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Cape Shit Preamble (Black Panther)

You knew this day was coming.

Originally, I opted not to do anymore movie reviews seeing as… no one reads them. That’s cool. I started this blog for gaming discussion, and it’s best I keep it that way. And while I have PLENTY of words for Spiderman Homecoming and Thor Ragnarok, they practically write themselves on how stupid they are, I’d be stating the obvious. To summarize, fuck everything about Homecoming, and Ragnarok’s conclusion, I liked better than how it originally ended. Something about people who created cycles of Asgard being destroyed and reborn for their amusement…. sort of. Thor loved Asgard too much to allow it to be doomed to these cycles, so he destroyed the reality that kept Asgard and the 9 realms in existence to keep it from falling to this cycle. It’s. … stupid and didn’t make sense so this ending worked better. The problem is there’s no tension or despair at all at Asgards destruction. Odin is dead and Thor is leading an entire people into space. And nothing was lost… except the Executioner. 

MCU’s style of writing does not allow audiences to be invested in the lore or the characters. Everything is hardcore slapstick unless it’s Captain America.  They think “awkwardness” is comedy gold. Nothing is allowed to be serious or respectable. When I saw the Justice League movie, I brimmed with envy for those damned DC fans. That movie had a fucking soul! It’s better than both Avengers movies! MCU has no respect for it’s characters or the lore they’ve built up over 60 years ago. Everything is just a joke to them.

This is what made the Black Panther movie so… anxiety provoking for me. Because now we’re touching on the representation of African People. My People.

Last year, I posted a 42 minute rant about the teaser trailer for this movie. And despite the insights of how degrading this movie could be, I still wanted to see this movie. Then I find out that Man Ape was going to be in it. I couldn’t be more disturbed. One of the most racist characters Marvel has ever created was gonna be in the movie. I say to myself “of course! It’s Disney! Afterall, these cocksuckers did make the Princess Frog!” The presence of this character was too tempting!”

Marvel themselves weren’t exactly good with the black characters they bothered to make. There was a character called “Charcoal” who could change into a big rock. Basically

You know… This Fuck.

There was one issue where him and members of the Thunderbolts (Marvel’s Suicide Squad, essentially) tried to sneak into the lair of the Masters of Evil to rescue Moonstone. They take out 5 of them and decide to disguise themselves as those villains. Who did Charcoal disguise himself as?

Look at how they try to justify that shit!

There’s a quote that I love emmensly when it comes to fiction. 

Criticism about representation of Race, Gender and other diversity are often countered in fandom by sociological or scientific analysis attempting to explain why the stereotype/inequality happens according to the internal logic of the fictional world. As though there is any real reason that anything happens in a story except that someone chose to write it that way. Fiction is not Darwinian. Fiction is creationist.

Unsurprisingly, he’s also a character that was used to criticize Black Folks who often see through the bullshit. 

This was AFTER the Man-Ape debacle he was put through. Triathlon should’ve whooped his ass for that remark. 

Then again,  I’m willing to bet no one can explain away why the workers in Kotal Khan’s stage are all Black.

Man-ape should have never even been a thought for this film, but it’s very telling that Disney saw fit to slip him in (Name  is M’btu btw cause they won’t use his villain name. He’ll be hidden in plain sight. ) i’ve seen articles on how Disney plans to utilize a racially insensitive character like Man-Ape. I say “DON’T PUT HIM IN THE GODDAMN MOVIE!” But nope! Disney just couldn’t resist. It’s in their fucking nature! 

So don’t go see the movie” I hear some of you arses murmuring. That goes without saying. And was my original plan.

And then you find out yo mama wants you to take her to see the movie.

Since I am the “Nerd” of the family, and she knows bugger all about the Black Panther, she figured it was best I go with her to the premier. She already bought the damn tickets! 

I try to explain to her my reservations about this movie, and stubbornly, she rebuffs me by saying “sure, you can run out and see white super heroes all you want to, but you got reservations about Black Panther! Ain’t that a B?”

On the inside, I screamed “Damn you woman!!”. On the outside, I wasn’t crazy. So there’s that. I guess I’ll consider that a belated birthday gift. 

Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see how many people throw objectivety out the window in favor of merely supporting something. we’re so starved for positive representation that we’d accept getting possibly sneak-fucked by a movie studio who doesn’t have our best interests in mind.

But (sighs) here’s hoping i’m wrong, eh?


You know, playing FighterZ got me thinking. No one bothers comparing Sonic to DBZ anymore! 

Oh you know. Based exclusively off of Super Sonic being an obvious homage to the Super Saiyan to the point of being the only useful character in the franchise according to Sega of Japan. Because of that, all the retards in the fandom started making arbitrary comparisons based off of the slightest similarities. 

Chaos Emeralds are Dragon Balls because there’s 7 in all.

Sonic is Goku cause he’s always confident  and… eager for adventure? (Rogic killed that impression)

Tails is Gohan because….. he whines?

Knuckles is Piccolo he’s the token

Shadow is Vegeta because they both hate the main character

Silver is Trunks because he’s from the future. 

Angel Island was Kami’s lookout.

All comparisons ended with Sonic Unleashed, as we no longer got interesting characters. Or content. 

I never thought I’d miss that nonsense. See, back then, people assumed originality = quality because critics somehow convinced people that if you could compare the elements of one movie or game to another, it was not worth investing into. Not a bad theory considering at the time, we were getting a lot of ripoffs of Halo and GTA. That, and it was a defense mechanism for the Nintards. And while Sonic was still well-liked by people, it still had a lot of detractors. Did you know these cocksuckers tried comparing Sonic Riders to Mario Kart using weight classes and racer typings!?

It’s no secret that Sonic games have used elements from other sources to create it’s world, but that is a common practice! You think Spiderman is original, take a look at his arch nemesis and his anti-hero Black Cat for a few pointers from a hero with unearned income. These little debates they had back then were based on ignorance and ego inflation. 

And yet, what I wouldn’t give for those lame debates again. 

A friend of mine asked me why I never wrote about Takashi Iizuka’s plan to split the main line Sonic games into 2 separate universes. And I tell him… I don’t really give a shit. The rumors about Sonic Heroes getting a remake might be his way of disconnecting the 3D games from the rest of the series, but I honestly couldn’t give 2 shits. Every game since Heroes has had some very disconnected continuities… hell it’s sense of continuity barely exists. You can treat every game as a stand alone entry like Zelda, Tales of, and every other Japanese series where the developers use the name brand to sell people on their unwillingness to keep up with their own goddamn continuity. Cause that’s all it is. An excuse for these lazy ass cunts to say “can’t complain about Green Hill being close in proximity to Chemical Plant even they both existed on 2 different fucking islands!

But no, the real reason is this. I’ve often complained about how the Chaos Emeralds became the go to plot devices for any story in the series to say “we need to collect this crap to save the world”. Back then, they served no purpose than to be things you collect to get the good endings, and become Super Sonic. It wasn’t until Sonic Chaos that these little jewels started being developed properly. Each emerald had it’s own properties, like the Red Emerald being able to control the other emeralds. The problem? The Master Emerald was created which serves the same exact purpose, and it can make big things fly. It also served as the prison of Chaos 0, God of Destruction.

