyday bullying.

– After completing Lords of Shadows 2 MercurySteam has fired 35 workers, and it’s embarrasing that no website or journalist is talking about that. More firings are expected to come in the following days.

VG Cats - I can't believe it's not Updated_1367606609993

What grown ass man you know uses “Mean and Naughty” to describe their bosses?

I’ve not seen this news anywhere else yet so authenticity is still up in the air. But really, this reads like the devs intentionally sabotaged the project just to bring Enric Alvarez to his knees. I know the Spaniards are dicks but hey, tis another example of the mess people have to go through just to make a decent product.

The game did seem to have a sporadic change in direction. At one point, you think it takes place in the future, then it’s in the past, then you see young Dracula in the future with modern cities this side of NYC. And something about stealth missions were added from what I’ve heard (eww). If that was all Alvarez’s bullshittin, then perhaps I made the right decision to delay a purchase.

I’m not familiar with the production of the game as it’s usually something I could care less about, but of all the names to leave out, no mention of David Cox? He’s more public than Alvarez. Not to mention the go to guy for interviews where he creates hype trains that the nerds swallow like oatmeal from their grandmas.

But they only want to apologize for the media crucifixion? Are the bonuses from good metacritic scores the only thing they care about!? I’d imagine a game like LOS2 making good on reviews based on the fact that it’s the same kind of industry crap the journalist outlets crave.

Oh well, maybe the nerds will love it for typical Lord of the Rings styled “art direction”, since that’s all that makes a good game these days.


I sound like a fortune cookie, but I don’t taste like one”!?

Dammit… dat dialogue. They….. FUCK! Were they inspired by Brick from Borderlands 2 to make Knuckles a …a ….a dudebro!?

Ok… so… the tv show really is gonna be awful if that’s the kind of dialogue they’re going to be using.

As for the game, they showed off some better looking environments. I kinda like those sky ruins or what not. They look similar to the Panzer Dragoon course from Transformed. There was also this one piece of art where Sonic is running to this shrine in what looks like a scene from that Hercules movie from Disney.

The whole… interview still doesn’t make the game seem worth while, though. I don’t know what to make of the whole “Sonic Boom is a story-based game” comment, but seeing how most AAA titles are made where characters yammer on about shit we don’t care about while pretending to be a game (like TLOU), that could be bad news. They talk about surprises in speed based segments, but they never really elaborate on those parts. They elaborate more about teamwork being important, but they never explain how the game is going to play.

And again with how characters are portrayed, it feels like last year when everyone was going bonkers over how Sonic and Robotnik would team up “for the first time!”. They make it sound as though they are doing something groundbreaking with how the characters will interact with each other. Tails telling Sonic that he’s wrong is nothing new. Did they miss the boat on Lost Mind where he gets pissy on Sonic for seemingly no reason? Or Colors where Tails one ups Sonic on how useless he’d be without him?

Eh, they probably didn’t play that shit. And I couldn’t blame em. My stance on their reasoning behind altering the character’s appearance still stands. Redesigning them to basically reinforce already existing character traits that’s been around for 20+ years is too little too late, not to mention unnecessary. The fact that Knuckles talks like an unfunny jock is infuriating to the core. “My cream will get splattered all over the place! I’m in!”? Not to mention a little homo.

Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t a raving Knuckles fanboy. This damn thing is pissing me off.

Sega’s making Toys for Tots?

Honestly speaking, I’m not even angry about this. More so amused. Maybe Sega will go for edutainment next and team up with Leapfrog! Then Tom Kalinske can once again SAVE SONIC THE HEDGEHOG! BWAHAHAHAHAH……. cough.
For all we know, they’re just going to be making the toys, and probably won’t market them to babies. Sega couldn’t be THAT stupid, and if the Americans are getting more control (my ass), I doubt they would want to market Sonic toward babies either. Unless there are soccer moms involved.
On the other hand, this could be Sega going psychotic in their attempts to push for a new audience. As the Japanese are very anal in shifting through demographics as fast as humanly possible (See the  Pokemon Company), Sega is probably going overboard in trying to appeal to a completely new audience. IE “get em while they’re young”.  Course, this is assuming they’re intelligent enough to pull something like that off.

It reminds me of this one video…

This would explain why Cartoon Network is a decaying relic of old. Teen Titans Go!? Who in the fresh hell thought it was a good idea to take… what was already a dumbed down version of the comics… into that shit!? I thought Batman the Brave and the Bold was bad enough! Damn man, what to Samurai Jack!? Courage the Cowardly Dog!? Swat Cats!? Hell, even the “Real adventures of Johnny Quest” was more awesome than the current crap fest going on Cartoon Network. Oh, I’m rambling again.

As for the recent news on the game, it really tells us nothing of importance or interest.
So the budget is 20 million. Why do we care how much it costs to develop the game again? It’s not an indication of quality. What was the budget for Angry Birds? Minecraft? NSMBW? Candy Crush? Success hasn’t been determined by the amount of capital that is spent on the product (less we’re talking marketing, but even that has it’s limits).
No Chaos Emeralds. After 3 main games where the emeralds were not the central focus of the plot, it’s not a big deal either. It’s been pretty refreshing for the last 4 years, as well. People simply care about having a decent plot regardless of what’s involved. The news about the details going into the game seem like “too much info”. Budget info and plot devices aren’t things people really care about. Sure, gamers are always starved for information, but there is such a thing as TMI. People want details of what the game is going to be about and how the game will play. Shit like budgets and what is NOT going into the game is not useful or favorable info.
No Online. Of all the things I couldn’t give 2 shits about, people are pissed about the lack of online. Personally, I’ve never seen online features as a matter of a game’s success, but rather a preference of the nerds. I doubt Sonic could ever succeed now even if it was added in the first place.

The crappy show will be episodic. When does one run out of fucks to give?

I didn’t really catch up on anything of worth in regards to Sonic Boom, did I? I suppose we’ll have to wait a good month or 2 to get any real news. As of now, all we have are petty details no one asked for. I just can’t help but shake the feeling that Sega’s move to make a westernized Sonic… by giving it to someone else stems from their inherent racism rather than good intentions. Sega doesn’t bother trying to appeal to western tastes as it is, so letting someone else do the work for them seems rather underhanded. But I suppose I can’t complain much.

The only problem is that the people they handed the torch over seems to think Sonic is about “Joyous movement”. It’s a statement that bothers me greatly. When I hear Joyous Movement, I picture Kirby dancing to his stage complete theme. Not Sonic and the gang kicking some ass.

It’s similar to Sakamoto saying Metroid is about motherhood, or Tameem declaring what is or isn’t cool about Dante. There’s a different philosophy running around in the development studio that is in complete contradiction/opposition to the fan’s idea of what makes the series appealing to them. You needn’t look any further than the explanation of why they altered Knuckles’s appearance. Did anyone care about the logic behind Knuckles’s strength not matching his looks? Sonic’s world is already illogical and nonsensical. Yet people found Sonic interesting regardless. There has been fiction which characters had super strength regardless of their appearances, and people accepted them. Pokemon being one. Power Puff Girls being another.
Hell, if you’re gonna ignore the issue of Sonic not being electrocuted or burned by some energy whip from Tails, you might as well leave the character designs alone.

The map designers went to spec savers?

