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Well… it’s been a couple of months since S.Doom’s release, the drama is gone and *sigh*, I missed quite a show according to the peeps I’ve spoken with. To see all the meltdowns and alleged “mass conversions” that took place would’ve been a show more spectacular than the news of Nintendo wanting to kill off the Pii U.

It begs the question, when news of this game aaaaaaaaaand Lost Mind dropped, what in the fresh hell possessed people to support these games in the first place? There mere fact that they were exclusive to fledging Nintendo consoles alone was enough to smell a bust a mile away, yet people stubbornly clinged to a false pretense that there was bound to be success amid the rampant skepticism.

From the last few discussions I’ve had, it probably had jack shit to do with optimism of the games, but because they love the smell of their own asses.

I was talking with a lady (I believe she had guest appearances on Sonic Dissected and cursed someone out over Super Metroid) about the fandom’s obsession with Sonic Conventions. I hadn’t really thought about just how many Sonic conventions are held on a yearly basis, and it begs the question of “why!?” When the object of your fandom has a quality threshold that’s 3 degress below whaleshit, there’s nothing to be proud of, never the less waste money organizing conventions no one bothers attending. But her theory goes that it had squat to do with supporting the company’s direction taken with a series and more to do with showing that they are great fans.

I think to myself “How the hell did I not see this!?”. This is fanboy behavior 101. The issue of unwarranted self-importance. When you get fans that are pre-occupied with keeping up their image of being a “true fan”, the quality of the product becomes irrelevant. Thus, you get jackoffs like this.

Terrible singer he is. Makes my ears bleed. Problem is, most of the fans are like 20 years older and act the same way. And on a more disturbing level, they care way too much about the conduct and purity of other fans. Like all that fuss about “recolors”.  “Oh, don’t make your own fan characters that in no way have any impact on my life or on the franchise we support unless they are a specifically original! NO HEDGEHOGS OR ECHIDNAS or else you’re justifying the Archie Comics existence!” But beyond that psychopathic tendency, this is why so many flamewars exist, all that nonsense about “spewing hatred, not having an open mind” and all the rampant attacks on legitimately good Sonic games like Adventure 2 or even Sonic 2, all has it’s roots in trying to prove that the fans are purely good people. By showing how “grateful” one is to the company’s new fangled  policies of destroying the series, they couldn’t care. Their self-image is more important than a creative direction taken with a franchise.

This is why they really have such ass backwards logic. Why the Emo Zeti was more acceptable than Shadow the Hedgehog. Why there weren’t “no issues” taken with the fucking horrible Boom redesigns. Why everyone was “comfortable” with Nintendo potentially buying out Sega. They don’t actually believe their own shit! They simply want to show that they are supportive fans regardless. It’s like the Joss Whedon fanboys who barley watch a damn thing he makes, but strong arms everyone to bow down to his almighty omnipotence.

The fact that most of the Sonic fanbase has merged with Nintendo fans is also very revealing. Nintendo fans are the kings of ass kissing, most of all those goddamn Pokemon fans (I’ve always compared the 2 fandoms, and it’s easy to see why) who desperately try to make Pokemon seem more adult than it is by hyping up it’s “metagame” that composes of nothing more than bitching about Smogon’s rules and tier listings oh I’m rambling again. Nintendo fans NEVER want other Nintendo fans to have any legitimate complaints about Nintendo brand, otherwise it would create the impression that “OH NO! WE AREN’T 100% WILLFULLY BLIND SHEEP! Nintendo may not support us fans ever again with puzzelda games and Shit Fox!”. You should’ve SEEN the magnificent storms over Metroid Other M!

Why specific fanboys would act like this is simple to dissect. Gamers, and hardcore gamers on a grand scale, have a deep seated insecurity about their favorite pasttime. People always want to feel as though they are a part of something, and/or have a sense of status in the world. Whether it be piddly ass school programs or even protests (admit it. Some of ya’ll just WANT some shit to go down so you can “join a movement” and tell your grandkids that “yeah… I lived that shit“). So for many people who have no actual talent or achievements, we tend to latch onto whatever it is we find significant to our lives just so we can have a sense of belonging (for many people, this includes church goers, or even sports fans). A sense that you’re a part of a community. For gamers, it’s a much stronger desire as people who play video games are ostracized as hell. And this is the thing that makes gamers terrible people to hang out with half the time, they’re always angry and overly critical of any medium they see, being overly cynical, etc., because for some strange reason, being a cynical asshole is confused with being “intellectual”. That is, ofcourse, why you see gamers trying so hard to convince people that shit like San Andreas and Dead or Alive are “art”. They want to be perceived better than they are. If you need an example, piss off any artsy dipshit gamer and watch them fire back at you with “GO BACK TO YOUR SHITTY CALL OF DUTY, YOU FUCKING CASUAL!”

The fanboys, on the other hand, take a completely different approach in substituting cynicism with denial, something they confuse with “optimism”. So when you see some random shitbird defending Sonic Bomb or w/e, it’s really some arrogant fuck who thinks he can mitigate legitimate criticism and tell the fans to be in happy denial. And this seems to be an epidemic when it comes to Sonic fans.

That’s what makes the denial crowd so dangerous, you see. When you have shit lord companies like Sega looking for nothing but a quick buck, they can truly exploit these assholes because they know for a fact that they’re just going to support their game regardless. And then you have ol’ crusty bastards like Mike Bollocks getting into flamewars with the fans for some reason (that’s just what I’ve been told). Sega doesn’t even have to try to make their products look appealing, if they have fans that are obsessed with their vanities and their egos, they can truly put out w/e they damn well please. Either that or Sega honestly believes that’s how fans behave (which I doubt. Sega isn’t that stupid). Denial is, unfortunately, the only way you could be a sane Sonic fan. Being a fan of a D-Rank series isn’t easy, having to stomach low quality titles on a yearly basis is a test more grating than watching Think like a Man. After this point, however, I feel this won’t be a problem much longer. Sonic Boom was so bad, it destroyed the last 4 years of pent up denial with no trouble at all.

Now it’s been replaced with “cautious optimism” and people are banking on this 2016 movie to save the series. That’s rich. We’re relying on HOLLYWOOD to save Sonic!

……Well, they can’t do any worse now……. Amma, I hate that damn face!


My last post before departing again.

Well… now that Sonic Boom’s so-called “Rise” and immediate Fall came and gone like RGIII’s career, the Sonic fandom has to be feeling a much stronger level of remorse and frustration. It is much more disturbing to find that much more people feel that it is time for Sega to take it’s pooch out behind the barnyard and pump 2 barrels in it’s cranium.

To hear that the latest game in the Sonic series is almost “condescending” and treats all of it’s audiences like babies where as before, the series used to treat it’s audiences like adults (Casino levels and polluted power plants, especially) is jarring and offensive. But it is what it has come to be. People have never been so certain that the series needs an indefinite break.

But the truth is this. Sega will continue making Sonic games that will decline greatly in quality for each and every installment they pump out. And for most of us, it’s a difficult pill to swallow. As typical of fans, many want to stay around, hoping things will get better and Sega will get it’s act together. Others firmly believe that this is infact Sega’s “act” so to speak.

For many people in America, there is a newly entrenched and sweeping belief that corporations are machines that destroy things for profit. Most people had already figured this out, but it could’ve fooled you as many Americans annoyingly defended corporations for decades as a bastion of ambition and quality. The act of obtaining profits and material wealth was more important to the American psyche than anything else. The American Dream was all about material wealth “without strings attached” as they imply. After the BP oil spill, Americans started waking up to the realities of just how dangerous corporations really are. They are giant machines filled with sociopathic cogs, if you will, that believe all of humanity are jut warm bodies to extract wealth from. It fills me with delight that people around these are actually starting to fight back against corporate fuckery of this country, one small step at a time. Even hollywood is being fought against (though not as strongly).