This was all well and good, however the main emeralds just became reduced to being batteries. The bad guys always needed them to power up weapons and devices, Sonic needs them to go super,  etc.

Then 06 happened, and the Emeralds were arbitrarily given the properties of Time Travel and ressurecting the dead. Not only does this completely SHIT on the time stones, it also validated the Animu shit birds in claiming the chaos emeralds were Dragon Balls in disguise. Because that was the main reason anyone used the Dragon Balls. To bring back loved ones lost in battle or otherwise. 

Unleashed, I barely remember, but the Emeralds were used to bring together planet pieces…. and I’m like “well shit, what’s the point of raising the stakes when the chaos emeralds were just this get out free card for any jam the series writes in? They can be used for anything and everything. 

One could use the excuse that because they are all different body parts of a single God, their possibilities are endless. And Tikal having the ability to take people back in time, and being so closely connected to Chaos could excuse the time traveling aspect, even if it does shit on the time stones.

But then what’s the point of the Chaos Rings from Knuckles Chaotix? The Sol Emeralds? The World Rings? All these plot devices have a single use, but the Chaos Emeralds are univeral in their ass-kicking? Again, this could just be easier for the dev team because fuck effort, but it reduces any unique elements they have in the future to mere formalities they could easily fix with Chaos Emeralds. Hell, I’m honestly annoyed they didn’t use them to shit on the Phantom Ruby in Forces. But if they did that, they wouldn’t have need of a resistance, of the Avatar, of anything else.

And hell, I just thought of a damn good story reason they could’ve used to justify that. The deadly six could’ve been spirits of the Emeralds that, because of their abuse in the past, are now punishing the world for it’s crimes. Sonic and buttnick would’ve had to join forces anyway, and by the end, we could’ve had some shitty moral lesson about relying on your own strengths. Because DA CHILDREN!  And yea, that is a knock off of Dragon Ball GT.

You see? There’s all these constructs one could think about within this series. But tell me how many people cared or thought about anything like this within the fandom? 


Because no one honestly cares. No one cares about seven mystical gems that harbor the power of a malevolent god, a demonic entity that harnesses the might of an artificial deity to ravage the flow of time, or a vengeful mercenary who obtains an acursed ruby to bend the whole world to his knees. And before anyone says it, it’s not because the games are factually bad. Ratchet and Clank has some incredible ideas like a business man having the technology to deconstruct planets and taking each piece to fit them onto another is fucking cool, or having a giant clock in the center of the universe that maintains the balance of time would make for great stories. That shit goes unnoticed by the fans who claim to be so. Could be the nature of episodic entries giving them no inclination to care. Could be that anthros are aggressively ignored unless they’re horses. But everyone will give some variation of the “necessity argument“. “Sonic doesn’t need good content. Doesn’t need strong characters/story. Doesn’t need interesting worlds. Just needs gameplay”

All based off the notion that, because Sonic 1 & 2 didn’t have cutscenes, it means that people enjoyed it purely for gameplay reasons. So present day standards mean jack shit, back then people liked it regardless of lacking a story! There isn’t a shred of analysis done here, such as standards and expectations of the time periods of old vs those of today. This is just a simple, easy, one-size fits all answer to solve the problems of today. This Is further exacerbated by Sonic 06 having a strong emphasis on story, and being the “Hitler” of the franchise, so anything that game had is automatically bad for the series.

So now, because the fandom has gone batshit, the Sonic series is purely focused on gameplay. Storyis literally nothing but an excuse. The fandom rejoices for it’s victory over another section of the fandom!

But you know what I don’t see anymore? No one really talks about the games anymore. If I look into a Dragon Ball forum, I can find all kinds of discussions regarding the characters. “Will Yamcha get any respect anymore? Is Ultra Instinct enough to beat Jiren? Is Vegeta just another punching bag? Are Super’s villains over-powered?” On Sonic Forums? “How to save sonic. How to fix forces. Should they sell the frachise. Lol Sonic Cycle.” There’s no actual investment in the series. Back then? Even with 06? “Could Silver be Sonic’s descendant? Did Blaze die? Is Mephilis the darkest villain in this series? Amma, all those Blaze theories! See, even back in Sonic’s degraded state, people were legitimately interested and intrigued by Sonic’s mythos. People even enjoyed Darkspine Sonic from a spinoff.

Nowadays, the fact that Forces even generated some interest, even if it’s just a peep, is some sort of achievement. People are resisting any form of interesting content in Sonic, to the point of open hostility against a character creation system. 

But eh, a split universe between 2D and 3D games won’t be anything earth shattering because people have convinced themselves that Sonic doesn’t need content. As such, you won’t see the end of discussions regarding what needs to be done to fix the franchise, because nothing is being made to INTEREST people, acclimating them to the franchise, all because people don’t WANT anything to be made to INTEREST people into the franchise. Splitting the series into 2 continuities? Pff! Who gives a shit?

Dragon Spam Fighter Z

Hello, I’m Android 21! I was created to draw in all the thirsty otakus!

So, here’s a game that’s nowhere near being worth a full $60 price tag just based off the lack of characters alone. I shouldn’t have to explain Dragon Ball to anyone, but all anyone should know is that it is a titan! A pioneer of so many tropes we see in Japanese cartoons, most notably the absurdly overpowered characters, “getting stronger by training” as the only way to win against more powerful opponents, and bad writing decisions the longer a series runs, leading to a more disappointing finale than what one would normally desire.

Grandpa, I can’t beleab you weft us all behind…

For da token bwack guy!

I loved the original Dragon Ball series where Goku was a little kid who astounded everyone and could take some of worst punishment known to man, even morphing into a giant ape to do even further destruction. I loved the aspect of journeying across the land in search of mystical orbs that granted wishes to anyone who gathered all 7. I loved the martial arts action that actually looked like martial arts, and not just 2 guys repeating the same 2-4 frames of punching and kicking because cheap. 

And then Z happened, revealing that Goku’s amazing strength came from being an alien rather than a tenacious human boy who could. Saiyans get stronger after every fight they have automatically!  Meaning all those timez Goku trained…. was pointless. Still, both the Saiyan and Namekian Sagas were both enjoyable to watch as you had 2 heavily underpowered Gohan and Krillin going up against monsters until Goku returns to fight Frieza in one of the most dramatic final battles in Dragon Ball history! 

