I was reading something on Sonic Stadium, and I won’t post the link as they do not need anymore hits for a tacky article. But it was one of those “Top lists” that people usually make in order to generate views for the sake of gaining notoriety.  It was a listing about the “most overrated Sonic games of all time”.

My only thought was “Sonic games are overrated? I thought they were over-hated“. And shit like this convinces me that Stadium’s idiocy could prove detrimental to interest in the series (if Japan didn’t completely destroy interest themselves). I think it’s clear that no one knows how to get the games back on track for there to be any real interest anymore, but a start would be going to the games that people actually enjoy in the series. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s the very games this listing attacks.

As of late, there’s been streams of defamation against the original genesis trilogy which is no doubt brought up as some sort of counter balance against the praise they get (oddly done by adventure fans). The intent being to prove that they “aren’t that good“. The problem with this line of thinking if that it goes overboard. People tend to accentuate the negative to the point that people feel that there is NOTHING good about said item (yes, I’m guilty of this shit too). And we never stop to ask ourselves if these horrible flaws are enough to deter us from enjoying this game?

The result of this conundrum is some bizarre shit like a person who enjoys 2 different things going at it with the person who also enjoys those 2 different things. For example… um… one person likes both Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors, but places Dynasty Warriors higher for so and so reasoning. Then we have the other person who enjoys the same 2 games, but places Samurai Warriors higher for so and so reasoning. Their reasons for placing one lower than the other becomes… a source of conflictYou cannot put these 2 in the same room because more than likely, they’re going to kill each other anyway. And both are going to end up hating their lower choices because they now remind them of “that asshole” who dared to think highly of their preferred choices. “I used to like Samurai Warriors, but now fuck it, it sucks monkey balls!!”

Welcome to Sonic/Pokemon fandom in a nutshell. And the existence of this list.

When it comes to Sonic, some games need to be “overrated”. If people were to ask why Sonic the Hedgehog is considered a video game icon if people hate the series, you would need some reference points. How do you have an icon when all of it’s games are considered shit? It makes no sense. Having all of these attacks on the most praised games in the series is a disservice.

Of course, the article in question tries to mitigate this by saying “all games are good, but still flawed” the same effect is in place. You knock the games down a peg so they’re not praised for being “good enough” to satisfy tastes. Afterall, the writer claims that those games are undeserving of their praise, so why bother trying to tell us they’re good anyway? As high strung as Sonic fans are, all they’re convincing them is that even the “best games in the series” are shit for one or 2 incredibly minor reasons. Afterall, if people can say the story in Sonic is bad because of one plot hole regarding the moon still being intact, this article is dangerous. Since CGS is so rampant, pointing out the flaws in any game is going to make that game automatically shit in their eyes.

Furthermore, do people really need to know why certain games “aren’t that good”? Don’t answer that, Crystalize.

I wonder why Sonic 3 wasn’t included, though. 😛