Sonic fans are a very split fanbase. Split is a term that does them no justice. It’s all out civil war! If one becomes a fan of Sonic games and wishes to enter discussions with other Sonic fans, one must take extreme caution to whom they join in with, for one wrong “post” may end up opening Pandora’s Box!

What is an X’er?

A term I use to describe the new age Sonic fans. These are younger fans who have recently become fans with Sega’s exit from Console development in 2001. The name “X’er” or “Generation X” refers to the fact that many of them became fans of the Sonic franchise due to Sonic X, the more recent Sonic cartoon that aired back in 2003. Hench the “X” in the name.

X’ers are mostly comprised of Nintendo and Anime fans. As such, their knowledge of the Sonic series is mostly limited. Most of which comes directly from the anime produced. Due to the strong influence of anime, X’ers are more prone to discussion revolving around asking about favorites. Favorite characters, favorite ships, etc. X’ers often times get into huge flame wars with each other over shipping and especially recolors. X’ers are a much more split faction than usual. Casters are easily annoyed by the tendencies of an X’er. If you are the type of person who wishes to avoid petty debates, this is the sector of the fanbase you’ll want to avoid. Intelligent discussion does not exist within this sector. Differing opinions are usually not tolerated, or outright attacked.

X’ers favor Sonic games that are more kid-friendly. They are less open minded to games with content geared toward older or broader audiences. If that is the case, all bets are off. You will not convince them otherwise that the game is good or decent. A game like Shadow the Hedgehog will come off as horrible to them.

Considering that many X’ers are also huge Nintendo fans, many X’ers believe that Sonic should be purchased by Nintendo to improve series quality. The Olympic spinoffs as well as the (undeserved) reception of modern Mario games are usually brought up as proof of why this needs to happen. Compounded by industry media rhetoric, everyone caves in to the pressures of these mere suggestions in agreement. “Something must be done” afterall.X’ers have  tendency to despise the Archie Comics as well as many older Sonic titles. More praise is given to the anime as well as games like Sonic Rush, Colors, and Generations due to their more light-hearted content and “charming” sense of humor. A “serious” Sonic game is seen as a threat. This is due to the horrible reception of Shadow the Hedgehog as well as Sonic 06, both games possessing more mature content in the Sonic Series. Extreme caution when using the word “mature”. X’ers are extremely sensitive to the mere mention of the word as it automatically translates to strong violence and sex.

From a glance, you will know you’re talking to an X’er when they praise the current direction the series is going which is more kid-friendly

At the moment, all X’ers love Sonic Lost World. It is best not to criticize the game as of now while in the presence of an X’er.