There’s only one sector of the population that is still in honeymoon mode with corporations and that is the gaming population. We are still only people who will defend the practices of these companies even with their disastrous performances. When you start to detect a huge dip in quality for many of your favorite franchises, it’s done for the purpose of money. When businesses destroy something, it is for money.

In Sega’s instance, they have destroyed their company image and their mascot for the same exact reason. Think about it this way. Why do they continue to make retro collections of Sonic 1, 2, and 3 every console generation or so? I think an episode of Futurama touched upon this, actually. Some product called “Slurm” was a soft drink that came out of a slug’s ass. Literally. They had plans to turn leila (Some cyclops chick, I think that’s the bitch’s name) into a slug so that they could extract slurm from her. Though one worker noted that because she isn’t a natural slug, her slurm would taste fowl.  The queen said this was a good thing because they could turn around and make something called “new slurm”. Then when people were done hating it, they could turn around and make “slurm classic” and rake in millions.

Sega is using the same exact tactic.

Sonic games continue to be shit, so the frustrated masses would run to the games of higher quality… which are now over 25 years old. We get a taste of New Sonic and it tastes like cornbread. Sonic Classic makes us feel like fat fucks in a cookie store. As long as people feel they can go back and rebuy the old Sonic titles over… and over…. and over again, the more Sega feels justified in destroying Sonic over…. and over again.

It’s never been more clear at this point that Sega could not give a fuck about their customers or fans. It is when we can officially dub them a corporation on the same sociopathic scale as Comcast, BP, Wal-Mart, Capcom, most telecom companies, etc. Nothing speaks more volumes of this than their habitual and pathological lies regarding Sonic… and PSO2. Everyone who has played Sonic Boom can instantly feel that they’ve been lied to. It’s like every game they put out, there is a load of PR marketing that make the games out to be much greater than they are, and of course none of it actually worked because the games looked horrible from the get go. No amount of PR bullshit can make future Sonic games look sexier than 06. Sega used a LOT of nasty tricks to make Boom look better than it is. All those photos of BRB’s offices filled with Boom concept art is a trick to make people think they were “hard at work” trying to make the best game possible. You always need to be suspicious with any game production that has more “fluff” interviews than they do footage of actual gameplay. If you’re shown more about the people than their actual work, it’s best to stay away as they’re concerned about image rather than talent. Other times, they take the exact words of forum goers and use those exact words to advertise their next games (IE, the promises and lies in a nutshell). There are enough examples out there going on about Sonic’s glorious return to his “roots” than I could count on a finger. Then there’s the issue with Mike Bollocks (hehe), some 50+ grandpa fighting with people over the internet to defend Boom. Using an authority figure is probably one of the nastiest tactics you could use in any industry as people are afraid of authority as though it were the police.

But this is the kind of shit corporations do to woo the masses to their side. They get “people” to talk poetically about how awesome they are, and then turn around and screw everyone over. Like fracking, I recall a commercial, it was all black and white and had this old fart talk about the process of finding gas in rocks with some choice lines like “all it takes is an idea” or some inspirational shit that has no weight to it. When come find that fracking is harmful to the environment, the illusion of a beautiful new industry is broken.

W/e they use, it means they don’t give a fuck about you. Only their silver lining. Fans of Atlus have every reason to piss themselves in fear as it means Sega will destroy their own products for profit. Sega’s evolution to a corporate shitlord is unlike that of Nintendo, Capcom, Square, Namco, or any other company that has attained shitlord status. Sega is downright evil. I can’t think of any other game company that has erected wall between themselves and their customers thicker and sturdier than Sega.

The dilemma comes in the form of how Sonic can still be so iconic and memorable while having a stream of terrible games nonstop. Crash Bandicoot, Bomberman, who cares? Sonic? “Man I remember having that on the Genesis!” It’s impressive how many people can recall fond memories of the classics and not be aware that games are still being made. For those that do keep up, it has to be damned frustrating just knowing it’s going to get many times worse from here on out, yet still want to support and/or keep up with the series. We wish we knew how to quit it. Not quitting means in part supporting the very devils that control the series. There’s no petty feeling worse than knowing the stuff you love is controlled by sociopaths. If you want Sonic, you have to go to people that want to destroy it for money. How can you enjoy a series that keeps getting worse? It’s impossible to do, so obviously you have to give up on it. But you just don’t wanna!

There’s always the fan games, but gamers have been trained to love production values over substance, so there’s that dilemma. The comics are being rebooted to crap, so there’s another dilemma. No worth while cartoons either. I wouldn’t even count on that live-action movie doing any good for the series. Even if it turned out to be good, that gives Sega another excuse to sell garbage “New Sonic” to kids while creating “Sonic Classic” to quell the immediate backlash. It’s a “Sonic Cycle” of their own creation.

What is one to do for an icon that deep down… no one wishes to hate?

*sigh* And… that’s it for my vacation. Much appreciated for those bringing me up to speed on everything going on with Sonic Boom as well as Smash 4. Will probably be back for Christmas if me crappy job is willing. Cya darls!

Yah damn skippy it do!

I just watched a few episodes of Sonic Boom and all of the cutscenes for the game, a few instances of omega glitches and… I just got one question.

Episode 4 where Sticks (Marine) is given a lecture on how to treat animals. Idk about you mother fuckers… but… Sticks… IS… an animal. Right? Why do they give a fuck!? It’s as though the writers forgot the fact that these bitches have long wagging dicks sticking out from their butts that pretty much indicate that… yeah, they’s be some animals.

Through out all of this nonsense, I kept asking myself… when does the stupidity ever end? I feel like I’ve had a near-death experience just merely watching crap. No wait, I did die. The 7 year old in me died. Not only that, but these “productions” dug my 7 year old up and pissed all over him, then double donged the corpse. I don’t think even the guys from Sonic Dissected can decipher just what in the fresh fuck was going on in these gigs.

Sonic Boom is like Iron Man 2. A soulless production that is on rails. No rhyme, rhythm, or reason. Reason being the key word here as you will be left demanding one for everything wrong with this game.

-Why the random design changes? (as always)
-Why the overuse of bad comedy relief at every… single… opportunity?
-Why was Shadow even in this game?
–And why is he opposed to the concept of “friendship” all of a sudden? Must’ve seen one too many Animes.
-Why does Amy’s man jaw look like a swollen cunt?
-Why does Sticks even matter in this series?
-Why the College Art Project level of crappy animation?
Why does Knuckles not know his left from his right!?
-Why is Lyric called Lyric? He doesn’t even sing. 😛
-Why does a crappy, buggy, and clearly unfinished video game tie-in have much better quality compared to a cartoon!?
-Why does it feel like the characters have no real personality?
-Why does it seem like all the fucking hype put forward by BRB and Sega was hot air? Every… last… word I might add.

Well…. shit, I don’t know

Whatever the case, the honeymoon is over and the fans got the taste smacked out of their mouths once again by the reality of the franchise’s state. These are the kinds of games that make many of us feel old in how people can even bother putting up a defense for trash. Even though I see no one defending the games besides Sega’s shills. They always provide shitty arguments. It would take a herculean effort to find any meaningful potential in this game.

I mean look at this shit. A Ratchet character, Sega’s rendition of Nurse Joy, and a cowboy that doesn’t do shit in the game (true story).

It’s making me cry! What potential could be derived from this drek of a toon? There’s literally nothing here. Even just to rant about, I don’t feel it’s even warranted. It speaks for itself. My interest in Sonic Boom was literally non-existent for a long time because there was literally nothing special beyond the PR/Shill hype. I mean hell, I’ve been proven wrong on the show even having any kind of chance, that shit’s ratings are in the crapper.