And then… the Android Saga happened and ruined the series forever. All of a sudden, stupid robots and bio-freak science projects were more powerful than Frieza and Super Saiyans as a whole, Krillin goes from a fighting pragmatist to a horny moron looking for cybersex, Vegeta sabotages every plan to save the world because he’s too petty to accept that Goku is just better than him while the fans go on apologetic tirades for his stupidity, Goku stops caring about Gohan showing that piccolo is more of a father than he ever was, Yamcha is reduced to a joke character (which infuriates me as he was one of my favorites) and loses Bulma to Vegeta of all people, Super Saiyan Forms are created to sell toys and serve no purpose in actually defeating enemies (further diminishing Frieza’s character) and every effort is spent trying to patronize Vegeta fans by giving him and his asshole family all these small accolades. Kid Trunks being stronger than Goten, Bulma being able to talk down beings that could murder her outright, Vegeta having random power bursts and having characters immediately suggest he’s surpassed Goku (before Goku gets a new retarded form)… the series has literally devolved into a dick swinging contest between Goku and Vegeta. All the while, Gohan literally gets lumped in with Yamcha for a useless fighter. What’s the point of all these characters having babies if toei is just gonna find an excuse to make everything about Goku and Vegeta one-upping the other!? I’d rather see development between Goten and trunks being rivals rather than Goten be supplemental to Trunks getting a new form.

Actually, yeah, I am bitter about Goku’s sons getting shafted in favor of boosting Trunks because “lol popular in Japan!”. I can safely say I enjoyed Dragon Ball before Vegeta became an ally. Don’t even get me started on Beerus.

Anywho, I’m supposed to be talking about this game. Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest game from the now overrated Aksys. I say that because their latest offerings have been quite underwhelming, and are only propped up by the FGC who hopes to earn some more elitist cred by talking about how wonderfully deep these games are. Because it doesn’t matter what characters you pick, each and everyone of them have varying playstyles (from button mashing to useless gimmicks). This of course begs the question of why they chose to ignore BLOODY ROAR as the concept is practically the same, if not better. I suppose they’re afraid of being labeled as furries.

This is the game DB fans have been wanting since marvel vs capcom was even a concept. Crazy supers, anime graphics, particle based maelstroms as explosions light up the battlefield. And those shitty Budokai, Tenkaichi, and XenoVerse games couldn’t fill in those voids. I’m assuming that’s where most of the hype stems from, it’s similar to that h u pe train for the Dark Knight. People wanted this kind of Dragon Ball fighting game for ages. Me included! To think it would ever exist in some form! Prior to those terrible budokai games, we had the Super Butoden series on Famicom which, while not being very good, is essentially a FighterZ beta test. There was also Hyper Dimension, more or less an actual fighting game with Street Fighter mechanics. Since then, you had Dragon Ball fighting games that did everything they could to emulate the frantic fighting action of the cartoon series, resulting in some horrible games. See, everything afterwards were some anime simulators with sometimes confusing control schemes and mid-match cutscenes masquerading as special moves. See, in Budokai, everytime you did a specific attack, the fight itself would stop and wait for a scene to play out. Sometimes accompanied by a QTE or little minigame to ensure the attack was stronger or would work at all! The actual fighting wasn’t really fighting at all. Just a bunch of characters with thr same or similar animations or functions, there was no variety in fighting styles. Tenkaichi was no better, choosing to simulate the high flying action the series was also known for while having crap controls. Supersonic Warriors on the Gameboy Advance, funny enough, was the best DBZ fighting game you could get at the time. Suffice to say, there’s adequate reason to be hyped for a game like this. An actual DBZ fighter where players could finally cut loose without too much hinderances, where characters had varying fighting styles and not just be expies of each other with different special attacks to merely see in action. This was the real shit.

 And… hell. In capturing the essence of the series, and being an actual fighting games, it’s almost perfect. The game is blindingly fast and relentless in it’s chaos! It’s everything we could’ve hoped for and more! And The game… is pretty shallow

Perhaps going through story mode is coloring my perspective the wrong way (considering the CPU is a cheating bastard), but damn near all of my fights so far have boiled down to rushdown/MVC combos or spamming laser beams and/or strikers over and over again. You know, you can try and be clever and/or unique with your playstyle, but this game will remind you that none of that innovative shit = effective. So you end up repeating the same fighting patterns as the dreaded AI. Close the gap with super dash, use assist immediately after dash to ensure no counter attack is possible, hammer away with light or medium auto combos, and hope for the best. Scummy shit like that is tedious and tiresome to deal with over and over again, and the AI does this all the fucking time!

But again, it’s really only against the cpu that bad habits start to form. Which is pretty sad. You’d think the Japanese would be able to program better ai after 30 years of this shit, but eh. After a while, you find that the rest of the player base has picked up those same bad habits, and the matches devolve into whoever gets out their long, drawn out combo strings the most wins. It’s not like the game doesn’t encourage it with it’s auto-combo system ripped straight from Persona Arena. 

But you know, I’d probably forgive all that if there was any form of GRABS! I don’t know if I missed some tutorial piece or what, but it seems like the only way to grab people is via certain characters. Freeza, Cell, 16, 18, and 21 seem to be the only characters that can actually grab and throw fucks in this game, and only command/autocombo throws. Why!? Is this a thing when it comes to Dragon Ball games? We don’t like to throw shit!? Not even the butoden or Budokai games had throwing mechanics. It’s like when designing a Dragon Ball game, strategic elements of conventional video games are thrown out the window in favor of generic punching, kicking, fireballs and lasers.

As well, seeing as Namco was involved, it would appear that their patented “get caught in a combo and you’re fucked” style of gameplay is kept intact. Namco fighting games usually have this bad habit of ensuring that players can’t escape from a long combo string…. because Tekken is popular = everyone loves unbreakable juggles = everyone loves unbreakable combo strings! But it’s Aksys, you’d think they’d import some variant of Guilty Gear’s “back the fuck up” mechanic. I figured that would be Sparking Blast, but it only seems to work when you’re not gettin fucked up in midair.

Bah, I’m so used to playing Guilty Gear Xrd, this game feels devoid of options!

On the other side of things, the game weaves together what could be a tiny roster of fighters. You have all of the lame  ass Super Saiyans, 4 of the og Z fighters (mah bois Yamcha and Tien! Piccolo sucks in this game, tho) Ginyu and Frieza, The gay ass androids sans 17 etc. Etc. Honestly,  I’m satisfied with just Yamcha and Tien, but the roster just went with characters that are more so relevant to the story (which involve said gay ass androids much to my dismay), and I’m like “They couldn’t squeeze in Dabura? Pikon even?” Hell, they had the bad taste to include punk ass Nappa (can’t believe his name is a Chinese Cabbage) they could squeeze in…. Cooler at the very least. Idk, half the roster is Saiyans and everyone else from the Z series that I never cared about, so it just feels empty. Some of them get really obscure too. Who the fuck is Hit and why did he get in over Chiaotzu? (That’s right, I actually Like Chiaotzu!) And is that an LGBT Goku with pink ass hair!? Sweet Lord, it’s actually happened! Dragon Ball is patronizing the SJWs! What used to be a man’s anime is going soft! Those rants of this mary-sue-per Saiyan isn’t bullshit! 

I kid, but what in the fresh hell am I supposed to think when I see an effeminate looking Carrot Monkey!? The roster couldn’t be more by the numbers if it tried. Hell, you’d think there’d be some GT characters like Omega Shenron or w/e. 

