Welcome to Conflicting views. I am Heru Sankofa.

Conflicting Views means what the title says. If you’re the type of guy who has a possible counter culture mindset in regards to….. well, video games, this would be a safe house. Sort of.

I’ve learned over the years that society is a religion in itself. You are supposed to agree and adhere to the views of the hive, and you shall be rewarded with paradise. Go against the hive and you shall be punished. The beauty of the internet is that it gives those that go against the hive a safe haven if you will. But you already knew that.

The world of video games, as we know it, is already dying. We see developers implementing innovative ways to constantly make your lives miserable for the sake of profit. When’s the last time you went back to many of the AAA titles that have been hyped up to all hell? Many would try to deny that they do not shelve their expensive games, and it’s easy to see why half the time.

We live in a state of perpetual delusion. We all want to believe the game industry is healthy based on the amount of money that goes into it. The truth is developers are in a constant state of panic. They rush to create clones of any game that sells well almost immediately after the sales figures come out. Bizarre contraptions are added to existing games as a cheap way to breathe life into genres. And devious services which seek to profit from the extinction of convenient and more affordable means of obtaining video games. As newer, younger developers become interested in gimmicks and older developers take advantage of their authority to seek their own desires in virtual reality, we see markets reject everything that is thrown at them. From Capcom’s insane business practices and EA’s impending doom to Nintendo immediately abandoning their audiences after 3 years of returning to glory, it’s evident that we will all simply say “fuck it” and get stuck on playing old video games.

I simply try to offer my views of what’s wrong with the current wave of crap we all have to deal with from the industry. I won’t have all the answers, but hopefully, I can make some things clear.