For a while, I’ve been considering getting a 3DS for Pokemon XY. Funds are good, there’s a cheaper model or coming out, and I’ve been wanting that Shinobi title as well. But quite frankly, I have no motivation to play anymore Pokemon games. Black and White are going to be my final entries.

The game boasts a lot about it’s features including 3D battles which aren’t even new, trainer customization which isn’t enough to justify a purchase (though still nifty), the stupid “horde battle” system where you fight 5 pokemon at once makes no sense and seems like an arbitrarily desperate addition, Fairy types don’t sound appealing in the slightest and they don’t make any real sense in themselves, having battles that are limited to certain pokemon based on terrain (though realistic) is unneeded (sky battles), etc. None of these features really seek to make the game much more exciting but further bloat the game to convince people of how new it is. When I hear there’s a new feature that catered to easier EV training, my interest dropped completely. The games are still successful (maybe not as much as before), but it feels like a key ingredient is missing. These new Pokemon games seem to be obsessed with features that don’t really do a damn thing for you.

I remember when Gold and Silver first came out and a lot of the adverts were going on about “a new world to explore”. All this stuff about “Do the Johto!” and what not. The fact that you had a new region to explore was considered a feature in itself amongst having new pokemon to catch and train. And I think that’s one of the reasons Pokemon keeps selling.

People in general have an inherent desire to travel and explore the world. No one likes being couped up in one area of their lives for a long time (which was why being stuck in level 2 made us crazy back then). You want to get out more, you want to see new places, new people, and just have some grand adventure in a massive world. And Pokemon just taps into that desire. It felt like you really were a part of the game world in a sense. Along with capturing and training Pokemon, you might just run into a random stranger’s house or some small town, each with it’s own history, mythos, or what may have you. It was different from other RPGs in that you were just expected to run around and try to save the world (which, unfortunately, is what Pokemon turned into nowadays), so having NPCs that talked about shit you didn’t care about felt natural and… idk, “organic”. Each place you visited also had personality. If you went to Celadon City and then to Vermillion City, the atmosphere is completely different from each other. People have different values and outlooks on life much like in the real world. Just because you found one cave in one part of the region didn’t mean the next cave you go into will have the exact same atmosphere (most of the time). You know? Pokemon was like a book without pages, you really did go places.

Even the Gym Leaders had personality. They were treated like human beings instead of just random NPC code. Some would be out “doing something” like random dates or just out crying about their problems before heading into a match against you.

After Ruby and Sapphire, Pokemon Worlds feel more artificial than need be. One big animu clusterfuck about the power of friendship and “prepubescent kids save the world from big evil criminal organization that wants to rule the world”. The worlds themselves have less of a priority and take a back seat to a long a tedious narrative about the evils of the big bad group of evil doers. The worlds get much smaller and less complex (BW map is a giant ass circle for pete’s sake) further adding to it’s artificiality, and the NPCs now go on and on about the game’s features. The C-gear which I doubt anyone bothered to use is king of gospel in Unova. And I swear if I had to hear anymore about that global terminal and the need to save my game every once in a while. Hell, I’d take those “top percentage of Rattata” phone calls over those that go giddy over the ability to trade pokemon over the internet.

The problem I find is that Pokemon World’s are dependent on the evil teams to compel you to move forward. The towns and sub dungeons no longer carry a nigh realistic presentation of how real world towns and people are, they’re just locations on a map that you have to visit to complete a quest. All just so you can defeat this evil time. The games no longer feel like adventures as a result.

So the most advertised features are no longer about new worlds (or hell, even new pokemon) but silly features that they think enhances the gameplay. I don’t feel that people ever get excited about “new features” in video games outside of characters, their abilities, and the worlds you get to explore. Personally speaking, Poke-amie or w/e sounds like shoving Nintendogs features into the game. And the fairy type is the most uncool typing ever introduced. At least Dark and Steel had a bit of edge to them. At worst, these features feel as though they were added to show off hardware capabilities than actually adding something to the game (Horde/Sky battles). As a result, the game world suffers (its like they recycled BW’s map and added another circle in X and Y) and becomes smaller and recycled from previous games.

Trip part is this decay in game world design also creped into Zelda games. Link Between Worlds feels more artificial as the game outright tells you that you need specific items in order to enter dungeons and cannot be accessed until you have purchased an item. Playing Skyward Sword, I can safely say that its the most mechanical Zelda game of all time (the game even admits to this via Goddess Hylia “planning everything for you”). So it seems to be an inherent problem at Nintendo in which the game worlds are no longer important to them. For Pokemon, it’s a sad ass case.

There’s no real excitement anymore. Pokemon games are now just going through the motions of choosing your first asset and going through to predetermined towns and routes just to fight the evil teams. All with pointless features you will never use.

So, it’s been a few months. Nintendo started adding REAL characters into the game. I don’t really care about Rosalina as having a 3rd princess character isn’t my cup of tea (and I can’t stand Mario Galazy). Initially, I thought Little Mac was a good addition. He’s a boxer, and boxer’s are cool in fighting games. I wasn’t a big fan of the Punch Out games, but at least Nintendo’s digging around for something ballsy to put in Smash Bros. That Rosalina trailer made me limp. Little Mac looks like someone who could kick your ass, though. Look at dat stance, dis mother will rock yah!

I do hate the idea of Little Mac being a “gimmick” character, being that he has to build up so sort of meter to do one hit KOs. I don’t see the logic behind this move as dealing damage was never a problem in Smash Bros where a simple smash attack would do the job fine and would probably turn the character into a whiffer/staller or what not. Gimmick characters usually don’t fare very well on the tier lists (cept Shun Di from VF I think). Usually, the gimmicks these characters have become more of a hindrance than an asset. Lucario can’t do anything more than tickle his opponents unless he gets his ass beat, and as far as I can tell, no one likes this kind of gameplay in any fighting game whether it be Samurai Shodown or even Street Fighter 4 with the Hyper Combo system coming under fire. I see the meter building as a pointless feature. Or possibly an abusable one where everyone will cry foul at how cheap Mac is.

I still can’t find anything that draws me into Smash 4. All the news that comes out are new screen shots and news of old returning characters, Marth gets more womanly looking as the series goes on, and visually speaking, the game looks like it caters to kids more than having a broader audience. I question why Brawl was ever rated Teen and pray it had nothing to do with Snake’s ass. So far, the game looks like Brawl V.2 with crappy new characters and one ok-ish character with a gimmick while they have the gall to redesign returning characters in styles that offend fans (Samus being designed around her Other M design is a blatant middle finger). The stages are bland, and the game feels like it’s going to be less about fanservice and more about Nintendo’s history.

You look at Smash Bros., you see it as a crossover between Nintendo’s coolest characters duking it out. The first advertisement mentioned “Mario pounding Pikachu!?”. It was a crazy concept, but it was awesome. The problems started coming in when Nintendo started adding more obscure or lame characters into the series (Ice Climbers, Pikmin, ROB and Game and Watch). Not because they were fan favorites, but because they were preferred by the game’s directors. Oh sure, we let that slide because Sonic vs Mario HELL YEAH, but over all the package felt like it had no direction. Even though Brawl had all these nifty features like a stage builder, match recording, online features, and a giant story mode, it feels… smaller than Melee. I guess because Melee was such a big step above the original title in every way imaginable, Brawl had big shoes to fill. And it’s clear that they failed.