But eh. Everyone loves the Android Saga. Obviously considering who the new character is. Android 21 is literally the most original character ever made! Lets take Android 18, give her longer brunette hair with split ends, give her glasses and the worst fashion sense ever, and then give her an alternate form that is a genderswap Evil Buu in Arabic Belly Dancer attire. Toei clearly wanted their fans to think about sex this time around, probably waxing nostalgic for the days of Perving out on Bulma and launch. Not that I’m complaining, mind you! You all know how I am, but damn If her ravings of wanting to eat people aren’t super innuendo…ish.

A super attack where she’s “on top of you”. Because Hotaru from Garou was that damn popular, I guess.

The story, however, is beyond retarded. 21 creates some wave…. shit that suppresses her ravenous cravings to eat people. She’s also the mother of Android 16. Spoiling it there because who gives a fuck about Android 16, really? Somehow, her waves fuck up and cause everyone to grow weaker, and the only way for the Z fighters to become stronger is to link with some random human soul…? 

21 also created a linking system to allow a soul to possess people… for no reason? There are also clones of Goku and the gang…. I guess because 21 needed people to eat to get stronger? And she also revived Frieza, Cell, Kid Buu, Nappa, and Ginyu for…. reasons? 

This is the most excuse plotting a game has done to say “We fulfilled the fighting game story mode quota, now fuck off!” Nothing makes any goddamn sense. Nothing is explained aside from 16’s rather lackluster relationship with his milf mum. And it all seems like a vague attempt at poking fun at series characters forvtheir quirks and short-comings, non of which are actually funny or clever. Is pointing out the fact that Yamcha got killed by Saibamen supposed to mean something when Tien and Chiaotzu get murked in the same manner? Or pointing out that Nappa can’t go super Saiyan? Or that 18 is stronger than Krillin? Or that Frieza got beaten by Goku twice? It just comes off as a bunch of insecure manchildren trying to one-up each other on their failings in the series. 

By the end of the game, there are then 2 different versions of 21, good and evil, Goku kills both 21 the same way he killed kid Buu, and everyone figures “meh, we can revive the good one with Dragon Balls”.

The soul that gets stuck in these characters is obviously supposed to represent you, but wasn’t even close to being necessary. Hell, if they wanted, they could’ve put in some CaC feature ripped from XenoVerse if they so desired, and give em moves from the other characters. Would make the RPG bullshit more palatable. And the story progresses in the same, stupid ass manner as fucking Budokai 2! In that you move across a board game map, crushing enemies on any spaces you can find, and eventually reaching the boss to continue the story. And to top it off, you can only move about the map a certain amount of times, so you’re better off just powering through it all if you don’t care about levelling up… in a FIGHTING GAME!!!! What the fuck is the point of practicing if you’re gonna have a mode where victory is largely determined by some RPG logic, equipping skills and other shit, rather than actual fucking merit!?

Namco, you cannot keep treating everything as a friggin RPG! It is not normal or even healthy! So if I kept using Krillin in story mode but then decided that later on, I get better with like say Tien or whoever and decide I want to use him late in the story? Get fucked, he’s at level 1 and isn’t even viable. You’d have to go back and grind him in previous chapters or jip the system by using like… 3 opponent de-leveling skills if possible to bring them down to Tien’s level. That‘s bullshit! It’s a fighting game! I expect effort, not time, to be the measure of success! Shit like this is a slippery slope, and I pray that it does not catch on.

Speaking of questionable design choices, arcade mode is also silly. It has this system whereby you can choose how many fights you want from 3-5-7. You don’t have the option of choosing a difficulty,  but how well you do in specific matches determines how difficult your next fight will be. And trust me when I say if you’re just starting the game out, this feels daunting on it’s own. It starts off super easy, but then immediately, if you get an A or S-Rank, your very next fight is where you get steam rolled. Just another of Namco’s bullshit creeping up in this game. That being said, Arcade difficulty is strictly determined by how well you do, which on paper seems like a decent idea, if a player is already pro, they might get bored playing arcade mode on easy, so just ramp up the difficulty the better a player does.

But lets say the player wants a challenging cpu at the start of Arcade mode? Well, once you beat the arcades, you unlock the “hard mode” version of each arcade route. That way, you solve that non-problem.

But do you see what the problem is!?

You have a… HARD MODE… for an Arcade Mode…. that ramps up difficulty… based on your performance! If you were going to do that….. then….




didn’t you just include a difficulty slider!? That way, new players wouldn’t be alienated by difficulty scaling and would be eased into the game’s  mechanics without having to spend hours in training mode or local battle! Does that make any goddamn sense!? Debate me on anything else i’ve said if you wish (and no doubt will) but this shit is illogical and indefensible!!

Half of you fucks would go “well don’t play Arcade Mode!” Then I ask you, without putting down real money for them, what better/faster way do you know of to unlock both Blue Goku & Vegeta? Because the only way I know how without breaking my goddamn controller is to grind out 500K Zeni. And you earn the most going through 7 stages of Arcade Mode. And we all know why these unlock conditions take forever to fulfill, it’s because the assholes at Aksys want to take a piss on your patience and skinnerize you to buy early access horse shit. They’ve pulled this shit in practically ALL of their fighting games since Blazblue (to my knowledge) and is no better than Battlefront 2’s unlock conditions for Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. It’s an absolutely scummy practice that they’re enabled to get away with because “omg genius fighting game mechanics”.

I don’t know what else could be said about the game other than “it’s a real Dragon Ball Fighting game for once”. I suppose that’s all that matters. The spectacle alone is it’s selling point. As far as it being “potentially technical and deep”, I don’t see shit happening beyond assist spamming scum tactics for the next few months. People will probably go “Piccolo sucks, but he’s teh best assist wise!” I’m willing to bet Frieza will be everyone’s goto tournament aphrodisiac. Actually, no. Blue Vegeta’s Big bang special acting as both a shield and a projectle is beyond broken in this game. If anything, he might be the fgc sex toy or outright banned.

Aksys’s game design is starting to get old, however. All of their fighters have the same mvc combo logic. Capcom, SNK, they at least came up with different fighting systems for all their franchises, but Aksys just has one style. It ain’t. a good look.

This should explain the lack of activity just fine.

My jaw dropped at the first trailer of Andromeda. Those amazing looking worlds, the combat, emphasis on exploration,  going back to what worked in Mass Effect 1, Andromeda was shaping up to be the Space Exploration Experience I had been longing for since Phantasy Star Online 2 was cancelled for a western release. I was riding this hype train against my better judgement because it’s the one “AAA” (w/e the fuck that means anymore) series I can get behind. 

At the time of it’s release, I didn’t own any of the current generation consoles, so I had to rely solely on the perception of others to guage the quality of the game. Shows how far I’ve fallen. Frankly, the reception was hideously sketchy at best. Worst game of all time, biggest disappointment of 2017, you name it. The game was crucified by the media and fans alike. But, because I now have a PS4 and literally nothing better to play, I figured “what the hell?” I’ve been through bug-ridden pieces of shit like BorderLands and Inquisition. And hell, the entire mass effect trilogy! If people can turn around and say buggy ass Witcher 3 is game of the year material, this shouldn’t be a problem. And yet I popped this bitch in expecting the worst.