Going through the scenes, it feels as though the game has no sense of cohesion or enough exposition to explain many of the nuiances of the game. Sure you don’t need to explain everything, but when you get to a point where the main villain can pull shit out of his ass (like being able to use ancient technology to control a modern day robot like Metal Sonic without any upgrades or prior knowledge of Robotnik’s own weapons), tis the time to go right the fuck back to the drawing board. It’s bad enough that the characters try so hard to be funny at every single opportunity, but it’s even worse when characters are over-exaggerated and/or have zero personality whatsoever. IE Knuckles and Shadow being the exaggeration, and Sonic, Tails, and Amy having no personality. To make matters worse, characters will randomly use slang terminology with no comedic set ups (seriously, what the fuck does “SPIT-BALLIN” mean… and why is it used 1000 years IN THE PAST!?). These people know fuck all about comedic timing.

For comedy to work properly, there has to be a certain level of shock value and consistent relevance to the character’s personalities involved with the comedic situation at hand. It has to be smart and clever. Comedy gold requires intelligent use of situations. You know how some people can come up with some wild comments for some given situations like a bank robbery or a fight in a store? That’s how the writers should be thinking!

For example, take Jak 2 where at the beginning of the game, Jak and Daxter escape from a high level KG facility after nearly being killed by gun and cannon fire. Daxter’s choice of words?

Daxter: UGH! That’s too much excitement! I wish we were back in the country!

…Well that was funny to me. Or how about the scene in which Daxter (after facing misfortune of having a pipe stuck on his head after attempting to show off his strength) decides to let Jak pull a stiff lever. What happens is that Daxter still gets something dropped on him.

Daxter: “It’s a curse, isn’t it!?”

Or a better example, from Ice Age 2, you have a pack of vultures singing a song “FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD!” talking about eating the main characters. But… the sloth or whoever gets the song stuck in his head and starts fucking singing it. “What? It’s catchy!”

THAT SHIT IS ACTUALLY FUNNY! Ok?! I don’t know who the hell the writers were but they have to be the most dull and lifeless mother fuckers to have ever walked this earth. The very first scene that they try to be funny in involves Knuckles not knowing the difference between left and right. Not only is this insulting to fans of the character pre-2003, it’s also not fucking funny or clever. You can’t do comedy without the right level of cleverness and creativity. It makes the writers out to be a bunch of dumb fuck shut-ins who haven’t taken a nice trip outside to get a breath of fresh air. Their brains could use a little oxygen for Amma’s sake. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to write for shit! Which pretty much explains the rampant idiocy of the plot. Why exactly is Shadow fighting Sonic in the first place? How the fuck can Lyric take control of Metal Sonic using outdated tech!? Why is it that Tails couldn’t prevent that stupid enerbeam to NOT revert back into a binding ring!? Infact, since the Enerbeams technically have “manual controls”, how is it that Lyric can still control them while not being able to do shit about Robotnik’s giant ugly suit!? Why do they try so hard to make Knuckles retarded beyond my wildest nightmares!? Who the hell is Cliff and what does he do that is any bit useful for the game?

I don’t even need to go over everything that’s wrong with the game. Everyone called it, and someone already saved me the trouble. This mother fucker deserves a medal and a lap dance from Nisha the Lawbringer. What really needs to be addressed is the amount of damage this further incurs on the franchise. This being “The year of Sonic” ends in a spectacular disaster to no one’s surprise. All people can really do is question just what is going on, and hope that some Capcom level of financial trouble bites them in the ass soon. All this corporation is doing is pissing on the grave. There is only so many times you can end the life of a once-beloved video game character before people ask “when will it die”? You know a series should end when more people are demanding it. If that’s Sega’s way of killing off the series by deliberately making people HATE it with extreme prejudice, then man, they’s be some vicious mother fuckers.

Tales of the Borderlands should’ve just been a bunch of actual movies, not some episodic downloads of interactive movies. And I’m getting just fucking tired of Handsome Jack. If the rest of the Borderlands series is going to be about him, count me out.

I can’t imagine a more tasteless admission of defeat. Now all Sega needs to do is get rid of Mike Bollocks and we can have Robotnik being awesome again…. I think.

To hear that Boom has technical errors worse than 06 is surprising considering how well Sega’s been doing polishing their turds to fool people into thinking their games are worth anyone’s time. And Goddamn, you know a product is ass when a chunk of assholes don’t even stick around to finish it. It feels like Sega’s big merchandising plan is collapsing before retailers can get a single toy out of the deal. Namco got lucky. Hearing all the reasons for this massive turnover will be more epic than Sonic X-Treme’s development. Hell, even Sega knew the game was shit. If you have to stoop so low as to revoke what is essentially the right of free press to review your product… to avoid tarnishing your company’s image anymore than you already have, I don’t know what to say. Wait, yes I do. Congrats Sega, you’ve evolved from Dreamcast to Comcast!

So much for the fanboy’s BS on Ex-Naughty Dog folks being any good for Sonic. I would go far to say anyone who thinks the people behind Jak and Daxter have talent probably have no taste whatsoever, but that would be arrogant and I’m sure the amount of retorts would contain the words “Last of Us” because the people behind that game would totes be caught dead on a project like this. Would you trust Sonic in the hands of people that wanted to turn Robotnik some school boy nerd!?

Piss in me eye! Why are these even concepts for Robotnik in the first place!?

These are not the kind of people you would trust with anything resembling your childhood. I wouldn’t trust them with Bay’s rendition of the Ninja Turtles. Hollywood seems to be the only slaughterhouse that can get away with radically changing the appearance of iconic characters, and have no one bat an eye. This leads me to believe that in some dark part of the game industry’s psyche, they want to be more like Hollywood so they can make trash and do as they damn well please. I think games having such steep prices jolts a good dose of high standards in consumers that we haven’t reached a point where we sit back and allow some random jackass’s “vision” to get in the way of our entertainment.

But this is worse than I thought.

For a development team to up and say “fuck it” 6 months in advance and quit the project says a lot. They probably didn’t want their names to be tarnished just in case they get the opportunity to work on something they think is worth their time. Or something! Kinda creepy this happens right when I lose internet access…

So, it’s been proven that BRB and Nintendo are both unreliable in making a Sonic game, and Sega is yet again fixated on making money to notice. If western developers basically show no interest in developing a Sonic game, it shows how far the series has fallen. Many western devs still hold Mario games (even the shitty 3D ones) in their highest regards, but I bet no one wants to even mention Sonic in any of it’s incarnations. If we can’t rely on Nintendo or a Western developer to make a good Sonic game, then who can!? Don’t say the fan projects. Yes, they’re sexy and Freedom Planet looks damned delicious, but I’m talking people who are actually involved in the industry. All the talented people in the industry show no desire in Sonic to care about it’s quality. You will get more feedback about a Zelda game’s lacking quality than that of Sonic. The younger teams (like Ninja Theory and the like) seem to be a bunch of college idiots with all these wild visions of particular franchises that don’t at all seem to be particularly concerned with meeting or exceeding expectations. So we can’t rely on new blood either.

To drive that point further, the store I work at has a high turnover rate of employees, so I get to see lots of fresh faces in as little as a month. One particular coworker is a poor shmuck shackled with student debt. He’s also a nerd with poor diction. Breathtaking, isn’t it? Anywho, he’s one of the yahoos that’s an aspiring game developer who hasn’t had any time to work on his pet projects due to trying to pay off his debt. It’s hard not to feel sorry for the guy because it seems like he’s not going to ever get that dream job of his, and even if he does, it’s gonna beat his ass in the long haul. Even then, like most nerds, he argues about the potential of Boom being a good game regardless of all the issues presented. And this was before the game was released.