The game felt less like a Smash Bros. game and veered more toward pretension. It felt like it tried to prove it was a “cool” game, with all the movie-like cutscenes and “epic soundtrack” composed of chorus and orchestrated classical tunes. I can’t stand it when Japanese people use orchestrated music in their games because not only does orchestrated music suck, but it also is usually a sign that the Japanese are starting to think of themselves as “higher” than others. You look at Sonic games that started incorporating orchestrated music (06, Colors, Unleashed, Lost Mind) and it’s a sign that Sega was getting arrogant. Smash Bros was a game about Mario pounding Pikachu and here it is trying to prove that it’s this “epic celebration of Nintendo’s history” with Pit being used as some sort of Jesus image. The assist trophies were also apologetic nonsense for all the fan requested characters they rejected, but they found Toon Link, Olimar, and ROB as more appropriate fillers for character slots. Lyn from Fire Emblem or Ray Mk3 from Custom Robo, I would’ve LOVED to see as playable characters. They’re interesting and cool, and little Mac should’ve been playable in Brawl. But no, Nintendo’s vanity is first priority!

The first few trailers of Smash 4 don’t convince me otherwise that Nintendo’s changing their direction. Sure, the Mega Man trailer was awesome, but every other trailer shows that Nintendo’s head is so far up their ass. They even made Sonic look uncool.  There’s even an item from Skyward Sword (that stupid little beetle) as an item, and we’ve got more news about assist Trophies then we do new characters that are worth a damn (I’m sure the Ashley fans are pissed off again). The main deterrent I feel is that the game will not have improved physics from Brawl. People had to hack the game just to make it fun, and that should be unacceptable. My biggest question is why the 3DS version looks so damned ugly in comparison to the Pii U version. According to the nerds of the fandom, the 3DS can produce HD visuals, yet we have these faux cel-shaded visuals going on. And then we get to the stages. Pilot Wings, copy/pasted battlefield, Other M level, Skyward Sword level (stolen from Project M, btw), spirit tracks level, ugh. I never cared that much about levels from Smash Bros. as they’re just little fields you fight on, but you could really do well by choosing cooler looking environments. The Other M level is fine though, but choosing from Sonic’s Lost Mind for a level is pouring salt on an open wound.

It’s like the game was designed to piss me off. And funny enough, I don’t see many forum outlets discussing the game much. Maybe it’s just not appealing to anyone.



The hilarity of people defending the art style of Sonic Boom never ends.

It’s a cliche that never fails to occur over the internet. Millions come out in defense of controversy at a moments notice. Whether it’s RE5’s killing of Africans to GTA being the focus of video game violence, the defense squad will quickly form a line to piss all over the dreaded complainers.

This tells you just how backwards internet people(nerds) really are. Complaining is taboo in backwards societies. Most well-informed people understand that complaints have a positive social function, and that dissent should not be buried. Discontent should be treated as a valuable resource. Instead, it’s automatically dismissed or frowned upon. Buzz words like “appreciation” are often thrown around in that reflex responses toward customer dissatisfaction are “you should be glad they made something for us anyway”. This is the medieval logic of lower expectations: no complaint is valid, since things can always be worse than they are, and we should always be grateful.

What caused internet gamers to ascribe to a curse of bureaucracy where we find ourselves pinned against a wall with rabbid forum goers foaming at the mouth screaming at us when all we voiced was a complaint about a video game? While the simple answer would be the mind control argument of how game developers “suffer” to make games for people (it’s not uncommon for that thought process), it’s more of a psychological response born out of a disgust for people in general. Sounds confusing as hell, doesn’t it? Lets put it into perspective.

I was watching 2 movies over the weekend. The Iron Giant and Dogma. Both movies are delicious. But both of them contain at least one character who describe themselves as artists. Dean from Iron Giant sells scrap but mentions that as soon as he turns it into art, he can’t just give them away. Dean performs a service of selling what is trash to people, but what happens when he turns all of his trash into art? In Dogma, you have an agent of hell (I think he played Dave in the Chipmunks and Syndrome in the Incredibles) who says that the reason he went to hell was because God was angry at him for not joining his army against Satan… or something (I didn’t really pay attention). The agent’s reason for not serving in this army was because “he was an artist”, which is rebuked by Salma Big Boobs that Elvis was an Artist, but also served in the army as well.

What do both of these characters represent? People who believe they are artists who do not desire to serve other people. An independence to please themselves rather than others. Which doesn’t sound too bad, I mean who wants to be someone else’s bitch for a living? The artist goes into a life of self-gratification. They usually create things not for the amusement of other people, but to seek validation. Often times, an artist might create a work of art that has no logic or reasoning to be accepted as “true art cannot be defined.” Some art pieces they create can be offensive as well. Like a painting that shows a guy sucking some woman’s tit (I’ve owned one too! Hehe). Whatever the case, art is used to do what? Express the personality and thoughts of the artist. Art is expression. The artist is inherently selfish.

The statement “True art cannot be defined” is really a euphemism for “My expressions cannot be judged by public opinion”.

So, we could say that Artists create art to validate their ego. Or (like regular people) just sell themselves out to make money making designs for companies and whatnot. The problem with the artist angle is when the artist tries to use entertainment to validate his or her ego.

The entertainer is in a completely different mindset. The entertainer is the penultimate people pleaser. They create work not to seek validation, but for the amusement of other people. The entertainer is one who desires to serve others. Make em laugh, make em cry, but ultimately, make em smile. They are inherently selfless.

Look at anime. What is the entertainment? Shit like Senran Kagura where the Silicone is a helluva. What is the Art? Shit like Gundam that expresses how much war sucks. The silicone easily wins (Gundam was originally not very popular when it first began).

When you look at video games, people will often times consider games to be art because “things can be expressed”. This is a lie. Games can and will never be art. They were created for the amusement of other people. What was an arcade? A room where people could just come in and enjoy cheap thrills (emphasis on cheap, and arcade game was cheaper to play than it is for a retail game to buy). Not some art gallery where people look at screens and go “hmm, what an exquisite piece of work here!” Art is not easily digested by the masses. Entertainment is made for public consumption.

Video Games fall under the category of entertainment given it’s status as devices of public consumption. However, the nerds believe games to be art that must be glorified and “respected”. Nerds dub themselves “Hardcore gamers” to disestablish themselves from the public. Why would they bother?

Well, Nerds in general, being social outcasts, usually have a negative perception of people in general. You can find them as those that use the phrase “people are stupid/assholes” simply because they have been mistreated by society. It’s not uncommon for the Nerd to have a negative outlook on people and society based on these experiences, and would often times develop unwarranted superiority based on having more intelligence in fields such as mathematics, science, engineering, shit like that. In the midst of their social isolation, they might actually become selfish in that they don’t want their favorite hobbies to be shared by the mainstream folks because then the nerds would lose their sense of “uniqueness” and individuality. So they fight tooth and nail (the keyboard warriors) to ensure that they alone can enjoy this hobby, or enjoy it in the right way. So they describe video games as art to further dictate that it can only be enjoyed and “appreciated” by a select few people, being those in social isolation. People who can “appreciate” art think of themselves as intellectually superior to the masses. Nerds already think of themselves as intellectually superior to the masses which is further enhanced by their preconceived disgust of the masses. As art cannot be easily digested by the masses, it gives them a sense of unwarranted self importance. Nerds

This is one of the reasons why the marketing gimmick of “Hardcore vs Casual gamers” worked so well to have the internet hate the Wii because the Casuals were referred to those of the masses which the nerds despise.

