Say it isn’t so!

Funny how the one company that is the pioneer of KILLING video game consoles is suggesting that everyone who keeps harping on about the inevitable onslaught  of “mobile gaming derp” should shut the fuck up, cause the console is here to stay. Or maybe it’s to get on the hardcore’s good side.

The problem is with consoles that still cost an arm and leg, there really isn’t much life left. People are not going to be able to afford gaming for a pretty long time. I think I saw this on a random Sonic forum with some guy saying games will be exclusive to which white people in the future. And…shit, look at the times now. If you ain’t well off, that’s gonna be a tough reality to face. We don’t live in a world where several millions of people can afford $500 consoles. Never have, actually. Consoles that cost over 300 usually fail more often than not. I can’t recall anytime that the opposite ever happened.

Priorities are changing rapidly, and no one is going to want to spend anymore than they want on video games. And developers/publishers can get a little too damn greedy when it comes to games. The rampant DLC controversies over the last 7 years is a testament to that. How can they convince anyone to buy their overpriced games when many have to work 2 jobs merely to put food on their tables?

And the GTA5 feels like heavy-handed hype. This is the first time I’ve read news of a game selling in money and not copies. Everyone went around saying GTA5 sold 1 billion copies in mere weeks, but that was just their money margin. The actual copies sold is around 16 million, which is fucking amazing, don’t get me wrong, but pointing out GTA5 means dick to everyone else. Capcom is in terrible shape as of this moment (rightfully so, I might add), as well as Square. 38 Studio recently shut down, Atlus is acquired by Sega which only delays their death, the Free-to-Play model of business is coming under fire (rightfully so, I might add), digital game sales are at an all time low (every success seems frontloaded as it all comes crashing down eventually), Nintendo is in a bad position all around with the Pii U getting ass raped sideways, it’s all just coming down so rapidly. I’ve never imagined, despite all the E3 hypes, that gaming would be in such a state as it is now.

But…. we want to applaud mother fucking GTA5 for keeping consoles alive? Right, right. I’m all for optimism because I’m running out of franchises to enjoy fast. Every 3D fighter I’ve come to enjoy has fucked the pooch for all I know, marginally enjoying DOA5 for voyeurism and not the actual fighting, Sonic is dead to me and every real Sonic fan out there, Nintendo is literally raping Zelda and Pokemon for all it’s worth, there’s no Timesplitters 4, Yakuza 5 won’t be localized, every RPG and 2D fighter is an animu shit fest nowadays, Platformers are going the way of the dodo, and the most enjoyment I have found out of this generation…. were fucking retro collections of ancient PS2 games.


But for the sake of reality and sanity, there isn’t much life left for gaming on consoles because the economic environment has completely changed and game companies do not want to adapt to them for their own business health or consumer convenience, but would rather stick to their ideologies and DLC practices rather than thinking of how to offer money saving alternatives to the broke mother fuckers that out number the rich. And Microsoft is numero uno on that department just looking at their previous policies on Xbone. We had to give them HELL just to make them change it, and they make some “exclusive” Xbone for their employees in retaliation. Gotta love the maturity from the company.

Putting Computer-centric practices in the Arcade-centric environment has destroyed the foundation of the video game console. Sony and Microsoft have worked very hard and destroying this foundation all for the sake of money and competing against foreign (to gaming) companies in the departments of social media and mother fucking tv! Microsoft doesn’t give a fuck about games or game consoles, and everyone knows it. Those who don’t are the hardcore nut riders who demand the return of DRM policies that would kill gaming faster than Gabe Newell could with terrible controllers.