Of particular note, he felt that fans of the series were problematic and difficult to please, being as fans can be “picky” or overly demanding, and could cause the erosion of a particular series. At one point, he cited Dragon Ball as an example. The series kept continuing on into the Dreaded Cell and Buu sagas because fans wanted more when the series was supposed to end with Frieza. While I could sympathize considering I hated everything Cell Saga and up, blaming it on the fans is a red harring. Significant demand requires sufficient talent to meet the demand. If you’re not up to the task of meeting demand, pass the torch to someone who can and will.

Because of that situation, it’s probably best to never plan on an official “ending” to any series you make. You just might be forced to create more and more. Miyamoto never wanted to make another 2D Mario after World and was quoted as “making every game as if it were your last” in some dire hope of not having to be bothered again.

People are always gonna be passionate about a series they have a planned vision for, not when they’re simply told to make more and more crap for it. The quality will take a noticeable dip, but nah. That ain’t the fans fault. The company itself decided to make more shit. Therefore, it’s solely their responsibility.

But according to said nerd, it’s that people are “too had to please”. He is definitely not the kind of person you want in the industry. But we already have those kinds of people! That’s the fun part. And many of them happen to be a little too power hungry for anyone’s good. And since everyone is so hyper active in creating their own shitty versions of existing mythos, we can’t expect any good to come to Sonic from any external force. Again, Sonic has no business existing in this day and age. There’s too many cards stacked against it, and little to no hope of a recovery.

And I’m starting to feel like w/e good ideas the FANS on the internet have, Sega will just skim them and use them as some asshole selling point proclaiming that they “listened to fans” while creating a turd nugget of a product yet again. No one felt like Sega’s been pulling this kind of shit yet? Every time you get a certain amount of demand for Sonic to be a certain way, the immediate next Sonic game has “something resembling what fans asked for” but it turns out to be ass which further dehumanizes the fans and makes it seem like the fans don’t know what they want? Or is it just me? I mean everyone kept demanding a 2D Sonic game, Sonic 4 is shit, or Nintendo make a Sonic game and they kinda sorta did that with Lost Mind, then I came up with the idea of a western team to do Sonic right, and that blew over worse than anyone could imagine, it’s like Sega is creating false flags to crap over fans or something. Because the same company that was raking in dough from PSO2 would not be that stupid to constantly fuck up their mascot series.


I’m getting ahead of myself. I had been informed that some of those BRB members were fired midway through the project, possibly due to low funds. Which kinda makes sense seeing as not one of those ugly ass toys have arrived on store shelves yet. The other bunch left on their own accord. I don’t know how much Sega blew on this endeavor, but if they rolled bitches out that fast, either they lost faith on the project, rushed it to keep the deadline on releasing it with that stupid cartoon, or they wanted to desperately get out of this Nintendo exclusivity deal fast. “HERE! JUST PUT THE DAMN GAME OUT, THE SOONER WE GET THIS DONE, THE SOONER WE CAN ESCAPE THIS MAD HOUSE!” You’d have to be really suspicious of a corporation when they start trying to hide their products from reviewers. That reeks of them having no intent on fixing the series. It really is just a profit generating machine for them, and a really dodgy one at that. All this nonsense about targeting younger demographics, removing games from store shelves with bad reviews, and hiding review copies to keep people in the dark until the game comes out is dirty as shit. If anything, I can’t blame those BRB legions that left. Sega has become a real monster of a corporation. Their behavior since 2008 is no short of amazing and bewildering.

Still, no excuse to make crap designs and leave a game unfinished, but understandable to some degree. In either case, we can really say Sonic is doomed for any future game that comes out as it seems no company that exists has any vested interest in the series to crap out a decent product. And because all the real talent exists in the non-credential sectors of the globe, The only place a Sonic fan could call home is the PC. Kinda scary for a once Arcade Centric franchise to get personal

I really gotta work on better closing remarks. More and more, I’m starting to think back to that one guy who suggested copyright law be abolished. Sure, the only franchise that would benefit from that would be Sonic, but hell, we here in America like to think that competition is healthy for… some reason. Why not get rid of laws that exist only to protect corporate interests when they damn sure don’t care about OUR interests, rite? That’ll promote lots of competition! If companies weren’t such greedy pussies. I’d like to think Sega would step their game up if the fans were allowed to financially compete against them.

Oh Amma, I love this song

Man, I am so fucking stoked for Mortal Kombat X, you don’t know! It’s got smoother gameplay, it’s got these variants that look tight (hopefully Sub-Zero has one where he doesn’t suck for once), it’s got Kotal Khan lookin like Star Platinum from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure mang, and the run… button? From MK3?

Those moments of interacting with the environment are limited by a small stamina meter below each fighter’s health bar, which has been designed to limit overuse of those moves.


the stamina meter is a new addition to Mortal Kombat X that does a few specific things. As I mentioned earlier, it restricts how frequently you can use background objects. The meter is divided into two sections, and using an object drains one of the sections.


Back dashing also drains one of the sections.


Running forward–another new mechanic–drains the stamina meter, but at a slow rate.

Why are you doing this!?

the team is experimenting with letting players use stamina to perform throw canceling.


Micromanagement!? In Mortal Kombat!? Fuck that shit son! Boon! Don’t fuck it up! I was starting to like this series! I feel like Leo Dicaprio in the Wolf of Wallstreet when he screamed “GODDAMMIT!!!” Is Boon catering to Eventhubs or SRK? I don’t even know anymore, it just seems like anytime a developer thinks about competitive balance, it’s mostly to appease the “maniac players”. Anything put into a game to “reduce abuse” is mostly dictating how the players play. And amazingly enough, despite how stupid the FGC can be, they HATE being hindered in how they get to play a game. Amazingly enough, that stopped the Smash community from bowing to the whims of Nintendo when they pulled that shit with Brawl, changing all the mechanics to keep the “maniacs” from enjoying it, killing the enjoyment for everyone in the long run. All Boon had to do was make interactables blockable (which they did anyway!). Now the team is making them absolutely pointless in the long run. Not that I care about interactables as they were just “lol” type shit anyway, but back dashing!? There’s fucking meter burning from back dashing!? You’re fucking serious!?

It’s a curse, isn’t it!? Every time I like something, the sequel is bound to blow chunks!

In the words of a Zafford: “Piss in me eyes!!” You know what’s sad though, I’d still buy the damn shit.

Oh right, this was supposed to be about that pasty tea bag from Sega.

*Sigh*… it speaks for itself, I might as well not even comment. Fortunately, someone else had a sip of “REAL TALK” coffee.

Yeaaaaaaaaah, FUCK BOOM! Oh 1:50 cameo!

How awesome was that!? It’s like these guys come in with their zany ideas, and when people start to reject them after quote “years and hours of politics and ego”, they start going on the defensive, rationalizing everything from the designs to mechanics. Instead of learning how to actually sell people on a game, they tell people to play the waiting game instead.

It’s really funny when people go out of their way to shun all criticism as some form of “negativity”. That’s beautiful. To be labeled a negative nancy is a compliment than to be labeled some self-righteous jackass who goes around telling people to swallow any kind of shit when people pop off at the mouth about how much work was put into something. If the world honestly gave a damn about how much work one puts into something, I’d probably be writing hollywood movies right about now. People care only about their own self interests. If your “hard work” benefits them in some tangible way, then they will care.