And…. fortunately, I didn’t get that. I just got an… average Mass Effect game. Certainly, there are some legitimate flaws. Jumping mechanics are irresponsive at times, character creation restricts you to ugly faces thanks to SJWs, the game does crash on me, there are too many fetch quests and puzzles, side quests have multiple parts that the game arbitrarily decides to restrict you from doing until you forget they still exist (not making this up) and for an open world game, it certainly does a great job keeping you from actually exploring the damn worlds you go to.

But on the same token…. it’s not enough to make me hate the game. Primarily because a lot of my complaints come strictly from optional material. In Inquisition, you actually had to do side quests to build up some rep or w/e before you can progress, which was total bullshit and  made the game worthless. No such bullshit here. You vould literally just do the main story and be done with it faster than ME2. The game is… alright. First Impressions are important, however,  and it completely fails in that regard.  I quite like the game regardless of it’s (numerous) faults. But it’s really only because I’m more so invested into the series lore, something I assume the rest of the population is not, and could explain the number of greviences people have with Andromeda. Allow me to elaborate.

Mass Effect 1 was a story-driven game

Mass Effect 2 was a character-driven game

Mass Effect 3 was a story-driven game

Now this is gonna have a lot of assumptions, but bare with me. Mass Effect 1 is game that… doesn’t present it’s lore well. Infact, they do a real shitty job of presenting it’s lore. Here’s how the game starts off. You go to new game, make your character, class, and background history. Then the game begins with 3 old geezers all discussing what to do with you. You don’t know what the hell is going on, but… whatever. You get some intro paragraph giving you some public domain storyline that humanity discovered new technology called (insert title). After that, you’re introduced to Joker who talks… pilot jargon… and then suddenly, you’re introduced to Nhilus…. A Turian. You don’t know the hell he is, he’s just there. Joker is suspicious of him, and his co pilot says the counsel is funding this project… whoa! Council!? Project!?

Right off the bat, you’re thrown into a game you know nothing about, and the narrative assumes you do. It’s conceited, just “read my mind”, is what the game says. This is a sure fire way to get people to not give a shit about your lore. After this point, you have the option of gathering information on what’s going on in this game. One could say that this is good as the game doesn’t hold your hand or w/e apologetic talking points they let rip, but information gathering still assumes you have a clue to who you’re working with and what they’re up to. Pressely, for example, is arguing for some reason, and you can ask him why. Or.. you can look at it as background noise for the immersion of being on a ship with other people like tons of other games do. This isn’t a whole you’re given to say “i’m invested!” So most of the time, you’re just winging it through the story, which is simple enough to be mildly interesting. Saren is a Rogue Spectre who betrayed the galaxy in favor of ressurecting a race of machines called Reapers. It’s up to you to track him down and bring him to justice.

If you want more than that, talk to people, basically. That’s if you actually care about them enough to give them the time of day. But interaction was the only way to learn anything that went on in Mass Effect. I still didn’t know what Garrus was supposed to be, was annoyed by Ashley, didn’t care about Kaiden, Tali, or Liara….. but then there’s Wrex. This guy was the game’s saving grace. See, he’s essentially dissillussioned with his people’s struggle with their nature. Krogan are an instinctively violent people, obsessed only with their pride as warriors. Something Wrex is tired of dealing with. At the same time, his race was forcefully sterilized. That bit is probably the only reason I gave a damn about the Krogan. That’s fucked up. It was also helped by the fact that at a certain point in the game, Saren tries to make a cure for the Genophage (the sterility plague) which puts Wrex on edge. You either have to calm him down or put him down.  Ofcourse,  I spare him. Can’t blame a guy for giving a damn. Subsequent playthroughs, I talked more to Garrus and learned about the rather shakey relationship between humans and Turians, the first contact war, and even why Saren hates humanity in the first place, as well as Turians being involved with the Krogan sterility plague, their militant ways, admiration for their military might. Talked to Tali and learned about the Quarians and their connection to the Geth, main enemies of the first game, and pretty much explains why Quarians aren’t exactly favored. After a while, you begin to see how all of these races are connected/related to one another.

These characters acted as gateways to their cultures and histories. That way, you could gain actual insights to the Mass Effect world without having to read anything in those codex entries. It was a natural and effective way to acclimate people into the world’s lore. It also helped that these were all outcasts. Outsiders disillusioned with their respective worlds and can evaluate them without any bias. Mass Effect 1 was, essentially, an info dump. You could relate to the characters and their respective species… through your crew mates. For the most part, you learn the history of how the current world came to be.

 But as it is, if you ignore them, no harm. The main story progresses just fine without their input… sans Wrex. The character’s reasons for joining you are all motivated by a unified desire to take down Saren, either by coincidence or circumstance.

Mass Effect 2 fucked this up.

So what happened here, the game drops the focus on the story and centers itself around the characters. 

The whole feeling of the game is dramatically changed from a subtle-yet-deep source of intrigue… to a noisy, in-your-face, expendables style of experience. Instead of a band of outcasts disillusioned with their ways of life who come together for a common goal, you now have a band of infamous pros. People who are often proud of their talents and cultural achievements, to the point of nauseam. 

The difference between 2 and 1 is that… you don’t have the luxury of ignoring your crew! Thank you stupicide mission requiring I put in all this time and effort in helping the poor fucks in their little endeavors if I actually want to survive the game. The story of this game isn’t as involving or interesting, some new race of aliens called collectors are abducting humans, and you are tasked with assembling a team of the best of the best to deal with them. So the game’s plot completely revolves around your crew. And frankly, none of them have anything to do with the collectors, they just have a lot of personal baggage to sort out. And info about their history or cultures? nothing new Aside from Thane Krios. Just some supplimental data for what you got in the first game.

The difference is people are fucking enamored with Mass Effect 2, and hold it as the bar for quality of the series. Maybe it’s natural, the first game was pretty niche, and ME2 was more “approachable” in terms of introduction, presentation and what not. You didn’t have to do a whole lot to figure out what was going on in this game. And the characters are more appealing than the previous crewmembers you had before, no matter how superficial the appeal is. And a lot of that is probably due to how they were introduced. ME1-Garrus, you find him arguing with someone, and blah, meeting over. Tali, she blows up some Salarians and then agrees to give you info. Wrex, he just argues with people, and that’s the extent of his introduction. Liara was a damsel in distress. Not a whole lot of reason to get invested in your crew members. But as the goal of Mass Effect 2 is simply recruiting the best of the best, the introductions are much more grandiose. You gather information from people who suggest the guy you’re picking up is “badass and scary” in some way, and then you meet those people and see them kick ass, usually with some grandiose music to go along with it. Jack’s introduction is probably the best example of this. A prisoner freed from a large cryo chamber who then proceeds to destroy 2 giant mechs. It creates a certain level of awe and intrigue for the characters. what peeps see inbthem beyond that point is… questionable. 