That said, they sympathize with the “artist” as art is created not to appease people, but rather the artist. This is why you hear about why Call of Duty sucks, or why NSMBW sucks. They’re both games that appeal to the public rather than the nerds. They’re not “art”. You’ll hear more praise for The Last of Us and Heavy Rain before they could say one good thing about Mortal Kombat. Why sympathize with the artist? Well, as crazy as it may sound, Nerds are socially inept which makes them incapable of expressing themselves normally in public out of fear of social scorn. Their fear and disgust of human beings make it difficult. But seeing how people can actually express themselves through “art” essentially gives them a platform of communication. The internet is populated by nerds because it gives them a platform to express themselves without fear of public scorn.

As the nerd does not enjoy sharing space with people, they do not understand the concept of “entertainment”. How can a nerd understand the fundamentals of entertaining people? They don’t even like to share their company! A person who does not enjoy the company of other people would be repulsed at the idea of entertaining other people! And so, they associate with the “artist” mentality of pleasing themselves. And since many nerds dream of becoming game designers, could you imagine all the ego chest humping they would do if they were allowed to make games? Oh wait, they already are. Thanks Aonuma, David Cage, Sakamoto!

So going back to Sonic Boom, with a fanbase that is so fucked with itself, arguments like “Knuckles’s design being logical, therefore it’s good” is simply a reflex response of the nerd psychosis. Not understanding the concept of entertainment, they laugh and taunt the complainers of the character designs. This is why it is so hilarious to me. The supporters of these ridiculous designs don’t really believe their own junk. They simply find no value in pleasing people. An artist they are or wish to be, indeed.

There was always this debate that ran rampant within gaming circles across the internet. The argument about those who enjoyed older games before 1996/2001. Those that had a taste for older games were assumed to be wearing “nostalgia goggles”. It’s a term that was conceptualized by the youth. The youth is always going to have a lack of respect for the old. What the old would see as traditional and classic, the young see as primitive and “un-evolved”. “Get with the times” is a common mantra of the youth. The question that should be asked is “if 15 years ago, people enjoyed these old and primitive games like Super Mario Bros., how do people come to enjoy what is essentially a rehash of a 15 year old game?”. The notion of getting with the times falls short when we come to realize that times haven’t changed. Nor did people. Games did. A lot of this comes down to how you played games.

When you look back at the earliest video games, you could imagine just how simple the controllers were.

Look at that mother… one stick… and ONE BUTTON!!!!11

I can’t even look at that controller and imagine playing games easily. How in the hell do you hold that thing?

But of course, considering how limited the controller was, developers knew to design games with ease of control and accessibility. Think about it. How many controls do you need to play Pac Man? All you had at the arcade was a Joystick simply because the objective was to eat pellets and ghosts by traversing a maze. All of your actions were controlled by movement.

Unfortunately, that’s all the “stick” was really for. To control movement. The addition of the button was so you could perform “actions”. Actions like “shooting” in Asteroid, Space invaders, or even jumping in Donkey Kong.

So we get to this type of controller.

Controller diagram

…..Aww hell. Ok, the left side is supposed to say “Movement side” while the right is supposed to say “action side”. Cheap ass MSpaint program

Anywho, this is a controller format that perfectly “melts” into the palm of your hand. On your left, you control the basic movements of your character (walking, dashing, crouching, etc.) while on your right, you control your character’s basic actions (jumping, attacking, etc).

Despite having limited buttons, developers learned to create controls that allowed you to perform additional actions even though you had only 2 buttons. Castlevania, you could use subweapons by holding up and pressing attack or in some games, holding down to crouch and pressing jump allowed you to slide.  If a particular game had some sort of dash attack, you simply pressed left or right twice and hit the attack button. Other games allowed you to block attacks simply by holding up or down on the Directional pad (D-Pad from here on out). Limitations in control designs did not limit the number of actions you could perform. And in many ways, it felt much more natural. A good (or bad) example of this would be the “Captain America and the Avengers” game on the NES. Captain America could perform many actions. He could toss his shield, do regular punches and kicks (either crouching or jumping), he could block bullets just by standing still facing the bullet, he could do a dashing tackle, and he could also… “shield sit” on enemies by jumping and then holding down on the D-Pad. All of this with just a few buttons. A better example would be Super Mario Bros. 3 which probably doesn’t need any further elaboration. In some games, holding up or down allowed you to scroll the screen to see what was above and below you, just so you wouldn’t have to make some “leap of faith” like you do nowadays. You could perform reconnaissance with the D-Pad.

Even then, game consoles still came out and more buttons kept being added.

Or… they never learned to stop adding so much shit to a controller…

Certainly, there was no issue with Sega Genesis adding just one more button, but when you find most games only used 2 different actions (attack and jump), the addition was largely pointless as the “third” button amounted to nothing more than a dusty hump. Sonic games only used one kind of action (jumping) for all of it’s buttons. The Super Nintendo… now there was a complex piece of work there. It had 4 face buttons, the A button was no longer used for jumps, and then you had shoulder buttons. It wasn’t enough that you had 2 additional buttons to work with, now your fingers have to be active when playing games. Course, the SNES controller has been a staple template for all controllers after 96.

But then… 3D gaming occurred. 3D in games made it a requirement to have more and more buttons on a controller. Know why?

They resurrected the Control Stick!

Behold Yurugu’s mistake! Developers (Nintendo) wanted to have accurate movement in 3D, and the D-Pad wasn’t going to cut it. D-Pad’s were good for 2 dimensional movement and space, but for 3D, you could only move in 4 directions (Even though there were plenty of SNES games that allowed you to move diagonally, that was not full 3D movement). So, in order to have that precise 3D space, an input device was needed for 3D gaming. The N64 had the answer in the form of the Control Stick (now known as an analog stick for some strange reason). Playing Super Mario 64 at a kiosk, I was confused at the presence of the control stick. Trying to use the D-Pad, I thought the damn thing was broken. I didn’t know what the hell this weird contraption was called an N64 Controller.

The control stick was championed as ground breaking and was used for video game controllers since it’s conception. I remember the Playstation didn’t even have control sticks when it first came out and only added them in a couple of years after the fact (then they have the nerve to add it 2 separate shoulder buttons AND shapes for face buttons!). And with that, 3D gaming became an unofficial standard.

The control stick allowed for complete 3D movement as well as pressure sensitive controls for walking and running. It also proved to be better for flying controls in dog fighter games and smoother steering in racing games. And FPS’s would be nothing on consoles without dual control sticks. However, there were problems with this transition. The control stick was all about movement in 3D space. But what about actions like crouching, guarding, all the cool little movements you could do with a D-Pad? Well, those actions were good for 2D space, but in 3D space, you can’t crouch as pressing down on the C-Stick would make your character walk downward. In order to crouch, you were now required to press an external button… on your “action” side. Or one of your shoulder buttons. What about actions like “looking up and down to scroll the screen to see what’s above and below you?” You now have camera controls in the form of another stick (or even the buttons themselves) where you have to take your thumb off your action buttons just to look around and scope your surroundings. This became extremely important during combat sections since your visibility is vastly reduced in 3D Space.

You see what the problem is? Actions that you could easily perform with the D-Pad had to be spread out around the controller just to make room for control in 3D space. What this does is reduce accessibility and make games look and feel more complicated than they need to be. Especially when you have controllers that look like this.

