Sonic fans are a very split fanbase. Split is a term that does them no justice. It’s all out civil war! If one becomes a fan of Sonic games and wishes to enter discussions with other Sonic fans, one must take extreme caution to whom they join in with, for one wrong “post” may end up opening Pandora’s Box!

What is a Caster?

A term I use to describe the veteran Sonic fans. These are older fans who have stuck with the series since it’s first installment all the way back to 1991. As such, many of them are in their upper 20s and are open for more intelligent discussions of Sonic games. The name “Caster” refers to 2 things. The Sega Dreamcast which was the last Sega console ever made and the last one that veteran Sonic fans could enjoy exclusively to themselves. It also means that they’ve been “Cast aside” in favor of Generation X (or X’ers as I refer to them).

Casters, like many veteran fans of franchises, have a moderately vast knowledge of the Sonic series, the games, the cartoons, the comics, etc. Having that understanding, they are very vocal in their distaste of the direction the series has taken. Casters are usually tolerant of opinions that differ from their own, but can be quick to anger. Frustrations from not being catered to have caused them to have episodes where they can lash out against anyone without warning. Perhaps a misconception was stated. Perhaps news of a new game set them off. Whatever the case may be, you must watch out and mind your fingers, lest they unleash the fucking fury upon you.

Casters could benefit from anger management issues. If you are the type of person who does not like naughty language, this is the sector you will want to avoid. Some Casters can be quite livid in their language use.

Casters favor Sonic games that have a striking balance between kid-friendly and mature content within the series. They are more open minded unless the game’s content feels more geared toward children. If that is the case, all bets are off. You will not convince them otherwise that the game is good or decent. A game like Sonic Colors will come off as mediocre to them.

Casters are easily agitated when people suggest that series quality can only be improved by external companies, mostly by Nintendo. Due to sheer pressure, some Casters may agree to the proposed suggestions as many of them have lost all faith in Sega to deliver on their potential. However, caution is recommended when stating views such as these.

Casters also have a fondness for SATam, a Sonic cartoon that aired on ABC years ago on Saturday mornings. To them, that show was the pinnacle of Sonic’s greatness, and coincides with their love of the Archie Comic book series. As the Archie Comics are the only Sonic medium producing the balanced content that appeals to them.

Casters are usually thought of as a minority as it is very rare to find them on the internet. Most Casters are bigger Sega fans than they appear. As such, they desire a Dreamcast 2 and/or a Shenmue 3. From a glance, you will know you’re talking to a Caster who usually speaks of wanting a more “mature” Sonic game. It is strongly important, however, to not immediately assume they want a gory “grimdark” title with an M-rating. This will upset them and cause you to lose all credibility in their eyes.

At the moment, some Casters are not at all fond of Sonic Lost World. Caution is required when discussing that game with them.