Mordin being “funny” despite his glee at sterilizing an entire species (yes, I know he feels guilt about it) Garrus going from a cop who wants to met out justice without red tape to some quippy dudebro this side of Tony Stark (yes, I hate how Garrus developed. Sue me), Miranda in tights despite being a vicious cunt, and Jack whom I continue failing to see the appeal of. 

Unfortunately, this turned everyone’s expectations of this series from a science fiction adventure into a game about building relationships. And as thirsty as a lot of these fucks are, i’d go so far as to say they only care about having sex with anyone with legs.

Mass Effect 3 was, to everyone, supposed to be a payoff for all those relationships built with the ME2 crew. However, ME3 returned to being a story-driven game, so character relationships and development no longer mattered. Yes, Mass Effect 2 ruined the series.

So when you get to Andromeda, the series was handed over to people who don’t really understand or cared how Mass Effect 2 worked, and focused on capturing the zeitgeist of the first game, one that a lot of people don’t really enjoy. Most of your crewmembers join to help end an alien threat and help colonize a new world, so a lot of their personal stories are tied to the main story, much like ME1, and even their loyalty missions aren’t too far removed from the plot. It’s all about world-building and being a massive info dump. And character introductions are also, once again, kept simple and soft. Vetra simply introduces herself as a Mary Sue, Pee Bee awkwardly jumps on top of you in a suggestive way, Drack kills some dog… thing and then leaves, Jaal calms down an angry mob and convinces his governor to give you an audience with an army leader… nothing to really make you care about the characters, so people would write them off as “boring expies of the ME1 crew”. Their personal stories don’t really offer much in the way of complex and deep, either. Jaal is the only real “gateway character” for Andromeda as he is a new species. Everyone else is “I came to Andromeda because the Milky Way sucks”. That’s how everyone’s first convo starts! So thanks to a bad first impression, everyone gets the idea that these characters have no depth and are thus not worth building a connection to. And for many people, that is a deal killer in Mass Effect. 

I’m willing to bet that a lot of Mass Effect fans care nothing for series lore and are strictly concerned with building relationships with the crew. It’s interesting to me to see how all of these species, sick and tired of the usual BS involved with the original trilogy, and see how they develop in a new world. Instead of having to appease a bureaucratic citadel council, they have a mass exodus to a clean slate. Which is unfortunate as they want to make a new council anyway (the angara are fucked). It’s also interesting, seeing as the Andromeda Initiative is made up of the last of everyone’s species, see how long they could last without the prospect of returning home. Seeing how they interact with the Angara. Instead it’s “A new galaxy, why are there Turians and Asari here!?” Could possibly be they want sexual access to new alien races and not tread old territory. 😛

But I think a big problem with these characters is that they have no major conflicts within themselves that you could even help ease. Drack doesn’t like Spendor, but neither does anyone else, so everyone pitches in to take him down. Pee bee just wants to jack off to ruins… so she does. Nothing really major that impacts them in any significant way. You could at least guilt trip Mordin out of his bigotry over the Krogan by showing him the damage he’s done to them…. “culturally: as he is a lover of culture. Or re-affirm his beliefs that fucking over the Krogan was beneficial in the long run. The fact that you could even impact their lives in some way is… intoxicating to people. You don’t really feel as though you have much input in the affairs of the Andromeda crew. You simply make decisions they may or may not approve of. Though… maybe Pee Bee is the closest in this regard as she doesn’t know if she cares about people more or less than material possessions. Still, very much like ME1.

I think presentation has a lot to do with the disastrous reception for Andromeda, really. Both ME1 and this game are favored less than 2 & 3 combined, both that bleed explosions and grandiose introductions, music, etc. Andromeda tries to be softer in its approach to reel you in, and that doesn’t work. Especially if no one can get passed the facial animations (an issue that only really exists with Addison and the default Ryders). People want that grandiosity. 

Still, I think the game is worth a try at the very least. Comparing it to Inquisition is at best a smear campaign. And dammit, stop playing with the default fucking characters! If female Ryder’s face is that bad, you have the option to give the bitch plastic surgery before you start the damn game! That’s kinda the point of Mass Effect, to be your own character. But then that would negate your primary talking point against this game, I know.

Cause there’s no accounting for taste.

Pay to make your own peripheral devices! It’s more expensive than PlayStation controllers, but you just don’t appreciate your inner child! Because it’s friggin cardboard!!!

I have never seen anything so stupid in my life, and I’m almost certain this will sell because it’s Nintendo. But I just want to know when people will just… stop and think about what does and doesn’t work with games. That fishing rod looks like it could easily break via rotating that reel, you could wear out the insides. And it doesn’t like it would be comfortable as cardboard doesn’t actually conform to your hands.

This is simply a tech demo for the joycons. To “express the value of the technology” as Iwata would say. And it’s another middle finger from Nintendo.  One moment you think “Nintendo is actually trying to be cool again” and then you see this special snowflake shit right here. If Nintendo really believes that technology sells videogames based off of ROB, then how do Nintards justify the “All about gameplay” talking points!? To Nintendo, it’s all about HARDWARE! It hasn’t even been a good 2 years and we’re getting stupid shit like this.

Titanfall 2 is pretty damn good! 

Explains the lack of activity. I’ve been playing this shit for a while, and I’m like “this is really good! Why can’t we ever get decently lengthed campaigns anymore?” Course we can easily say EA, these bastards have been on a literal war march all last year, destroying every gamebthey could find. Mass Effect, Need for Speed, Star Wars, and apparently this game too. Or did it come out 2016?

You gotta wonder what EA’s long term goals are. The way they run shit, it’s like they’re acting as gate keepers for the industry at large. Buying out studios only to outright sabotage their products, and then shut them down after bad reception, or bastardize them in the future. Cause it seems like the smaller start up studios that actually have potential, unlike the moronic indies, always seem to be targets for EA’s predation. Like a barrier to keep them from actually competing with the industry clubs. Westerners don’t want competition,  otherwise they’d actually have to put in some effort to justify their outrageous prices. Not to mention how EA has the same business model of Disney and classic DC comics whereby they absorb everything they touch, like a gluttonous boar with 5 tapeworms. Releasing Titanfall 2 around the same time as Battlefield,  something as popular as COD, that was sabotage. Probably to lower their value as a company before purchasing them.

We can’t keep saying profit is their reason for corruption. These bastards have all the money in the world. They’re emboldened and enabled by some other goal.

The Last Word, The End Goal

The DC/DBZ fan at work has finally been broken! Apparently something went wrong with Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon to the point that he finds it to be a waste of time! Bwahahahaha! Eventually, all Nintards break down and transition into an age of enlightenment! Happy New year indeed! He’s even playing that new Metroid! Nintards don’t like Metroid. 