I gotta stretch my thumb to the D-Pad just to play Capcom vs SNK 2!? Hell with that!

Where is da start button on dis mug!?

I read letters, not shapes! They expect me to gain arthritis trying to play half the games they make!?

This looks uncomfortable to hold.

…….what in the hell….

A video game console was just supposed to be a pick up and play device in the living room/kids room/basement, where ever. The need to control a character in 3D space complicated controls to the point that controllers started to require more buttons. Some games even had a feature where you needed to hold a certain button just to access more actions on existing buttons (Splinter Cell, X-Men Legends). A barrier was erected due to 3D gaming.

Unfortunately, even if controllers went back to simplicity, the developers still continue to develop games in a “3D Space” mindset.

For example, if I were to play a 2D game like Rayman Legends, I would’ve enjoyed not having to hold down a “run” button just to run to where ever I want to go. As well, for littleBIGplanet (shitty game, btw), why do I have to use the control stick just to move in 2D space and use the shoulder buttons just to peform actions like shooting cupcakes? Because the control stick has to be used to move in the background and foreground so I have to use the right control stick to aim, but because my thumb is on the stick, I can’t just switch it back and forth between stick and buttons, so I gotta use the shoulder button SON OF A… wouldn’t it have been logical to make no need to move between the background and foreground and just let me JUMP to aim or something? And why can’t Smash Bros. use the damn D-Pad!? The games are in 2D for pete’s sake!

I say that because Control Sticks are also incredibly un-realiable. Often times, they become defective or abnormal after a good 3-5 months of use. You could be as gentle as you want to be with the control stick, it will still wear out after a while. D-Pads last a long time plus they’re not a pain in the ass to repair as the most you do is clean the contacts. Control sticks, you gotta get a soldering iron and switch out units because the control stick’s…. parts are wrapped in a tiny steel box or w/e, or buy a new controller. So not only is 3D gaming generally inaccessible, it’s also a pain in the pocket book.

This is a hassle not too many people are willing to go through just to sit down and play some games. As such, the audience for video games declines to those with patience and/or stubborness. Not to actually play and get through a game, but to get used to a control scheme that looks like rocket science. What used to be an exercise for your thumbs has become a game of muscle memory. Mastery of controls should never be a requirement to enjoy a video game.

Their DLC scams are actually working!

Well poop. I suppose all that arrogance I had about people rejecting their DC mess after SFxT comes back to bite me on the arse. Though I doubt Ace Attorney made any real headway, but Ducktales. Mmm… probably. Monster Hunter was obviously going to sell in Japan. On the other hand, retail Crapcom games are blunders everywhere else. Which is kinda expected considering how much they pissed everyone off last year with titles like DmC and the like.

This begs the question of whether they’re going to go fully digital and assume that retail copies of games are obsolete. It’s concerning. Afterall, whatever standard Capcom goes, the industry ominously follows. Would we really get re-releases of fighting games a few months apart from each other if Capcom didn’t get away with it? We’d still be getting DLC packs with new characters. But here we get MK9Komplete, DOA5u, and then Injustice GOTY edition or w/e. And they just included all the paid DLC for free anyway with the inclusion of some new content (DOA speaking). At the same time, Namco is going the Free 2 Pay route with Tekken and Soul Calibur seeing as they both bombed at retail. And apparently, they’re gaining momentum.

The BS4 and the Xbone were both almost going to be fully digital machines, DRM and all. Seeing Crapcom having more success in the digital realm rather than retail would’ve sent signals to these console manufacturers that “retail is dead”. And this is really where the Industry wishes to go. Here comes Crapcom as the leading example (again) to follow.

How much you wanna bet we won’t get a REAL Mega Man still?

(Random thoughts) I wonder if RE5 being Capcom’s best selling game is because of some inherent desire for crackas to kill Africans without getting in trouble for it. Yeah, I went there.

See, now I can’t get those blue arms out of my mind, thanks alot Rarame!

I’m a little shocked that a response to a comment generated 700+ views. Not so much shocked that people are being apologetic towards shitty character designs. “BUT TALK ABOUT THE GAME ITSELF! NOT THE CHAWACTAHS!

Honestly speaking, Sonic Boom in it’s entirety looks unimpressive. As I’ve noted previously, the only real fun parts are where the characters are all running down this one path with the colored light trails. That looks pretty cool.

This = fun!

The problem is when the developers discuss that these elements will only be roughly like… 10% of the whole game at best.  I’m reading the interview and they’re swearing up and down that the game is going to less about the fun looking parts and more about work. “”This game is not just about speed.”” could translate to “don’t expect to run around often. Hell, it might take you hours to do what you want again”.

This = Work

The above screenshot represents Bullshit. I’ve been spoiled by Generations (sans puzzle planet) and Sonic 4 E2 in that there was no bullshit. Colors was arguably bullshit free. Lost Mind looks like bullshit overall. And one of the first few screenshots shows this game is going to be loaded with bullshit. In the trailer, I can see Sonic is using homing attack on some orbs or what not. Possibly switches as western devs like using balls to represent switches. 

There’s one part where Knuckles is climbing the underside of a cliff or w/e. Why can’t he just glide to his destination? Oh right, he’s too fat and heavy to do that anymore! He (nor Tails) could stop themselves from falling several stories to the ground just to show how “cool” Amy is. Yeah, dat bitch be a Mary Sue. Please refrain from pointing out ow Sonic 06 did the same thing because then you’d be implying that Sonic 06 has merit.

Tails gets no real screentime but I assume he’ll serve a role similar to Bentley from Sly Cooper. The un-fun parts are usually kept out of the trailers to remove all doubt that 100% of the game is actually good. Tails is damn near irrelevant asside from shooting some twin laser beam.

Sonic, as usual, gets the best parts. Running across large pools of water like a boss, zipping through the skys on a pulley, etc. But the other characters have lame, slow trotting portions of the game, most of all AMY who shows off her “grace” by taking Sonic’s moves from SA2 (swinging on horizontal poles). 

It feels like the game is going for novelty’s sake while injecting loads of bullshit into the mix

That should come as no surprise. Naughty Dog veteran Bob Rafei, the dev behind the horrendous Jak and Daxter series, is working on this. And he knows how to bullshit gamers with completely unnecessary and tedious missions for you to perform. Course, that was only with Jak 2. This game seems to be going the route of Jak 1.

“It’s a classic structured game, so we have the critical path, and part of our project pillars, among many, was to make sure that it’s accessible to new fans. So we want you to be able to finish the game but for fans who want more, you will have to find the additional, the secondary paths and all the hidden secrets.”

This means the game will be PISS EASY. And the replay value equates to another goddamn fetch quest. The real challenge comes ALL AFTER THE FACT!

This is the single most irritating aspect of video games, particularly of the “platformer franchise” curse, that just won’t die. The game is going to be far too easy to progress through, so in order to waste time and extend game life, you pretty much have to bullshit yourself. Going through these “optional territories” as a means of “fun made easy”. Instead of creating a main game that is a buttload of fun, the game is made to coddle people instead. I hate shit like this in games where the main game is shallow and easy while the REAL game is in time wasting elements.

And there’s so many games that do this. Mostly the collectathon platformers that have become so popular amongst developers (Nintendo especially). 

