Sony has just filed for a “Playstation TV” trademark.

Ok, so that’s all 3 8th Gen consoles with “new” tv functionality as their selling points.

I have not researched in-depth what these tv features do. All I ask is why? Why tv features? How is this partial to my gaming experience? How does it enchance my gaming experience?

Truth be told, it’s not supposed to. I’m assuming that Sony and Microsoft have both gotten into gaming in order to convince gamers to buy architecture that is not at all designed with video games in mind. It seems that since Sony’s other media outlets have all failed, and the playstation sector is the only one that matters anymore, the company has decided to dump all their other media outlets into the Playstation brand to revive interest in their other sectors by trying to grab up the hardcore gamers in supporting them. Microsoft is an even bigger mystery. Their whole conference was about TV functionality and maybe a little Titanfarce… and CODogs. You’d think they’d be interested in promoting more computer functionality as they are a software company that develops OS’s for PC. Why TV functions? Maybe Apple has some tv shit coming out and Microshit wants to compete with them? Who knows?

Nintendo has no idea why they’re including “TVii”. The only thing I’ve seen from Pii U on tv functions is the equivalent to a handheld Picture in Picture mode (which is faulty in itself).

It is confusing to most people as to why there would be a higher focus on tv functions than games, but considering that PS3 owners actually spent more time watching movies and using non-game functionality, it’s become apparent that investing in tech unrelated to video games is more beneficial to certain companies.

This is why these damn things are so expensive now. Not because gaming tech is more expensive, but because these manufacturers are bloating these things with shit unrelated to games. But it’s become clear that they’re not interested in games. Even Nintendo seems to have lost their way (Sakurai seems to be the only sane one despite his BS over the last few years). And if the statistics for less games played starts growing, expect to see no gaming consoles from Sony or Microsoft out of the baseless assumption that “gaming is OVER, it is the era of TV!”. It’s the 80s all over again.