Ugly ass mother fucker. Look at him.

So here’s the low down.

TSS – We know you can use gadgets in the game to help Sonic. Are these Eggman’s gadgets or Tails?

Iizuka – Tails.

What else is Tails gonna do these days besides make gadgets and shit? Oh right! He could be a PLAYABLE CHARACTER!

TSS – Was the unreleased Sonic X-Treme any influence on this game?

Iizuka – No. Not at all. Actually, the developers of this game don’t know about Sonic X-Treme so it’s all new.


TSS – What was the reason for going with more simple and whimsical visuals?

Iizuka – Basically, so Sonic Generations and Unleashed was very beautiful with detailed HD graphics. It was great, but it had disadvantages as well. The rings and enemies can be hard to see at times and could merge with the background a little. Also, since the visuals were so heavy, we were pretty much locked at 30 FPS. So this new style makes things pop visually, things such as rings and enemies are more more easier to track and gives us 60 fps and a lot more freedom in development on how we build the stages.

You could, yah know, cut back on the visuals COMPLETELY! Instead of focusing on making Sonic worlds look Zuri. The Wii has proven graphics do not matter to people. Sure, it has to be visually appealing, but more detail and HD is NOT a requirement. And how about making the rings YELLOW instead of Golden if they blended in too much with the background? BRIGHT YELLOW! It’s that simple. Man this sounds like a lie.

TSS – Can you give us more details on the Deadly Six?

Iizuka – Deadly Six are a new set of creatures never encountered before called “Zeti”. They live in a unexplored area of Sonic’s world “Lost Hex” and Eggman is trying to force them to work with him and he loses control of them and he has to team up with Sonic to try and take them out.”

It’s a shame that such a cool name is given to AOSTH rejects. Iizuka also talks about them as if Sonic has never faced off against cosmic entities in the past (all of which had better designs to boot?)

“TSS – What was the reason for going exclusively with Nintendo on these three upcoming Sonic games?

Iizuka – When we were first developing Sonic Lost World, the Wii U was not even announced yet and we were developing it on PC. So, the Wii U was the right choice for a couple of reasons. First of all, the second screen gave us extra options and advantages also, we think the Wii U is where fans of action platform games are going to. Plus we’ve had much success with Nintendo in the past.”

Bullshit. Nintendo is STARVED for third party support. They paid you to keep the games exclusive. Plus, what advantages do the second screen provide?  There’s no elaboration given.

The only thing truthful is the last sentence. So what happened with Generations? Episode 2? Naw nigga, you just wanted them HD capabilities and kept ducking and dodging Nintendo BECAUSE they used Low D graphics for Wii. But now it’s all gravy with the Pii U. Sega has ALWAYS been into hardware power since the Sega Genesis. Plus the profits from the new Olympics nut ride fest is much more advantageous when the economy comes crashing down. It’s more financially secure, it feeds Sega’s hardware power obsession, and it keeps Sonic away from the consoles with the most CGS.

TSS – Can the game be played on the Pro controller or gamepad only?

Iizuka – Single player is gamepad only. With two players, you can be on the pro controller while the other is on the gamepad

WHY!? What’s wrong with the Wiimote/Nunchuck ish?

Must’ve been a Nintendo catch with the deal. Nintendo has a bad habit of wanting to justify their hardware (Skyward Sword especially). One thing I enjoyed about Secret Rings and Black Knight (despite their flaws) is that even with motion controls, the games still tried to be normal games. No point in which you have to stop and learn about a new motion feature or anything, they feel like you play the games normally. With all the news surrounding the touch pad, it seems more like Sega is trying to justify the touch pad. Why do you need the screen to do Wisp powers now!? It’s not convenient! It’s a hassle and we can expect to see rampant complaints about it and how much better they were in Colors. Test me on this in Autumn.

TSS – What makes this game so unique compared to other Sonic games?

Iizuka – Probably the easiest thing is the different geometries as you can see. It’s tube shapes and other style of geometry. It’s not just a series of tubes (laughs). Another cool thing the graphics style allows us to do is the each stage has a very unique style and aesthetic to it. Each stage has it’s own visual style so there’s a lot more to it.

Sonic games have ALWAYS had unique worlds. The Techno Dreamworld aesthetic could never be replicated in anything other than Sega brand games. Every stage had something unique to it. Until YOUR stupid ass came along and decided to make everything “realistic”. Realistic cities, mountains, temples, everything. Now with this game, you recycle content from Colors and Generations and have the audacity to call it unique.

His explanation for different geometries is equally as retarded.

TSS – Many on the internet have been comparing the game to Mario Galaxy. Do you feel the comparison is apt, or what do you feel sets this game apart from it?

Iizuka – Basically, because we have these geometries with their own gravity you hop to, you can kinda see the comparison there, but if you play the game on the show floor I think you’ll see the biggest difference is that it still feels and moves like a Sonic game.

Your first Sonic game had gravity gimmicks too. That was what? 94? Hey! Sonic Adventure 2 even had it! Crazy Gadget anyone? Why are you more comfortable comparing a new Sonic game…. to a FUCKING MARIO GAME!? You have your own titles to suggest comparisons to.

TSS – Can you tell us anything about the new Wisp powers?

Iizuka – As you’ve probably seen, the WiiU version has the Lazer power in the demo and the 3DS version has the new asteroid power and the drill power you’ve seen in the original version. Other than that we are not talking about new powers at this time, but we will in the near future.

You’d have to explain how shitty they control, that’s for sure.

TSS – What kind of unlockables does collecting Red Rings and freeing animals give you?

Iizuka – (Laughs) That would be telling. We’ll be talking about that more in the future, but one thing we can say is that rescuing the animals will have a positive impact on your game. Just to be clear it’s not just the animals in the cages there will be some hidden in the stages you can free as well. The more you free, the better the impact will be later in the game.

Basically they’re like Timestones

TSS – Sonic Lost World represent s pretty big departure from recent Sonic tiles. What made you decide to change the formula up so drastically?

Iizuka – Basically, we were proud of our accomplishments on Unleashed, Colors and Generations. But we felt we explored that style of gameplay quite a bit and didn’t want too keep playing in that same space. The developers wanted to explore new styles of gameplay and part of the goal there was to make pure platform action a bigger part of the experience this time. Unleashed through Generations, we are proud of them but focus was pretty much on speed and platforming would happen from time to time, but the developers wanted to make it more of a traditional platformer. Not that we want to lose the speed. That’s why there’s still plenty of running and such. It’s still a Sonic game, but we want you to have more control over the speed this time around.

You could just make a 2D Sonic that wasn’t shat out of an ass. That would work plenty. But alas, Sega doesn’t like 2D games unless they outsource to Dimps and Backbone. Sonic fans don’t need a completely new experience or way to tackle “Pure platforming” elements.

It’s like this guy takes the most unreasonable options available for the sake of it.