Exploration in video games were about increasing your chances of survival or finding an alternate path to your goal. Not just some random areas you take a break from the main game for just to essentially “waste time”. Games are already a waste of time themselves. Running around doing random shit that doesn’t really contribute to your entertainment or real productivity is wasting your time. The only people that play games to essentially waste their time are the nerds. Why do you think they keep demanding more RPGs? The quintessential time wasting genre ever?

Sonic 3 is an example of exploration contributing to productivity. You find “optional” hidden areas that might have bonus rings, power ups, or warp rings to take you to special stages to earn chaos emeralds. All of this contributed to your prolonged survival and increase in power (Super Sonic). I don’t get the sense that Sonic Boom will have that kind of exploration and will just have some lame fetch quest involved for 100% completion or something. Probably to unlock some gallery items like concept art, music, possible interviews, you know, all the bullshit you can find on the internet. The problem is you know damn well you HAVE to find these “hidden secrets” just to unlock silly gallery items. They’re not really secrets anymore but rather time wasters to extend game life because the main game is just… not…. good enough.

I always fear when developers talk about “emphasis on combat” in video games. It means fights are going to be tedious little “strategies” in which enemies have to be beaten in certain scripted patterns. And we’ve been through Sonic Heroes to know that shit just isn’t fun. Sonic games should only emphasize combat when it comes to boss battles, not regular enemy grunts. 

Another aspect is the forced coop actions. The devs speak of the game being more about team work which I’m sure is a euphemism for more work than necessary. I’ve noticed that developers that say “there will be coop play” and add nothing more, the coop play is much more fun. But when developers talk indepth about coop like “synergy”, shit will not be enjoyable.

Sonic Boom will also emphasize cooperation among the characters.

If there is an emphasis on coop, the element will more than likely have forced actions that 2 or more players have to perform just to progress. That screenie with Sonic and Amy is just a taste.  

Then, we get to the environments, all of which look incredibly bland and generic when compared to…. fucking Sonic Colors.

Jak and Daxter

Jak and Daxter

Ratchet and Clank

The trailer featured some landscape with purple glowing spots that looks more like the Black Comet from Shadow the Hedgehog more than anything. They’re not impressive in the slightest. 

In the interview, it was stated that the game would feel like Sonic. These environments say otherwise. Do any of those worlds feel like Sonic to you? Perhaps if you born after 96 and your first entries where the adventure games, you wouldn’t see the problem. Sonic worlds weren’t so horribly generic until Iizuka got involved in the series. Sonic lived in a techno dreamworld. Surreal, neon, sharp looking worlds. Fuck, Lost Mind looks more like Sonic than this game does.

Well… maybe more like Ristar, but close enough.

Looks a little like Botanical Base from Knuckles Chaotix.

Granted, the game is an insult to Sonic and Nintendo fans in general. But there is the semblance of a scheme to attract classicfags to the game.

After Sonic Heroes, Sonic games haven’t felt like Sonic games, and that’s particularly due to environments going for the realistic approach for Amma knows what reason. The environments in boom are just… “cartoony”. It makes sense in a way, it’s a tie in to a cartoon, but if they’re talking about veteran fans liking this (and being oh so sure about it), then they have failed to impress. With environments AND character designs.

Not to mention the whole interview reeks of a pretension. All this philosophical bullshit about “synergy” and “joyous movement” gives me the impression that the game is going to be more about the developers trying to convince audiences of their unwarranted self-importance. If I gave a damn about the themes a game was going to represent, I’d give the Gundam franchise more credit than just being some games where I kick robot ass. Honestly, “Joyous movement?” That is a gayest shit I’ve ever heard! Does that sound cool to anyone who dares call themselves Sonic Fans?

If you’re going to make a Sonic game, you have to honestly think about it in terms of “coolness”. Sonic was marketed and became famous for being a “cool” and quality series. It wasn’t until those assholes at SOJ became power hungry that the series started becoming lame. You’d think someone who made “Jak 2” would take a lesson or 2 about what people found cool about Sonic back in the 90s and work with that. Instead, they’re only focused on making Amy cool.

“I want to bring more girls into gaming and have them play characters that they can associate with and not feel like they’re created by just a bunch of men,”

This reeks of the “Raiden treatment”. Forcing a faux-badass persona on a character that has been lame for years because you personally want the character to be accepted.

it balances out because she’s so awesome.


There’s been some heavy debates about the rise of feminist perspectives in game developers in which they are trying so heavy to appease women by injecting masculine properties into female characters, and while I haven’t paid it any mind, it seems to be the case here where the devs want to appease women. My question is are they going to do so at the expense of the other 3 characters present? Given the scene of their big fall, I’d be inclined to say yeah.

That’s not even getting into the tv show which (while only being a pilot) proves to be just as unfunny and illogical as Colors and Lost Mind combined. One, it ignores logic about 3 times. I think the Dissected folks pointed this out that the forced comedy act of burn bot was all kinds of lame. Then there’s the lightening whip that, while being the coolest scene in the trailer, is only there to help Sonic with an additional attack rather than… being the attack, you know? Turn tails into a fucking Belmont with dat shit! And why isn’t Sonic burned into a crisp? Is that what the mummy wraps were for? 

Then the part where Tails’s proficiency with mechanics is proven to be crap when a simple attack on the wing of a plane is enough to cause the ejector to dislodge itself for another forced bout of comedy bronze. Why the rubber ducky sound!? That’s king of lame attempts at comedy. Why didn’t Tails just fly the fuck out? Take off the seat belt and everything? Cause you know, that’s Tails’s real defining trait. His ability of flight.

Since Tails has been reduced to nothing more than Sonic’s little asset, Tails’s own natural abilities have also taken a back seat to obscurity. The first thing you noticed about Tails back on Sonic 2 wasn’t his technical prowess but his power of flight! Tails could reach places that Sonic could not. Not to mention, he could swim pretty damn well too (this aspect hasn’t been seen since Sonic 3!) Sonic Adventure, he had a tail whip attack, a fitting offensive technique considering how strong his tails should be after all the years of working them out. Since then, however, Tails has become completely dependent on gadgets and gimmickry. It’s not a bad thing so as long as Tails isn’t shown to be inert without them. People bitch about Shadow using guns, but Shadow still has the ability to fight in unarmed combat. What the fuck happened to Tails!? For the record, I have never approved of this change in Tails offensive capabilities as it made him weaker as a result. That part of the trailer is irksome to the core. It’s not even funny in hindsight. It’s forced and has no real logic given the context of the situation. I may not know about planes, but a damaged wing should the effect the functions of the cockpit aside from steering and maintaining altitude. How the fuck does the ejector just up and stop working too? Infact, why is Tails depending on the ejector in the first place when, like I said, he could just jump out!?

There damn well better be some episode covering Tails’s dependency on gadgets and technology or else that shit is wasted comedy relief. Goddamn, I got a whole paragraph ranting about Tails. Then you got Robotnik bitching about being called Egghead when he should be ranting about being called EGGMAN!

Course, this is all speculation based on previous experiences and I’m sure everyone will rant and rave about “OMG TOO MANY ASSUMPTIONS WAIT TILL THE GAME COMES OUT BLARG!” to even think about the negatives. I do hope I’m wrong. Afterall, Sonic 4 E2 was better than I expected, along with Sonic Rush Adventure. There’s too many red flags to not be skeptical about this title, however. As far as I’m concerned, everyone is in honeymoon mode while deliberately ignoring any potential fuck ups that could result from these design choices.

