Yoshinori Kitase, the current producer of the Final Fantasy series posed a question.

““I’d like to know, would you want to see a turn-based command style return?”

He elaborated. “Here’s a hypothetical question—and this is just hypothetical, so don’t read too much into this. What if we were to take a game like, say, Final Fantasy VI that does have the ATB system but is basically command-based—what if we were to take that game and breathe new life into it, make it into a current-gen game? Would users be OK with it in that turn-based style?””

Was FF6 successful in the US? No. Final Fantasy didn’t get popular with turn based combat. Infact, NONE of it’s combat systems were popular with people prior to full motion video. Now all of a sudden people pretend to care about Final Fantasy’s combat system. They’re weak, they’ve always been weak, FF’s main selling point is it’s convoluted animu shit stain storylines, and that’s it. Turn-based gameplay needs a gimmick just to be accepted. Pokemon has customizable parties, Mario has… Mario, and Final Fantasy has Tifa’s big ass titties. And… apparently high school pretty boys.

Though he does look kinda bad ass in this shot.

How about this? Instead of some fancy, silly and contrived combat system, just keep it simple and make it a standard action RPG with no ATB  bullshit and random luck job changing in the middle of battle!? Last Story is basically what the franchise should be shooting for instead of making up new shit just for the hell of it.

But wanting turn-based combat? For the grace of Amma and all that is Zuri, do NOT bring that shit back! We’re pretty much in the age of Cranky Gamer Syndrome and the one thing that pisses people off nowadays is having little to no control over their destinies in RPGs. Pokemon and Xenoblade are only a few RPGs that do grant the players great amount of freedom in experimentation and strategy formations, but as well as exploration and pacing.

Why are more people satisfied with Pokemon and Xenoblade than they are with Final Fantasy’s latest? It’s more than just a combat system, but I can assure you that everyone who is not an obsessive internet nerd is completely DONE with turn-based combat with nothing else to compensate for how slow and tedious the process is.