BRB’s problem is that they’re so caught up in trying to be “different” rather than beneficial. You can’t get anymore pretentious than that. But their trailer for the game spoke volumes within the first few seconds of announcing that Robotnik wasn’t the true villain! Robotnik hasn’t been the main villain since 98. The real antagonist of Sonic Colors was the script. I ask what the point was in needing to point out Robotnik being sidelined in favor of tree snake. Not to inform the public that Robotnik isn’t the real villain (it’s no surprise to anyone), but to make it known that it is “different”.

This desire to be different is a curse among western developers, it seems. At this point, western developers have been dominating game development, and it seems to be going to their heads. Now we have DmC’s and LOS’s running about with all these “different visions” that aren’t at all in line with the fan’s tastes, but are all desires to be different. Why does it exist? Most would say because these franchises are given to people who don’t really give a fuck about said franchise. And this almost always seems to be the case in the showbiz. Like Transformers being given to a guy who openly despises Transformers (I wonder how that douche feels about TMNT *shudders*)

Seems to be in European nature to make everything “in their own image“. In an unfortunate twist as Japanese games are falling out of favor on a global scale, they have the perfect justification. I curse my naivety in hoping a western developer could turn this franchise around, but I grossly underestimated the arrogance of the western industry on a whole. With the possible exception of Retro Studios (The real one, not that Bungee hybrid shit from 2004 and up), I can’t think of one westernized series that has kept the spirit of the series they worked on.

Then again, the western industries are destroying their own series (Iron Man was turned into a high school kid, teen titans is a full-blown comedy series), I guess western entertainment is self-destructive. It shouldn’t be destructive to Sonic as it’s western influences contributed greatly to it’s fame, and created legions of copy cats along the way. This is, instead, an exxageration of “western influence” due to one franchise that has nothing to do with anthro animals (Uncharted).

Still, I can’t help but feel it’s more the fault of trying to create a toy franchise. Merchandise driving begets mediocrity. Look at that Pac Man show. Now he’s a highschool student with a tapeworm! I thought Japan was obsessed with youth. And I swear, that show had a talking carrot with athletic gear on. It seems like all of Japan’s sectors are going ful frontal merchandise. Nintendo with their AB cards and figurines, Namco with their stupid Pac Man and card battle Soul Calibur, and Sega with their cashing in on Hatsune Miku and animu fighters.

The question is why can’t merchandise driven crap have the quality of Transformers, GI Joe and the like? The economy? Decent writers can’t possibly be expensive (then again, there IS a union :P). W/e the case may be, the low quality of the game will have consistency with the low quality of the show, and nothing BRB does will change that even if they were talented. What really concerns me is why Sonic fans are so easily convinced by this company that anything they say and do is fact? Do they know anything about the nature of entertainment? Or is their circle of entertainment so limited to children’s media that they openly accept even the worst offenders (Like MLP) and question absolutely nothing about why Sonic takes turns into what they do? Perhaps that is why Sega keeps making childish games, their only audience is so goddamned infantile, they’re easily fooled that something present at E3 is merely an alpha demo 5 months from a release date.

Happy Father’s Day, bitches. Please don’t fuck up MKX, Boon.


Yep… this game looks lame. Even the speed segments don’t look half as fun as they originally appeared (maybe because they look too samey?)

I like how this trailer displays how desperate BRB is to distance this game from the other Sonic games by pointing out that Robotnik isn’t the primary antagonist (Like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic 06… and Sonic Heroes. Not to mention how extra lame the combat is.

Yep… this show looks lame. I recoil at Knuckles being a typical “I R COOLER THAN MAIN CHARACTER” cliche.

Evil ham“, really? I miss the days when Robotnik wasn’t some solo Team Rocket parody. Dean Bristow must be rolling in his grave.

What’s with this sudden development of Robotnik making failed technology, btw? A character with an IQ of w/e hundred oh why bother bitching, some asshole will turn up to scream “DIFFERENT UNIVERSE” even though Iizuka is supposed to make sure there’s slight continuity between this piece of shit and his Retard Sonic.




Thanks Vernon.

Yes, I have been living under a rock. I was previously under the assumption that the interwebs were so intrinsically in love with Sonic Doom. Or at least that was what Rafei would’ve had us believe. Now, we have Frost who sees a completely different picture. Apparently, it’s too true that internet gamers care too damn much about “gameplay”, now there’s all kinds of rage since the gameplay reels started showing up. What happened to all the “wait till you play” shit, internet!?

Anywho, the PR wizardry has failed, and BRB has made the biggest mistake when it comes to handling their PR. Responding to criticism…. verbally. The only way that a developer should respond is by making changes to the game that adhere’s to the consumer’s expectations. The moment you try to steer criticism away by suggesting the player’s tastes are not in-line with “what you’re trying to do”, you have failed the consumer.

What I find laughable is that Frost is responding to Sonic Stadium, the biggest shill site for Pachinko Sega’s junk. Is this some sort of PR wizardry for Stadium to save face? Who knows? The nonsense weaved is no less hilarious.

Trying not to comment on much right now, since it always takes time for stuff to sink in and I want people to have some time with the footage and screens before I try to jump in and answer questions, etc. I did want to say, though, that speed sections are not just isolated to roads that connect hubs to levels. There are also speed sections and roads, etc. within levels and hubs. Each of the levels that you are seeing footage from has speed sections in them. We just didn’t show them because they aren’t going to be at E3.

Basically, only 3 levels thus far. The question is why no show what is honestly the only good thing about your game? Through out this entire foolish campaign, BRB has demonstrated knowledge that this is what fans want. Yet they refuse to display more of it in favor of derivative bullshit no one wants in Sonic games.

Furthermore, as I know how Sonic fans are, when a gameplay element has been tried and failed, they usually assume it’s automatically wrong to pursue that element again. Werehog was poorly received, therefore beat em up gameplay is “not the way” for Sonic games. There’s nothing wrong with beat em ups in hindsight, except when they don’t look fun. People expect Sonic games to be fast paced. This is slow as shit. The reason why the speed segments are considered good is because they are faster paced and look fun.  Since you have declared that those segments are a minority, then Sonic Doom will be treated the same way as Sonic Unleashed and Star Fox Assault. A disproportionate game filled with more crap no one wants. The video game version of a tease.

The E3 demo covers the same areas that you have seen footage of and was chosen to clearly represent what the differences are in Sonic Boom versus a normal “Sonic” title developed by Sonic Team. The levels chosen also feature more of a dark look with very little green or natural colors because, again, we wanted to clearly show some of the differences in the game. That’s not to say that we don’t have greenery, water, etc. and other more-natural things. But I think that is what people generally expect, so we chose to show something different.

Now this is interesting. People complaining about the world design over the characters. Shows how backward Stadium really is.

The last thing I wanted is for people who are generally not that familiar to Sonic to look at the E3 demo and just say it looks the same… I don’t get how this is different.

After Lost Mind, people wouldn’t mind some more of “the same” after that shit fest. Where is the proof that games that play nearly exactly the same as their predecessors become less popular over time? That’s only for games that are shit from the start. The people that complain about games being “more of the same” are the same nerds who proclaim Nintendo to be the vanguard of innovation.

The last thing I expect from people is to say “Sonic’s meritocratic gameplay sucks, please use derivative ideas from games no one likes because that’s honestly what people expect Sonic games to do”. When people think Sonic, people think “fast”. Does different mean “slow”? Nobody wants slow in Sonic games.

But of course, Sonic can’t work in a traditional “3D platformer” context without slowing his blue ass down. The lacking emphasis on speed would not impede all the “creative” bullshit in Doom. Like Amy’s triple jump. Or Knuckles’s continuing “treasure hunts” that everyone HATES.

So, we erred on the side on the side of making sure everything looked different than normal. The sections chosen, such as the specific parts of the levels, the boss fight, the speed section were all chosen to represent, again, clear differences between this game and the normal branch of Sonic… and also are tuned to make sure everyone gets through them all. They do not represent final challenge, etc. that you will see in the final game.