From a Vrael:

The redesign is something that should bother everybody, especially those who claim not to be bothered at all.
In one interview, they said that they were talking and deciding long hours about it and that they didn’t make those changes for the sake of change. But actually, making changes for the sake of change would be actually a relief. What they actually said by this is that they really intend to change Sonic.

I watched that interview where they went on to explain why they fucked up Knuckles. I have never heard a more asshole explanation as to why they redesigned a character. It doesn’t even feel like an authentic explanation. It’s usually the Japanese that worry about such pointless details such as “looking powerful”. It’s over-analytical and seeks to fix something that isn’t broken. Kids don’t think about logical fallacies of something that is remotely “cool” to them. No one does. If you are entertained by something, your brain is naturally turned off. You don’t think about what you enjoy because your mind is at ease. This change in aesthetic is nothing more than their own personal desires if that “Sonic’s scarf inspired by Nathan Drake” is anything to go by. Or that “Amy is awesome!” remark which is more worrisome as no one likes a Mary Sue, and she will become an author’s pet given that expository praise of her “grace”.

Changing Sonic isn’t a bad thing at this point considering the streams of mediocrity he’s been in since 06, but these redesigns will be detrimental. Maybe not to the television series, but primarily for the games.

Sonic never went through this drastic redesign in the past. Yet his personality and his appeal in the Adventure Era never failed to take effect. I don’t know if people complained about Sonic’s weird boots in SA2 or his wrist thingies… But those were just accessories that were supposed to serve some arguably practical purpose (boots for grinding etc…) – and NOT to sell Sonic’s personality.

Exactly. The design was more to update an old look rather than drastically alter his appearance. A character design is first and foremost done to make sure it is visually appealing to it’s audiences. Or it should be. Altering appearances to match with powers and personalities is not a requirement.  After 20 years, this is excessive and forced. But hey, if they’re going for that, then Rouge better have the biggest titties and ass ever because her personality is based around sex appeal! Shit, I’ll forgive that oversight overnight!

I don’t think anyone complained about Sonic’s shoes either. But accessories rarely ever get any attention. Captain America’s wings dissappeared from his head, but no one complained as they were just a small aspect of his character (they acted as weapons, I believe, he could take them off and snag people with them, like shurikens). It doesn’t become a problem unless the change is drastic. Everyone’s shoes were altered for Sonic Riders and no one batted an eye because they still looked like normal shoes (or in the case of Shadow, looked a helluva lot cooler). Now we can’t even see the fuckin shoes, the designers were so busy mummifying his ass to look “adventurous!” It’s over exaggerating to the core.

Sonic’s personality was already sold ages ago by his original design. Never before they felt the need to redesign him to feel more adventurous. And he still was. Do you think someone FORCED them to redesign Sonic? Because if not, their statements would not make sense. They didn’t need to discuss hours and hours in search of Sonic’s new design. There wasn’t supposed to be any. They were just supposed to make the design which already worked. I never heard complaints like: “Sonic doesn’t wear a scarf” or “Knuckles is too small for being strong”. It makes no sense.

Sonic’s personality is displayed by character behaviors. Certain actions and mannerisms like speech. Sonic’s waiting animation in which he is expecting the player to move his ass is a sign that Sonic is impatient, and is further elaborated on by Sonic CD and the continue screen in Sonic 2 where Tails is annoying him to get off his ass and Sonic is all like “bitch, press start!”. Then you have the tv shows which basically defined Sonic’s personality as a cocky teenager who digs chicks and chili dogs.

It makes no sense because there is no sense to be made. You cannot display a character’s abilities or personality via character design because that goes against the laws of nature. Both Tails and Robotnik are geniuses, but one is a maniac who thirsts for world domination because he’s an arrogant fat fuck who thinks all of existence is a tribute to be laid at his feet. On the other hand, Tails is also smart, but he’s much more passive and more likely to befriend people. He’s also insecure about his own talents (or used to). Then he’s on a period.

Sonic and Shadow both have Super Speed, but one is a guy who “loves adventure” while Shadow is a homicidal maniac who doesn’t like his personal space to be invaded. Another thing, character design alone doesn’t convey personality either, it’s displayed by visible mannerisms in the art itself.

Here, you see Rouge in her best costume ever. However, she’s just standing there with a blank expression.

Can you get a personality out of that? I mean, you can find anime bitches that wear the same slut wear Rouge is packin. But their personalities would be in complete contrast with their fashion sense. Like the female cast of DOA. The only women who would logically get caught wearing half the shit they put on would be Tina and Lisa because their personalities are displayed by certain behaviors. Tina’s win pose has her shaking her stank ass for the crowd. With that, her personality is that of a slut. 😛

Now HERE, you actually get something out of Rouge rather than just a pair of tits.

The way her arms and waist are positioned imply that she’s more of a sultry seductress, and that smile implies a sense of confidence.

You see what I’m saying? Character behavior indicates personality, not their powers or their fashion sense. Because damn well, I can’t see Amy being graceful in some punk rock girl costume that looks like it came out of the late 80s. Instead, looking at her mannerisms from art work, I can see she’s going to be a complete bitch!

That said, yeah, I could see if these redesigns were forced on them by Iizuka and Sega of Japan. The Japanese always find some way to sabotage western developers that work with them in order to create the image that Japan is superior in game development. And Iizuka is over seeing the project which implies he’s fucking it up on purpose. By now, Sega should know how important character design direction is. They’ve had complaints about 06 where the characters looked too tall and Robotnik looking freakishly realistic (even though I kinda like that design), so it’s not like something they just up and forgot about. They used Retro Sonic’s model to attract older fans to Sonic Generations, after all. And I can tell you that’s all Retro Sonic was used for because Retro Sonic plays like shit in that game. And is boring as hell too.

The implications of this change of style are that they WANT to change their personalities too. Otherwise they want to convince us that their old designs just didn’t work and that the people who liked Sonic characters for their SA personalities and SA designs are delusional.

I wouldn’t go that far unless one of the designers on the team was Michael Westgarth. If they wanted to intentionally spite Sonic fans, we’d be able to see that by now. It seems they legitimately want to make a good game unlike Iizuka, but those character designs will hurt the game more than the gameplay. I would be more excited for this kind of game if Knuckles didn’t look like shit.

For the most part, their personalities seem unchanged (again, going on the pilot trailer of the show)…. from the Colors and beyond era. Knuckles will remain a stupid ass because that’s what Iizuka wants. I would hope that’s not what Bob and the gang wanted for Knuckles, but apparently they’re supposed to think that powers and looks make the man.

For Knuckles, it’s not even an issue that he looks like a troll… the issue is that this means that he will act like a troll too. They said it themselves – they redesigned the characters to match their personalities. And if this new Knuckels doesn’t scream STUPID, I don’t know what does. I mean, his body shape screams QWARK! And as far as Qwark goes, we pretty much had the exact idea of his intellectual capabilities.

Fuck man, did you really have to compare him to Qwark!? I can’t unsee it now! Well, at least his chin doesn’t look like an ass.

What about other echnidnas? They don’t think for the future at all. If this by some miracle becames famous and successful, and if they dive into the story, will all echidnas look as stupid as that? If not, Knuckles is going to impose the notion that he is stupid EVEN MORE.

There might not even be other echidnas the way this is looking.