Anywho, he’s been keeping up with everything Sonic Forces (thank you, personal fan character I showed off) and… unfortunately he’s come across the youtuber, Christopher Toro. A person I wouldn’t recommend watching unless you have an impervious constitution. He created a video last year (:P) about Sonic Forces doing well, and possibly doing better than Sonic Mania. And he was legitimately terrified at the mere thought. Just laid out every reason why it was wrong for Forces to do better than Mania, mostly due to perceived quality. And DC fan goes with the logical inquiry. 

“Why does he care? A Sonic game selling well! Isn’t that what matters?”

You’d think that, but no. He just wants to be right about his assertions.”

People are often in constant search of validation in their lives, whether it be praise for good work, affections of the opposite sex, or simply being proven right about a particular subject or proclamation. On the internet, that is the most people hope for. As i’ve said in the past, internet people, by the nature of their circumstance, are often a mal-adjusted people caught up in an endless cycle of seeking validation. They often learn facts about the gaming industry for the sake of argument alone. They love to debate. They will often post videos where they professionally play videogames where they “own” people in call of duty, Street Fighter, Pokemon and the like yo receive praise from their peers. They will often use Jargon to show that “Hey, I am a part of this unique and elite culture! Look at me with intrigue!” 

Gamers online don’t really care about the health of videogames. That topic is only fuel for discussion and debates. It gives them something to do, something to talk about. An opportunity to debate things and hopefully gain the validation they seek by proving themselves right and the other side wrong. It is ego gratification at it’s worst. 

And that is the crux of Sonic fandom’s “ManiaForces” war. For literally a decade, Sonic fans were at each other’s throats about how to fix the Sonic Franchise. Going back to their roots was a constant talking point. Having a consistent vision was another. Catering less or more to children was another. Damn whether or not the game was any good. What mattered was overall reception. Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces was the culmination of the boiling point the fans were reaching. The ultimate proof of which side had the better way to improve the Sonic franchise. Would it be gameplay roots or content with effort?

The Roots side saw this as a war that needed to be fought 90s console war style, and sought to do a smear campaign on every critical detail, down to, again, the Character creation system. As well, considering how universal the internet praise was for Mania and completely the opposite for Forces, this created a huge sense of validation for the roots side, who were enabled to take all kinds of pot shots against Forces. 

Christopher Toro’s tirade against Forces’ s alleged success (on Switch) is revealing. It’s that fear of invalidation coming from the possible success of a product. It’s also sad that this is what the human race has devolved to, but eh. The Mania-Forces war is a battle of ideas rather than quality. An idea is tied down to one’s ego regardless of validity. There’s emotional/psychological investment into the idea. We don’t want our ideas to be wrong, which is why many people stubbornly cling to them despite proof of the opposite ideas ringing true. I still believe Sonic games would be better served by western developers despite massive proof of how vehemently toxic the western game industry really is. Nintards believe that 2D gaming is dead despite the success of NSMBW and… hell, Cuphead! Gamers still believe indies can save gaming despite how similar their habits are to the actual industry. It goes without saying that we hate to admit if we are wrong on an idea, which increases one’s hostility and stubbornness. The idea is too precious to us even if it’s just a little idea that impacts very little if anything at all.

Oh shit, DBFZ comes out this month!

We all needed to enjoy our vacations. Alright, so because of all the shit that went down, ive had a lot on my mind. But mostly,  I just wanted to enjoy my time off. Though i’ve had plenty of discussions regarding these issues (Net Neutrality) and other shit. So I don’t think I’ll have a lot of time to make coherent thoughts in several different posts. So here goes:

1). Rogue Stormers and why Indies are idiots.

Rogue Stormers is a “Rogue-like” RPG made by . Now for those who don’t know what a Rogue-like is, it’s essentially the Arcade Centric RPG. You start at level 1 and work your way through a single dungeon with many floors, constantly fighting waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Gameplay varies game to game. The difference is once you die, that’s it. You lose all of your levels, your skills, and your inventory, and you start back at square one. And you do it all over again. Now to me, this sounds like familiar territory because I grew up without traditional save systems, but to you young whipper snappers, that is daunting as hell! But it’s ok. Rogue-like games aren’t meant to be finished. It’s mostly about seeing how far you can get into a game before you eventually fail. And you will fail no matter the effort. Almost sounds like that Dark Souls mess, actually. 

But if you didn’t know that, then I hope i’ve enlightened you…. because the doorknobs who made this shit just assumes you know what that means. 

On the back of the box, you’ll see only 3 features. One of which is “Rogue-like” action. Common sense would think “what’s Rogue? Is that an old game?”. That’s not a typo either, they would just think “What is Rogue?” Rogue-like doesn’t make any sense as a name of a genre. 100% of the population isn’t going to know what the hell “Rogue-Like” is because it describes nothing. Much like RPGs and Metroidvania. The problem is in the western world, we put too much effort into ascribing things into readily identifiable categories. It’s this drive to define things in our own terms that has perverted our perception of what expectations a game should live up to. 

Mario, Zelda, Mega Man. These were all considered as action games, mainly because they all exhibited. Games were not developed in accordance to a specific genre, but to replicate alternative realities. Pong is replicating Tennis or Ping Pong. Galaga replicates galactic dog fights. Pac Man replicates an eating disorder. The reason games were “magical” back then and not now was because they tried to take certain aspects of the world and put into a simple context to be enjoyed by mass consumption. 

But from the late 90s and onward, action games were considered “too broad”. So now they were put into the categories such as “Platformer” or “Action/Adventure”. Suddenly, every game was tied down to specific, set in stone elements that could be found equally amongst other games. Suddenly, games had this strict adherence to genre conventions. Some would argue that this had more to do with advanced technology making those replications easier, but if the brain dead indies are anyonebto go by, this is a result of the Miyamoto curse

IE “all games must focus on gameplay!  Everything else is not important.”

Rogue Stormers epitomizes this curse as the game is nothing but gameplay nonsense. Music is non-existent, the world is a copy-pasted nightmare, and the art is horrendous. But it’s a Rogue-Like (or just a game that replicates games made before save systems) so it’s not important. What has happened is that games have become avatars/Expressions for the genres, and not wholly unique experiences. You cannot sell people on gameplay! 

Some would also argue that indies have become blind to self-indulgence. Some would also argue that indies are too busy replicating other games (all the 8bit platformers and cash-ins on FNAF). If anything, the indies are no better than the video game industry. And this is a tragedy in itself. Many people looked to indy developers as some shining beacon of hope for their gaming addiction. Others wanted them simply to be an external middle-finger to the industry. And yet here they stand falling prey to the same exact fallacies.

2). Using internet to control access to content. 

I think it needs to be reiterated. I do not have internet where I currently live. As such, it is impossible for me to enjoy the full extent of my current video game consoles. PlayStation 4, for some goddamn reason, requires a PSN account before you can back up your save files. Essentially holding your save data for ransom. This is unfortunately expected from a corporation who gets their dick sucked for 3 console generations. Some games, like Doom from what I hear, requires a specific online patch to be downloaded and installed before you can even play the game (I have not confirmed this, so do not quote me), and a big FU to my nuts is Overwatch needs internet just to be played. But what I think was most damning…. was Redout.