I beg to differ. Many demos I’ve seen and played were barely any different from the final builds. There might be a few updates here and there, maybe faster frames on moves and animation, but that is merely a fraction of the problem. The final build will still contain “coop puzzles” as they call them (FCAs), it will still contain fetch quests, and I’m more than willing to bet they will still contain the poor dialogue mid gameplay (with subtitles included). The speed segments will still be tied to enerbeams for no reason, and will be minimal to the entire game.

I do so tire of developers, publishers, and their hardcore pawns going about screaming “It’s a demo” to try and steer criticism. What more do you need at this point to convince yourself that this game is or isn’t for you? You can go through interviews, you can go through trailers, and now you can go through gameplay vids, and it’s STILL not enough to pass judgment on?

People consciously decide whether or not something is relevant to their interests via previews and more previews. Usually, they become interested by their first visual taste, or by association of a company. And if they can’t decide whether they like it or not, they begin searching for more info on the product. If people decide it’s not worth their time, it is the fault of the creators of said product. NOT the people who lost interest. Instead of taking a piss on the people for writing you off, you need to find out why they lost interest and *gasp* ADDRESS THEIR COMPLAINTS if they exist!

These devs have addressed nothing thus far. I’m certain the designs can’t change now for the sake of continuity between this piece of crap and a cartoon that will probably be worse, but when it comes to actual gameplay, you’re not even willing to change that up.

There is no run button but boost pads, bouncepads and zip lines exist in levels to further boost speed. Overall level pacing is thought of. There are some areas where enemies will need to be defeated to continue on and areas where enemies are just around if you want to fight them for drops.

“Drops”. Does that confirm actual grinding?

If your game has all that “speed”, then show it and convince people the game is worth their time. And clarify. Boost speed for… what? A couple of seconds and then it’s back to crappy “3D Platformer” garbage? Speed in Sonic has been nothing more than “hit a speeder and watch him go” for a while until Sonic Rush where you actually controlled the automation spectacle. Then Lost Mind went back to that junk.

Also, the need to defeat enemies to progress mid-level has been a terrible mechanic since the day it was invented (I think it was Kirby that did it?). That doesn’t boost my optimism whatsoever. I’m assuming that this would also be used for levels with some “time limit” to cause tension when these rooms get locked down.

‘m obviously disappointed that you’re not feeling as positive as you previously were, but I just hope you can hold judgement until you see more about the game in the weeks and months ahead. That’s not to say that you’ll change your mind at all, but please keep in mind that the footage seen and the E3 demo maybe represent 15-20 mins of the game, if that. And this is not a game where you can get a full picture of from what you have been seeing so far.

I’m disappointed you think that first impressions aren’t everything. People aren’t going to wait for things to get better. There are far better games out to be hyped up for, and too little time for games in general. You need to give people a reason to be excited NOW. Even animu shit stains like Akiba’s Trip and absolute trash like Tomodachi life… are getting more hype than Sonic the Hedgehog.  This is dangerous thinking, dictating that people wait for more info or developments. People don’t need that much more than what you’ve already delivered.

That’s what I love about the game industry. Everyone thinks they’re special, and shouldn’t adhere to the same rules of nature that every other industry follows. Treating used games no differently than bootleg/pirated movies is pure proof.

Of course, if you are the kind of person who loves boost gameplay or full-on speed all the time, then this probably won’t be your cup of tea. And nothing I say is going to change that. This is just simply a different kind of experience.

Here’s the problem. Nothing in this game is “different” from any of the previous Sonic games we’ve played. Speed segments have reaction-based shortcuts and gimmicks (like Rush/Unleashed/Colors/Generations), combat features strategic enemy fighting (like Heroes/Shadow/06/Secret Rings/Black Knight), there’s fetch quests (like every Sonic game since Adventure), cartoony robot sidekicks (like SA2/Battle/Omochao) etc. etc. The only thing different is that the game features coop actions (like S4E2……OOPS!).

We know all this shit too well because we’ve played Sonic games that featured all this bullshit. None of these elements clicked with people outside of Rush. Retro Sonic and Rush Sonic happened to be the only kinds of Sonic that people like. No one likes Combat Sonic, Fetch Sonic, or Puzzle Sonic. And here, you’ve taken those 3 core Sonic’s that no one likes and is on the road to making them many times worse/slower. Displaying the unique powers of each character is a euphemism for making tedious tasks that require specific character abilities because the developers made asinine restrictions prohibiting any other character from participating. The section that Amy is in could easily be done with Tails and Knuckles, but is there just to show off creativity and an abnormal love for Amy. It’s a different experience simply because you and no one else wants it.

The game reeks of a desire to break developer monotony and not create an entertaining experience. 3D Platformers died early because of everything in Sonic Doom. That said, the people that likes the “Boost”or “full on speed” shit (the entirety of the fandom and anyone possessing any interest in Sonic these days) will despise Sonic Doom.

The good side of this is that folks who might not have been interested in Sonic before may have some interest now based upon what they are seeing. The bad side is that hardcore Sonic fans may see these new elements in these level sections and extrapolate that the rest of the level(s) must be similar, and become, like you, less optimistic. It’s not an ideal situation, that’s for sure, but it was definitely crucial for us to show the new direction of the game, so that’s what we are trying to do.

There is no good side as people who’ve seen the designs are already turned off. And extrapolate? What more are we supposed to think considering through out every interview, you and Rafei have been on record to say that the GOOD parts will be minimal in favor of these kinds of segments. Obviously, the whole game won’t present the same exact challenges (if that’s what he’s implying), else we can easily say hell with it. However, to consider it a new direction beyond lame character designs is a farce.  The game’s existence is, thus far, solely for the purpose of mockery, and to serve as a example of developer oversight and hardheadedness.

Anyway, I’m rambling on a bit too much here. The point that I am trying to make, though, is that I hope that everyone doesn’t take a bit of footage and a single game demo and base everything upon them. We still have a ways until launch and we still have a lot to show.

I hope that w/e BRB decided not to show is actually worth someone’s attention. These doorknobs have no idea how to attract people to their game. They display all this nonsense of “gameplay importance” and hoping we don’t take that as evidence of the game’s quality when they don’t even know the concept of first impressions. People weren’t hyped at all with the first trailer back in February, and people are damn sure not diggin the game in it’s current state.

It’s frustrating being a fan of a series that’s gone down the drain, and you’re dealing with developers who make all these outlandish changes, and have all the fucking nerve to say “give it a chance”. $60 is too big a price for a “chance”, on a console no one wants, no less. These idiots have o idea what they’re doing, and they couldn’t give a fuck. It ain’t their money being spent, apparently.

This is the problem with outsourcing, the company getting the deal has no obligation to the fans but to the publisher itself. And if the company doesn’t give a damn, then there is no hope. They have TOYS to sell, bitches!

Oh…I’m sorry Mr.Frost :(….you can take your Generic Ratchet and Clank Clone and fuck off

Nah. Ratchet and Clank even looks fun in videos. This is just tacky.

Ghostly Adventures is so shitty, mang! What’s with this “Pac Man goes to school with jocks” crap!?

This is probably the only good design they have… and it’s a completely new character, of course.

Bout time E3 got here.

Siliconera (and every other gaming site) asks very dumb questions to the team who’s heads are clearly up their own asses. Pay close attention to everything said. The idiocy will be very clear.

What was the biggest takeaway you got from fans after Sonic Boom was announced?

Bob Rafei, CEO of Big Red Button: That’s easy. What a strong fanbase and a vocal fanbase this franchise has.

