But I was wrong. So… terribly wrong.

I’m not into the whole steam thing like all the hardcore types who worship Newell like the second coming of Ken Kutaragi, but how in the fuck can anyone get down with this design? I thought the touch pad of the Pii U was uncomfortable and unintuitive, this looks damn near unplayable! It looks like a mini-speaker you hook up into the bathroom before you electrocute yourself to a nice crispy shade of black.

The reasoning for this design is equally as moronic. “To fool older games into thinking they’e being played with a keyboard and mouse”. And before anyone goes “IT’S A BETA DESIGN!”, let it be known that no beta controller looked as though it sucked 12 copious amounts of asses through straws. No, look at that shit. This goes against all logical design conventions of a comfortable controller.

1. Why are the buttons at the center of the controller with only the shoulders in  possible logical positions?

2. Why do the diagrams suggest it will only be used for one genre (FPS)?

3. What’s wrong with using a normal 3rd party PC controller like most…. nerds do? Does Steam just up and not allow them or something?

4. Why (as fucking always) are the nerds in the comments section suggesting this is good because “it’s a change”? Do nerds not have the capacity to realize that change for the sake of change is a fucking stupid reason to change something!? Especially since this “change” looks like complete ass!?

We should not be enabling companies to change things for the sake of it. And this is a perfect example.

…..bah, what do I care? I don’t even use Steam. PSN is buttfuckery enough. I just have to laugh at this lame attempt at “evolution” of PC gaming.