Ok, since this asshole won’t stop posting my shit up on Gamefaqs, I now have a small group of Castlevania fans foaming at the mouth wanting to massacre me. So let’s see this wonderful thread titled “A possible explanation of why people like LOS?”.

The vindictiveness is quite strong with these fans.


Let’s see, this one is from that Nico guy…

“And what he says about Super Metroid isn’t really true. Its format was re-used in Metroid Zero Mission and Fusion. ”

No shit. It’s made by the same company that made Super Metroid. Nintendo doesn’t really understand why their games don’t sell well, otherwise 3D Mario would be selling people on the mother fucking Wii. It’s never been the case on N64 or Gamecube since… ever.

And if I recall, these games were poorly received and sold less than Metroid Prime and even the NES Classic series rerelease of Metroid on the GBA. This despite the fact that you can unlock the NES game on Zero Mission, but who wants to play through that pile of horse piss just to play the NES game?

Metroid in general never set the world on fire until Retro Studios came out with Prime. Notice how Metroid skipped a generation after Super Metroid? Nintendo isn’t (well, wasn’t) the type of company to keep pushing out product that didn’t meet a sales goal. Super Metroid did not meet their sales goal for the Super Nintendo. Super Metroid was not successful enough for Nintendo to give a shit for the N64 era. Why do Metroid fans keep trying to sidestep that issue by some half-assed logic that it’s revered on the internet by a fanbase that only increased in size with the release of Metroid Prime?


Ala Johnathan F_G (whatever the hell that means)

“Why won’t Nintendo port that game onto the 3DS with updated sprites and extra content?”

1. It’s shit.

2. Nintendo made the 3DS for 3d gaming. They couldn’t give 2 shits about 2D games outside of Mario. And why should they? The last 2 Metroid games that were in 2D were shit. Again, the Metroid fanbase increased in size thanks to Metroid Prime. NOT Super Metroid.

And of course, instead of looking into why the games were shit, Nintendo just opts not to do another one because of the previous game’s blunders. Look at Starfox Command and tell me why Shigeru Miyamoto threatened to kill off the series if Starfox 3DS didn’t sell (which it didn’t)?


“This game copied GOW and Shadows of the Colossus, so unoriginal. Castelvania copied Metroid and it was good.”

This writer doesn’t even know where he is going in the article.”

What did Castlevania do with the Metroid Formula? Made an attempt to improve it. What did Castlevania do with GOW and SOTC? They blatantly copied it.

You can at least feel that SOTN is different from Super Metroid in some regard. The only real similarity is an overworld with save points. Infact, IGA made attempts in every installment to innovate the series while the Metroids stagnated.


A certain Nepos

“The author also denigrates Patrick Stewart and Valkyrie Profile.”

If you enjoy watching Patrick Stewart ”spouting off for 40 minutes” you might as well go “watch paint dry.”

Why hasn’t a single Valkyrie game ever broken past the 1 million mark? And why does it sell like shit in every market that’s not named Japan? Because other markets have something you lack. “Good taste”.


“exactly you cannot copy a game that had similar combat in the series before said game was released LOI was 2003 and GOW 2005”

This is a powerful myth amongst the CV crowd. The mere addition of a long ranged whip weapon does not constitute GOW ripping off LOI. Where are all the quick time events in LOI? Why isn’t kratos a queer?


kirusu (so japanese!)

“i read scrolled down on this article and saw this guy complaining about dawn of sorrow. now i know you are just trolling, because that game was easy as hell.”

Congrats! You can’t read.

What else can be expected from a forum filled to the brim with illiteracy problems and issues with comprehension?

Point out to where I said DOS was fucked up because it was “hard”. It’s easier if you don’t scroll too fast. I know you’re in a rush to watch the next fagtastic episode of Fruits Basket but please, do confirm that you at least know the difference between “hard” and “tedious”.


Devil May Fry

“Gears of War has nothing to do with LoS,”

You are literally too stupid to insult.



“Guy has no idea what hype (Halo = good example, Dark Souls = bad example), longevity (news flash, people still play and/or remember SOTN or Super Metroid) or bad design is all about.”

Maybe not hype, but I can tell you that if you play through a LONG ASS GAME, and then you are required to go back to the beginning of the game to find some random item you need to progress because you weren’t aware of it when you started playing the mother fucker, then yes, that’s bad design.

And remembering is all they really do for Super Metroid. I see more people demanding Prime games than another Super Metroid. If Super Metroid was not badly designed, you’d see more people demanding more Super Metroid. And I don’t see requests besides the guy wanting a port.

Hell, I see MORE people demanding a sequel/HD Remake to SOTN than Super Metroid. Surely, the “best game in the Metroid series” should command more respect than this.



“Asshole”, stop posting my shit on Gamefaqs.