The most important feedback was from Sega and Sonic Team. This is something they are exploring in terms of a different approach for Sonic. That was the most important guidance to us.

In terms of your first question, having that strong reaction to me validates we were on the right track. The majority of it was strong and positive so we know we are hitting the right chord. Also from my personal perspective is if we didn’t foster such a strong reaction we wouldn’t be giving Sega their run for their money by having us really explore a different approach with the franchise. We ultimately believe we are on the right track and we are happy and comfortable with the direction that Sonic Boom is going in.

In the word’s of evil Clank: What a load of bulls

Where this positive reception came from, I’ll never know. Considering people are on a “shaky optimism” phase in which they want to make believe the character designs don’t even matter and lie to themselves about the “importance of gameplay”. What he’s really done was make Sonic fans uncomfortable with the changes. So far, the only people who are pleased with it are the dregs of Stadium. And I’ll be damned if they represent me.

Secondly, if feedback from Sonic Team was important, why didn’t Rafei take into account that even THEY were uncomfortable with the designs? And giving them a run for their money means you’ve “defeated Sega” somehow. Perhaps manipulating them to accept shitty character designs for the sake of selling toys is what he’s referring to?

And if that is the case, then Amma help us.

Lastly, Rafei’s claims of being happy with the product is just that. His ego. Everyone always believes they are on the right track with their decisions (especially the creative types). That means jack shit in the long run.

What part of Sonic Boom surprised Sonic Team the most when you showed it to them?

I would say combat. That was a bit of a head scratcher for Sonic Team, but the more they saw what we were doing the more they helped us hone it. We knew it had to have speed elements because it is a Sonic game. That sense of exploration is going back to a Sonic Adventure feel.

[Feedback from Sonic Team] was really in terms of balancing and tuning. Part of the mission mandate at Big Red Button was to expand on Sonic. I would say that is something we brought to the table and Sega really digested and agreed it was a good approach.

I’d have to be really confused. Didn’t they make the fucking Werehog back in 08? By the looks of Boom, it seems to be “Sonic Unleashed done right”. You have the speed sections, then you have the slog fest of combat and “EXPLORATION” which will no doubt be centered on fetch quests and puzzles. It wasn’t Sonic Adventure then, it won’t be now.

Besides that, all people liked about the adventure games were the speed stages and story (AND CHAO!). No one liked the parts where they had to WORK. The working portions are considered the Adventure game’s biggest vice, so bringing those elements back and refining them for w/e reason serves no fucking purpose.

Again, think about why Colors had (short lived) positive reception for the first 2 months. They took what people liked… and improved upon it. just because people want more Adventure games doesn’t mean they want the bullshit that came with them. If they do, then Amma help us.

Sonic is an interesting series since there are kids that grew up with 2D Sonic and there are kids that grew up with and prefer 3D Sonic. And now, there are going to be kids that will grow up with Sonic Boom. There are three different kinds of games with one starring character. When you look at your style in Sonic Boom what are the tenets of this kind of Sonic game?

Siliconera’s question seems loaded. We’ve heard a million times that Boom is not a reboot, yet there’s all these friggin implications of the exact opposite. Rafei not bothering to correct the interviewer on the matter is telling. Or perhaps BRB is so cocksure of themselves that Sonic Boom is “the shit” that it might as well be a reboot.

Primarily, it is a character action exploration. It’s an epic adventure story. It’s all about exploration. We introduced combat in a way that is kind of new to the franchise so it was very important that we do that right because it is such a different approach. And certainly speed is part of the equation. The speed component for us is tapping into joyous movement, the sense of rollercoaster and exhilaration of movement.

I dare not use the G-word, but this fool is pushin it with this joyous movement nonsense. What, did he look at Sonic Generations and see the “trick sections” as Joyous or something?

Combat emphasis is NOTHING new to the series. We’ve had 2 fighting games for pete’s sake. And then Sonic Heroes, which is really the precursor to bad Sonic combat anyway. And again, werehog. The only difference is that both players have to “work together” to take down one or 2 enemies, but the basic ideas are the same from Heroes.

In terms of the main project pillar, it was cooperative play. We wanted to have an experience where friends and family sit down on a couch and are able to play the game together. That kind of relationship people will bring to it, we wanted to have the characters display that in their banter. Personality was another big important part of it, in terms of how the characters emote and how it reflects into the mechanics as well.

…..Dat’s ga-… oh, had to stop myself there.

I don’t really care about character banter as Sonic games have had this for years. I can’t help but feel it will be just as soulless and unfunny, but it’s definitely not new territory.

What puzzles me is his desire to reflect “family and friend time” in character banter. Maybe this is where people who can’t get enough of their own shit smell start saying illogical things, but isn’t the relationship that people “bring to a game”… supposed to be special to themselves and not be co-opted by video game characters?

Eh, it was fine in A4O, but mostly because it was funny. I don’t think that same kind of comedy will be present in Boom.

For example, Sonic is all about speed. His navigation and combat are centered around fast rapid movements. Knuckles is a big bruiser, he’s a power character. Tails is the inventor on the team and Amy has agility. She has a triple jump. Knuckles has burrow and wall climbing. Tails has a buddy bot, which he can release onto enemies or unlock gates for him. That kind of characteristic that comes out in their persona also come out in how they speak to each other in the story. These guys known each other for a long time that means we can have some fun since they don’t always agree with each other.

Translation: No one but Amy has gotten any real improvements. Infact, we’ll just make Tails a friggin bore.

How much you wanna bet Tails will be for “expert players” because he has to use ranged attacks and status attacks to do more than tickle his enemies? My word, I’ve bitched more about Tails than I have with Knuckles!

Is it hard to do joyous movement in 3D space compared to the 2D Sonic games where Sonic had one less plane to worry about?

Oh lawd, I don’t even know what Joyous Movement is, and they’re going on about it like it’s been in the series since the “good ol’ days.” As far as I can guess. Joyous Movement would be like dancing.

…….Wait. Sonic has breakdance moves… and Amy is “graceful” like a Ballerina… and the main villain is called “Lyric”. Is the theme of this game some sort of musical? Synergy and all?

I think Sonic Boom has found a good formula for that. We tried to make a subtle variation by having lane changing and the obstacle course. There are a lot of different paths too. Classic Sonic has the main path and for the more skilled players you can access the higher levels. That is also something we wanted to tap into as well.

What the hell? Finding a different route didn’t take “skill”. It took curiosity and a little bit of velocity. Skill to find a different path is in bullshit like Sonic Unleashed where you had these “one in a lifetime” jumps and/or sections where you had to quickly access before you passed the one only device that would propel you into those areas. For shit like Sonic 2? You take shit slow and find other ways around. No more skill than merely diverting away from the original course.

Has this guy ever played a Sonic game before Adventure!?

In terms of navigating in 3D space, yeah it is more difficult because spatially you have to understand what is happening. That’s the challenge of any driving game has or flying game has. That is something we were also very aware of when we developing the course in Sonic Boom.

How did you solve the problem?

It’s the progression of challenge and that’s through introduction and mastery of a mechanic.

Iz diz fool srs?

Iz dis fool srs?

If lane changing is anything like we saw in the video where Sonic and friends are merely “sidestepping” to avoid obstacles, there isn’t much of an issue. I don’t see how “lane changing” could be done otherwise, unless they have some psychotic new mechanic that takes advantage of the crap pad.

Sonic is known for having an attitude and in the old cartoons he made a lot of one liner wisecracks. When you were writing the story, what are some of the jokes and catchphrases he has in Sonic Boom?

…..That might be a stupid question. 😛

There are so many. We wanted to find a balance between making the character appealing and not being so repetitive by saying the same one liners.

