So, there’s a new trailer out for Lost Mind. I see the fanboys are already getting hyped up over the game being rated E10 (Return to Dreamland has the same rating. I wouldn’t hold my breath), the same fanboys literally orgasm’d at Zavok’s one line of dialogue “just lay down and die” as though it couldn’t be an empty threat, and the game shows off new Wisp powers. Bird power allows Sonic to fly… and that’s it. The desert looks suspiciously similar to the Dry Dry Desert from Paper Mario. And there’s the void Wisp from Colors DS, not at all new as the trailer suggests. There’s also….  “music note Sonic” whose power is to bounce around on tunes.

………..Fuck this game. This shit has officially killed Sonic the Hedgehog. Music Note Sonic is the equivalent to Caveman Drawing Link. What deranged shit-bird would find this “cool”? This is the true death of Sonic the Hedgehog as we know it.

The wisps are arbitrary enough as they are, but the trailer implies these powers are to be used to defeat the “deadly six”, but all I see are new power-ups only to be used for puzzles and fetch quests (just like 3D Mario). What offensive capabilities would a fucking music note provide to a street fight?!

None of the worlds look unique to Sonic, but copied from a typical Mario game. The jungle looks as though they were taken from Yoshi’s Story, and why would Sonic need to turn into a bird when Tails can give him a flight pick up? Are Wisps even popular? No one talks about them when they unduly praise the shit out of Colors.

The Nintarded X’ers have destroyed Sonic. Iizuka has destroyed Sonic. And he’s been doing this since 2005 with that fucking gun, destroying any appeal the series had left after the devastation of Sonic X and the Advance series. It seems everywhere but America, people have a few brain cells about this insane direction Sega and Nintendo are taking the series. People extol it at the brink of their own insanity, not knowing the destruction this game will rout.

Classic Sonic was never “uncool” at any point. Look at that glare on his face. You know he wouldn’t have any of this bullshit. Even with his insignificance in Generations, he was still cool (probably because his muteness saved him from the wrath of the Colors writers). I mean, really, who the fuck found Colors to be funny? If anyone ever had the idea that comedy equates to a perfectly timed fart, then Sonic Colors is a fart that has been going on for 2 hours and the room reeks of shit, and the presence of rectal bleeding proceeds.

See, if Sega of America still had any influence over the series, we wouldn’t have this shit. The western side knew how to appeal to kids AND adults. The Japanese side has consistently proven they incapable of doing so themselves. Gaining full control of the series in around 2003 has completely doomed Sonic to this.

He looks like a cracked out fucking retard in this pic.

SOJ seems out of control in their attempts to deprive the blue blur of any coolness he might have had left. Why? They never wanted it in the first place. They wanted Sonic to be the “Japanese Mickey Mouse” last I heard.

Well, Merry fucking christmas, you assholes. Music Note Sonic is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.