I still don’t understand the real reason behind why they made Knuckles stupid, and continue to do so. It’s pissing me off. Here we had a character with all kinds of potential to be the coolest bad ass in Sonic history stripped away because some idiot thought a cliche story of deception = gullibility = village idiot. Especially coming off from Sonic Adventure 2 where Knux was at his prime of coolness.

Instead of fixing what’s wrong with the characters, they are creating new characters from them altogether. Nobody complained about Qwark being big and stupid, because that’s how he was from the beginning. Thinking that people will have no idea who Knuckles was if they did not change his appearance – this statement itself proves them wrong. People knew EXACTLY who Knuckles was before his stupidification. Only now when his appearance changed, they finally started to feel that the last bit of who he was is gone and that his new appearance does not allow him to be who he was. So instead of making Knuckles look like what he’s supposed to be, they made him look like the opposite of what he’s supposed to be. And people who are OK with that either don’t see it, or never knew him when he was still a character, not a cardboard cutout.

People on the internet are always going to be “just fine” with character redesigns because their tastes are in complete contradiction with the rest of the world. They were “just fine” with Wind Waker even though it nearly killed the Zelda franchise while killing the momentum of the Gamecube. They were “just fine” with Dante’s redesign even though that is the primary factor of the game’s failure (DMC4 sold more than 2 and 3 which also went back to the Dante from DMC1, which should say something). They’re always going to be fine with a redesign for no apparent reason other than “being open-minded” or some shit.

They’re also quite annoying too, proclaiming their “just cool wit dis” mantra to the world as if it were a sign of “appreciation”. It has less to do with a lack of empathy but more to do with telling other people to “get over it”. Which seems to be a common theme amongst fandoms. The creators get to dictate everything, and we should be just fine with it. No arguments because it would make us look bad.

The parallels of gamers to supporters of Obama is scary, no?

Sonic having scarf to make him look adventurous? I think they only made him look slower. I can’t imagine how practical is to wear a scarf or bandages when you run at supersonic speeds. If you want to be fast, you probably don’t want to wear such a loose clothing.

Fuckin right.

Amy trying to be graceful… Suddenly? It would make sense, since they were building the story in SA to make her more independent and confident. But since Heroes, they reduced her to nothing… and now they make her this superconfident and supercapable all of a sudden… Knuckles should watch out for being pushed by her much more now. Also I have no idea how they are talking about their design being SO important, yet the “graceful” character is carrying around a hammer as big as her.

They sound like Amy fanboys. Fanboys have no logical basis for anything they do or say. The scary thing is they’re designing Amy with the explicit intent to make her more popular than she needs to be. They’re talking about “if Amy were to have a spinoff of her own”, do you know anyone who would buy a fucking Amy Rose game? Period?

3/4s of these design choices make no sense for all the reasons you and I have stated.

For Tails, I can’t say people could mind the goggles. It’s the least harmful of those design changes. It feels less important and easily changeable, just like the design change of Sonic between SA and SA2.

Tails is probably the only decent one they have too. There’s nothing extremely offputting like Knuckles, and Tails has warn goggles and mechanic gear for a while too, so it’s not like they really changed anything. At the same time, Tails’s only real power is flight, and his abilities were centered around gear since…. Tails Adventure, so Tails is actually designed appropriately.

Tails is so lucky to be so insignificant in these games. He’s just a side kick who had no major story to himself, which meant he’s safe from idiotic decisions……..fuck, I keep forgetting Lost Mind happened….

And Eggman is no longer Egg shaped… so why they still call him Eggman and not Robotnik? Not that I care so much about his name… it’s just one more thing that goes entirely against their “the character design matters so much that we must change it in order for you to know who these characters are” philosophy.

Good catch. I didn’t even take note of his shape. It could be, again, that SOJ didn’t really give them creative control and are basing their “westernized Sonic” on ignorant assumptions of what we like. Can you see how John Wayne fits into Sonic’s world? I don’t see John Wayne as the “adventurous type. I just saw him as a cowboy.

I call him Robotnik because it’s a fitting name, and is less retarded than Eggman. Not that anyone gives a shit, but really. “Eggman” is the most retarded name you could give anyone. You can’t take a character called “Eggman” seriously. Ivo Robotnik? Sounds more threatening. Dammit, now it’s bothering me that they aren’t calling him Robotnik. He also looks like some sort of aviator given his suit looks more akin to fighter pilots from WW2 days.

Just like I say. They are lying. All they want is to change the character personalities to what they like. And the character design just supports this new direction. New people discovering Sonic games with this will have encoded into their DNA that Knuckles is supposed to be stupid, Amy is supposed to be amazing action heroin and Sonic is supposed to be Nathan Drake. So instead of fixing what’s wrong with Sonic, they just want to realize their own idea what is Sonic and hide before a new audience. And it could work, because I can clearly see that the new game and show will generate much more interest then Colors or Lost Interest.

It’s a little too early to say it will generate interest, but it will cause newer audiences to look at Sonic in a more negative light because the show is going to be bad. Half the views would probably be from Sonic fans anyway. Plus, it has to compete with other kids shows that are already highly popular too.

The game will more than likely fail, though, given the audience is familiar with Sonic, doesn’t want a Pii U , and will reject the redesigns. If people are praying this is a temporary spinoff, there’s no way it will succeed as a new universe.

Especially since they claim that they are not going to make it canon if people don’t like it – that means that it will have no links to the past events. Just the same way like Unleashed, Colors and Lost Interest was. So I believe that if people actually like it, they will not integrate it to the Sonic Adventure story to make it canon – they will actually treat this new game as a reboot and continue from there.
I don’t even want to think about the consequences. That would mean that the other “Japanese” Sonic continuity will be actually the one following the SA story line, having Shadow or Silver, … And that storyline will continue to be written by Pontac and Iizuka will continue to ignore that SA era and modern era are two different things.

SOJ will never continue Sonic Adventure in any territory because Iizuka doesn’t want to. The reason we have Sonic Heroes is because Iizuka thought it would be more accessible to newer fans (wtf!?). They have ZERO intention of returning to the Adventure style of gameplay and content because it goes against their interests. Adventure will be enjoyed mostly by REAL Sonic fans and not have any real audience expansion (which is their goal). The guy has been resistant to making an Adventure 3 since 2003. Why? Could be “too appealing to westerners”. Who knows? His hesitance to Adventure mirrors Miyamoto’s hesitance to 2D Mario. We are not getting an Adventure either way based on those factors.

There’s a stronger bet that the shows will be more popular than the game because television has a different type of mentality behind it. It’s much more accessible to people (everyone has access to tv networks, not everyone can own a console) and the audience is much more impressionable. Not only that, but they also have toy lines in planning. They intend to make Sonic a merchandise driven franchise which (if going by Pokemon or Transformers or Gundam) cares very little about quality and is more about selling toys. Merchandise driven equals horrible mutations of existing characters and properties in order to sell shit to kids. The one thing we’d HAVE to be concerned about is the state of the games. The games are the source and origin of Sonic’s life. If they go the direction of the merchandise driven bullshit with the games, then yeah, we’re fucked and are basically told that we can’t be Sonic fans anymore. Then we’d have to accept the fallacy of being too old to enjoy something because the creators are literally PUSHING us away for a new generation. And they might get away with it because the notions being selfish are strong within all communities in this world.

So yeah, I guess we do have something to worry about. 😛 Sorry for uh… puttin yah on the spot, this was just good analysis. 😛