Oh, so they hate PontaGraf’s writing too?

What we love about his personality is we wanted to build on his attitude of rushing into action sometimes without thinking about it. Tails, a lot of times, is telling him, “We got to check this out” or the other team members will say, “I don’t know if we need to go there.” That’s the fun aspect of having Sonic rush into action and then have to backtrack to see if he got into trouble or not. That plays a big part in the story which will we reveal more at E3.

I’ll ignore the bad syntax in the first portion, but why would we want more of Lost Mind’s crappy narrative? Honestly…

What about Amy? It seems like she’s changed the most.

We wanted to have a strong, able-bodied female character. We didn’t want her to be fawning after Sonic. The goal was to have her be appealing on her own. She is very agile, she is very acrobatic, and very graceful. She’s the only character, from a pure mechanics perspective, that has a triple jump. There are some places that only she can get to.

TOO LATE! Amy has had loads of screen time devoted to not fawning over Sonic. While not recently considering the pandering to retards for “SAWNIC ONLY”, but if Adventure 1+2, Heroes, Battle, Zero Gravity and the like, she actually shows a girl with a back bone. And she STILL sucks!

I like how they assume we’ll up and like the character because she’s not fawning over Sonic. That wasn’t her problem. She was a generally irritating character, very pushy, and seems to solve all of her problems through aggression. You know, the thing people accused KNUCKLES of freely even though it’s a light threat. Not to mention she acts like a complete valley girl half the time.

Amy isn’t unappealing because she wanted Sonic to get in her skirt, she’s just a complete bitch. Think Misty as a Fairy Pokemon with a hammer. On second thought, don’t. People actually LIKE Misty for no other reason than the episode where she dressed up like a mermaid.

And wow! A triple jump! Certainly it will propel to me to places that Tails couldn’t traverse! >_>

And Knuckles?

He’s the most fun character to write for because he’s a little slow on the uptake. A lot of times, the things he is saying tend to be funny because he is trying to process what is happening. He’s our go to guy for the punch line and I think the show does that as well.

Yep! He’s more retarded in this series folks. “We can’t have this filthy ni- have any redeeming qualities beyond physique and comedy relief!”

In collaboration with the TV writers, we wanted to have a consistent approach with their personalities and the show really plays up on that.

It’s supposed to. It’s a fucking prequel after all. We live in an age where characters don’t arbitrarily change their persona’s between films without character development. Wouldn’t want to have any fuck ups like you did with Jak.

How does Eggman fit into this since Sonic Boom has a new main villain?

We wanted him to pass down the torch in terms of introducing a new villain. That’s a very fun dynamic that was very cool to create, these two guys have an uneasy partnership and we’ll be talking about that more at E3.

It’s not at all fun. If you’re not gonna have Robotnik as the main villain, don’t lump him into the games out of obligation. Since all you’re going to do is turn him into a clown, it would be more of a disservice. Hell, we had a robot pirate in Rush Adventure, I don’t recall buttnik being a relevant. Hell, we had Black Doom and Mephiles, and Mephelis wasn’t even needed as Robotnik was treated as a threat.

Damn, looking at this, all Sonic characters got derailed after Heroes. Robotnik is the Team Rocket of Sonic games these days.

We will still see a decent amount of Eggman in the game?

Oh yeah, absolutely. We wanted to tap into the best parts of canon and build on top of that. Eggman is in the game and there is a boss round with him here. Part of the narrative arc is being stronger with friends, which is what are team represents and that kind of discord the antagonist team goes through. They can ultimately never be able to work together, so that becomes their undoing. Versus the team, which learns to mesh together and use their individual skills to their best advantage.

For a company that wants to “surprise” people, Rafei has no idea that he spoiled the plot just now. Great, I have zero reason to invest any interest in the game unless this is a carefully worded lie.

It seems like there are more collectables in Sonic Boom like all of those robot parts in the demo.

Because we chose to do a character adventure, part of the genre is the ability to explore and to find these rare items. That’s where that comes from, to be true to the genre blending, taking those parts of Sonic that we love and putting a twist on it by giving it a classic character adventure feel. You go to the hubs, you meet NPCs, there are unlockables there, there are missions that they give you. There are home improvement missions you’ll see at the hubs and those are satisfied by collecting robot parts.

Damn, he just listed everything I hated about modern gaming. And HOME IMPROVEMENT MISSIONS!? Fuck right off with that mess!

Rafei is honestly convinced that he’s doing something ground breaking with Sonic Doom, when all he’s done was take the elements that people HATED about the modern games and is multiplying them by six.

The one thing that really needs to be abolished from games are the concepts of hub/overworlds unless it is strictly an RPG. They serve zero purpose beyond sluggish transitions between levels. There is usually nothing to do besides shoddy minigames that no one will like, and for Sonic, missions have never benefited the series. These are things that people do not want in Sonic games. Amma knows I’m tired of these goddamn fetch quests.

And what the fuck does “character adventure” mean? What’s the point of an adventure if there isn’t a character to partake in it? I make up my own terms in this blog, but at least I define them so the readers who haven’t been turned off by now would know half the shit I’m talkin about. Joyous movement still makes no goddamn sense.

Between this and that turd piece 3DS version, I don’t know what’s worse. We have a development team who has displayed their arrogance in the face of criticism (don’t bash without playing!), and picking and choosing what type of fan reactions to showcase, as well as going on to say that w/e their employer’s want is more important than what the fans want when Sega couldn’t give two fucks about this series to NOT outsource the damn series to people that clearly have no idea what the hell they’re doing, rather than the people who still clinges to the hope of seeing this series not get raped any further. All the design mistakes that have plagued this series and many other platformers are all here, “introduced” as though they’re completely new ideas that Sega hasn’t tried and failed to profit from.

You know what’s worse? Ed Boon talking about wanting to make a “cinematic” fighting game out of Mortal Kombat X! W/e the fuck that means, I fear for the worst! Injustice was cinematic enough, and it’s shit! Eh, I’ll wait for more info on that one. Why is Scorpion always kicking Sub Zero’s ass?

I’m sure this will be taken down soon. But from what I gather, Sonic is again the only character that looks fun to play. And the only fun segments are… the running segments, of course. But hearing the descriptions of “coop puzzles” terrifies me. And a lot of the combat seems limited to dragging enemies around to damage bigger bosses.

One thing I’ve noticed is that combat is…. slow. While the animations look nice, in hindsight seeing characters just have a hideously long frame delay between each hit is bad for my eyes. It makes combat look jagged, especially seeing Knuckles’s Spine Drive Upper from SA2 practically freezing between each hit. I honestly hoped the combat would look more enjoyable than what we got. And hearing that you use the gamepad when it comes time to separate from certain characters?

Who honestly liked this shit?

That is stupid design. All the hype about how the game is about “working together”, you have areas in which only one character can access at a time, leaving the other person behind temporarily. These fucking gimmicks, man. If that’s some horse’s ass way of showing off how “unique” each character is, you’re 20 years too late.

Thus far, I haven’t seen anything resembling “strategic” combat against enemies outside of bosses (which is a good thing, I suppose, can’t imagine what stupidity they would think of). There’s the silly “need to take care of shields” cliche we’ve seen about a million times, of course, but nothing too obnoxious yet. Perhaps (hopefully), that’s all there is to it while you repeat that process for about a million levels. I am bothered in seeing that during the running(GOOD) segments, you need to whip out that damn enerbeam just to progress through an obstacle. And it looks linear, too.

All in all, if the running segments didn’t take a back seat or have that tether shit in between, this would’ve been a nicer looking game. But for what it is, it looks like a poor man’s Mystic Heroes.

Toys of Doom

28 dollars!? Them’s Jewish prices for these cheap ass toys!