Wind Breaker HD leaves a small fart in Japan.

bu bu bu but… Zelda was never big in Japan! Ever! Of course it wouldn’t succeed there!

Ah, familiar cries. They tear at my ears. I don’t even wanna hear all that. One commenter said it best.

I think people other than myself are finally getting tired of Nintendo releasing the same games over and over, whether its a remake or even the same game with a brand new coat of paint and a new title screen.

This was seen with NSMBU. Possibly one of their best money makers is drowned in mediocrity of intentional sabotage.

Funny thing. The original actually did better in Japan than it did over here. If this crap fest ain’t pushin Pii U’s, it will fucking fail stateside.

It’s only a matter of time before everyone starts justifying the failure of Wind Breaker. What in the hell made Aonuma think this piece of shit was gonna sell?

Oh, and don’t be dissin Zelda 2 mother fuckers.

It kicked more ass than Skyward Bore