I am starting to fucking HATE Miyamoto! This person is stagnation personified. If there’s one thing that can be perfectly said about him, it’s that Miyamoto is damaged goods. He’s only there to give Nintendo that PR slant when Nintendo looks bad. And believe me, they ALWAYS look bad.

Nintendo has a bad reputation of recycling old content and making endless sequels of franchises no one wants anymore. When pressed about why Nintendo doesn’t make any new franchises (that people WANT), basically saying Nintendo’s over-reliance on old franchises is holding them back. Yes, we have that new X game coming out and it looks delicious, but the wonderful 101 dalmations or w/e the fuck it is? What excitement would people have over that!?

Essentially, Nintendo is currently incapable of creating new franchises out of the (admittedly justified) belief that new franchises stand no chance in gaining a fanbase. But this speaks ore of Nintendo’s laziness and cowardice rather than their ambition. Nintendo used to be ambitious up until the SNES. Star Fox was the epitome of ambitious. But look at this shit. The shit Miyamoto spits is so intricate that hardly anyone could detect the bullshit that is weaved.

“Certainly within Nintendo,” begins Miyamoto, “we have people internally who are saying, ‘Well, we have our old characters from our old games, and that’s old IP, and we should think about creating new IP.’ But the question that we always ask is: ‘Does a new character really make it a new game?’ And to me, the answer to that is, ‘No.’

Miyamoto astounds people with his knowledge of what a “genre” is. The problem is the assumption that having new characters in a game automatically  says nothing unless the gameplay is different. But guess what? People like Lords of Shadow and God of War even though those games are exactly the same in gameplay. I don’t want to admit LOS is liked by a certain amount of people, but they do like it. Why? If it’s the same as God of War, they could just skip the damn game entirely. But they don’t! They love it almost equally.

That’s because the new character equates to distinguishable content. Content is what people care more about than gameplay. Otherwise, what good reason would people have to ditch Halo in favor of Call of Duty? Maybe it’s more relatable to have a military shooter grounded in our present war times than one based in science fiction. I don’t know.

Or better yet, Rayman Origins’s gameplay is comparable to DKCR in terms of scripted level design. I’d prefer Rayman due to having less of that scripted bullshit, but more because Rayman is awesome. Rayman’s content is better than Donkey Kong’s content. Speaking of which, DKC outsold that piece of shit Yoshi’s Island, didn’t it? Content mattered more back then too, dumb ass!

“What makes it a new game is new gameplay and new interactions. So when we’re creating a game, we’re always looking at it from, ‘What is the gameplay, and how are making that gameplay new?’ And then, ‘Who is the character that is best suited to that gameplay?'”

First off, Associating a character exclusively with a gameplay idea is the worst idea you could have. If the market thinks it’s a bad idea, then you can that character wasn’t best suited for it. No one thinks Link is best suited to be a PUZZLE MASTER! But they do want him to be a WARRIOR! A conqueror of evil. A fuckin hero! Instead, he’s an errand boy playing the role of mother goose. Kirby is suited for Mario Galaxy, hell. You need “powers” to progress in certain levels. Fire Emblem characters are DEFINITLY suited for Soul Calibur. Would it not be kick ass to use Ike against Mitsurugi or Nightmare? Afterall, Link fit in very well just for having a sword.

No really, this is quite frankly the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever heard. I would LOVE for some Nintendo characters to branch out from their “best suited gameplay”. Especially since the gameplay is SHIT!

Miyamoto feels this approach allows Nintendo to create new experiences even if they are associated with fan-favorite characters. Citing Pikmin as an example of Nintendo’s philosophy, he explains that “we created this new style of gameplay, and it really needed a new character in order to have that gameplay work, and that was the approach we took. We created the gameplay mechanic first, and then created the characters afterwards.”

Wait a minute…. hold up. He called Pikmin “new”? It’s a real time strategy game, that shit ain’t new! The only thing “new” about it is instead of attacking enemy bases, you’re trying to repair a ship in 30 days or else you die. The gameplay isn’t new. The goal is.

Wow, I had no idea how accurate I was when I said Nintendo and their precious Nintards live in a different plane of existence. Now he believes changing the objective of a video game in a well-defined genre constitutes as new gameplay. Gameplay that is nothing to write home about. What about the “characters to fit this gameplay style”?


Captain Olimar is a crappy character. The Pikmin are crappy creatures. Not worthy of being called pokemon rejects!

But for a crappy game, yeah, I guess they DO fit! Maybe Miyamoto isn’t too fargone in that logic! 😛

He continued: “What we always stress, when we’re working with our development teams is, ‘Focus first on creating fun and new gameplay, and then we’ll figure out what the character is or what the IP is that’s going to go with it.'” While it’s an admirable approach and one that has largely served Nintendo well, I can’t help but wonder if we couldn’t get just a little bit more on the new-IP front.

Mr. Devore, please stop. There is no point in trying to damage control Miyamoto’s BS. This whole “Gameplay before character” approach has done nothing for Nintendo. When Nintendo does something other people have already done (Animal Crossing), they find success (which doesn’t justify village idiot getting into Smash 4). The gameplay of Smash Bros isn’t new, but it is fun. NSMB isn’t new, but it is fun. Miyamoto keeps talking about focusing on “fun and new gameplay”, but the shit he makes isn’t fun… or new in any stance. He’s an idiot if he believes so. Maybe he’s just too old to think clearly, but given his blunders for the last 2 decades (What games has Miyamoto made since the original Zelda has sent shock waves through the industry?), he needs to get the fuck out. Japan, I know you care alot of seniority and refuse to let go of your veteran developers, but for fuck’s sake, just get rid of Miyamoto! He’s done NOTHING for the company that was beneficial! He created Yoshi’s Island in defiance and failed to sell. He made the Virtual Boy and blamed it’s failure on marketing! He hired Aonuma to destroy Zelda! He’s even cost you $900 million in profits off the fucking 3DS! He’s dangerous to your own survival as a company! And he goes on talking about “making new IPs is pointless because lol gameplay” even though he makes NOTHING NEW! Content AND gameplay wise!

You X’ers see why Sega going the way of Nintendo is a BAD THING!? You can see this mentality in lost mind perfectly! Content is fucked in favor of fucked gameplay! The only thing Sega needs to learn is Nintendo’s PR, because they can convince you that shit tastes like bacon! Nintendo’s PR is impervious! They are better masters of deception than Crapcom and Harada of Namco!