I don’t talk about them much, but I love racing games. And this looked really good. A futuristic racing game akin to F-Zero (Yes, I know I just complained about it) that just looked so clean! And it didn’t internet for multiplayer so that’s a big plus…. except

Now what does this kiss ass mean? Well… when you first start the game, you have access to all cars.. and 2 tracks. One would assume that “Ok, they’re unlocked in Career mode”. However…. in order to play career, you…. need… internet. Imagine my dismay upon this realization. I was stuck with the content that was already there. I’m assuming this was some sort of antipiracy measure, but the stubbornness of gamers would negate this nonsense. There’s a lesson that the industry needs to take to heart.

Believe it or not, even without internet, people would still play games. So something like this is a slap in the face. Internet used to be supplemental to videogames. Online multiplayer and (yes, even) DLC were merely there to enhance the experience. But as with all industries, those involved tend to get some rather shady ideas of how to handle these supplements. On-disc DLC was the most egregious offender. Currently, microtransactions are coming under fire as well as loot boxes. But the fact that something like this isn’t getting attention frankly…. it’s troubling. The internet is being used by the industry to control how you access content in your games. And they expect top dollar for every purchase. 

This is what happens when you consistently give corporations a free pass on everything they do. They start pulling shit like locking your ability to unlock anything unless you make an account. And not just that, console manufacturers all are demanding a fee to use their network services. So you would effectively have to pay more money just to unlock content on your disc. This might as well be unintentional racketeering. The industry has become so corrupt that it’s holding out for more money even after the initial full price purchase. I think back to all the would be defenders of DLC practices and think them all fools. Their unwarranted praise for such practices gave way for the exploitation we have now.

Ironically, this might be an unintended positive effect of Net Neutrality’s repeal as it’ll be far too expensive to keep using the internet as a barrier to entry for extra content, and those Devilish advocates would be forced out of their comfort zones to see what is happening to videogames. The now called….. “couch multiplayer” (some dudebro term, im sure) would be back in style…. or the industry would stubbornly cling to the upper class and lock out everyone else. A pack of corporations who see EA as the example to follow regardless of public outcry. 

3). Review Tech on Ajit Pai

Speaking of net neutrality, ReviewTechUSA came out responding to a group called anonymous who managed to get Ajit Pai’s personal information and put it out for the world to see. Frankly, he is upset at the idea as it could help Pai’s case than hurt it. Congress could use that as probable cause to support the repeal because someone needs to be able to block information like that from getting in the wrong hands. Not to mention, Pai’s family has nothing to do with the repeal, so putting their lives in danger is ethically wrong on many levels.

I must respectfully disagree. At this moment, Ajit Pai and the FCC are certainly guilty of identity theft of millions of Americans considering that an Attorney General is trying to investigate comment fraud including Identity theft of DEAD PEOPLE…. to falsly support a repeal that no one outside of politicians and lobbyists want….. and they are outright blocking the investigation

If you actually tried to comment on the FCC site, you’d know there’s a lot of personal info you’d have to give out. And if these organizations have your personal info, then perhaps some equally tech savvy people could come along, hack the website, gather all that info, and bam. You just put 2 million lives in danger just to vote on taking down a protection because those same people could release that info and say “THESE ARE THE TRAITORS OF AMERICA! FIND AND KILL THEM ALL!”

Hyperbolic? Yes. Possible? Absolutely. You don’t underestimate anything in this world if your life depended on it. And quite frankly, as you stated, when civilized opposition fails, then uncivilized opposition is inevitable. This particular argument essentially goes in favor of saying that the lives of the few outweigh the lives of many. Of whom the few care not about the many anyway.

Also, since America is becoming a multicultural China, this is exactly how they punished treason! Kill off the traitor, and extinguish their bloodline. Harsh and irrational, but it gets the point across. 

As for Net Neutrality itself, well… fingers crossed, I guess.

In the words of Florida Evens..

Damn, damn, DAMN!

What I find just as disheartening is that most folks online right now have ceased all discussion regarding this. As though they’ve submitted their autonomy to the telecock cartels. 

While there are lawsuits and court orders coming, deep down no one actually believes anything will work. America is a nation where the business rules the law. It’s been a week, and I get the feeling no one cares about this anymore. Less vids were made, more focus was put on Jerusalem, and the Tax Reform will make sure we can’t afford to bitch about it all. Just in time for the holidays. Not to mention the absurd amount of top bastards who wanted to abolish NN, chief among them being President Dump himself. These are very poor odds, so the idea of reversing this decision is perhaps wishful thinking. There’s already a vid where the ISPs are already raising prices. So they’re currently in the process of locking people out via price hikes.

Anywho, thanks to Christmas shopping,  I haven’t had time or energy to write anything of worth… probably what these bastards count on. Gotta love retail. You’re constantly surrounded by people who don’t have the slightest clue of what madness ensues behind their backs everyday. But, I don’t want to spoil anyone’s Holidays just yet. Verizon and Paul Ryan will do that just fine in the days to come. So I say bah humbug to all.

If anything, those Resident Evil fans will have a real life scenario to deal with in the future. 

Corporate Fascism 

In 2 days, there’s gonna be a vote on a bill that would allow the FCC to completely rape the internet. Essentially, some arab sounding douche wants to overturn Net neutrality laws that were established back in 2015 to keep communication cartels (Verizon, Comcast) from effectively locking you and me out of the internet. Essentially turning the internet into broadcast television. What this reversal would allow these bastards to do is slow down/block any websites they see fit. Or set up pay walls charging you money just to visit a website.

This will kill the internet. 

Imagine if you wanted to provide people with entertainment that wasn’t on youtube. You have your own website, you paid a mildly cheaper price for a domain than you could for a tv channel, you do all the work, you market it, you get people to know your place exist… but those same people cannot even access the site because your content was deemed a threat by the FCC merely because you had the nerve to make a parody of Verizon. Or was making content that entertained people and took viewership from a big name website… who could then have the FCC set up a paywall on your site without your approval, you don’t even get a cut of the profit, and effectively cuts off your viewership? This wouldn’t be net neutrality as it means there is no neutral grounds for people to provide content equally with those that have buddies in high places.

I recall a story where Verizon deliberately slowed down the speeds of certain websites as part of a “test”. These sites had no choice but to be a part of this test, it can happen at anytime without your knowing, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Suppose it was done indefinitely? Maybe you’d have pay a fee just to have smoother streaming? That’s what Netflix had to do for both Comcast and Verizon, and as a result, had to raise their rates just to keep up with these payments. 

Goddamn You, Orwell. 

This is what corporations do. They destroy everything that people need and lock everyone out to gain and maintain power over the masses. People can grow their own food? Now they need to pay a steep fee for a license to grow food. They do everything in their power to eliminate competition before they can even be a threat. The internet gave people the ability to compete without the need to go through corporations to make money. Another ground of competition. And now, they plan on taking it down.

America is on it’s way to becoming China. With all the crap about overpopulation being a hot topic, sibling rivalry will be a thing of the past. 

MGS2 was right all along.