Ugh, Rayman Legends has a definitive edition? Seriously!? Who bought the vanilla edition to care about some extra costumes!?

Good lord, this bitch is back

I gotta stop doing so many Sonic posts. Hell I didn’t even know MVCI is apparently out right now. I realize I don’t pay a lot of attention to videogames anymore. With the mess that went down in Charlottesville and recently with St. Louis, not to mention all the shit i’ve been going through lately, I should probably come to accept that… *sighs* maybe I am getting too old for gaming. Either that or it’s the depression talking again. 

I mean hell, I’ve practically ignored the existence of Nintendo for a while. It’s not uncommon for anyone to do so, but they’re the only other mother fuckers I try to cover, and I’m like “Who the hell is Nintendo!? Are they making good shit? Nope!” Aw hell, that new Metroid dropped recently too, huh?

Bah, that’s my baggage.

I didn’t really give a lot a thought to the most recent Japanese trailer that came out. All things considered, I’m legitimately looking forward to this game. You know how damn long it’s been since I had that kind of anticipation!? Every news bit that comes out has this game looking better as the days go on. Though im positive the westside will get screwed in some capacity, namely writing and dialogue. But what we have right now is lookin pretty good.

Im a little disappointed that Infinite is a science project. I was expecting him to be some Mephilis type of villain in that he reshapes reality for his own purposes. But… no, he’s a robot voiced by Liam O’Brien. Idk, it’s not a total loss, it just feels like he’ll be a lesser villain as a result. But oh well, I guess Robotnik needs some redemption after the humiliation of having his robots controlled by some random cocksuckers twice in a row.

As for the rest of the trailer, I get a SatAM vibe from it. Though, if Silver is in the resistance, I don’t see why he can’t just rape Robotnik’s entire army in an instant. He’s over-powered as shit, and has a goddamn super form! Damn the resistance,  He’s a one man army!

But yeah, the game is looking pretty damn good so far. The 2D sections, however,  look bland and unexciting, but that’s par the course. I still hate this trash rock singer. I was never a fan of Crush 40, but this guy sounds like one of those trashy teen rock groups you’d hear from some xtreme sports/parkour video on youtube. Absolutely terrible! And im gonna go ahead and say this… but Sonic’s main musical genre… should not be rock.  “But rock music is edgy!” No, Rock music, especially modern Rock, is used by people who want to create the impression of being edgy. What you create instead is an aura of juvenility. It’s why half of Guilty Gear’s soundtracks are forgettable piles of junk. None of them stand out and feel like they were composed by angsty goths oh im rambling again. 

As i’ve become a lazy shit, I appreciate all who’ve passed along anymore info pertaining to Forces. Speaking of which..

I had completely forgotten about that. You have to wonder if this little change was why the game got delayed back in the spring. There’s nothing to actually justify it.

I don’t know anything about this Phantom Ruby, though. 

Well, that remains to be seen. For all we know, Knuckles could be the “Antoine” of the group. Sonic could be knocked out of commission, and Knuckles, in all his envy, tries to take over the resistance, but ends up being too incompetent to organize and command it, so that when Sonic eventually returns, Knuckles will learn humility. That kind of shit.

After the BS they pulled with Boom Knux, I don’t trust it. Here’s hoping i’m wrong.

Hah! Better than the official story!

I’ll do that only if ol’ fatboy murders someone with a rock.

This is also a beautiful thing! Iizuka coming out of his comfort zone and allowing other characters to be playable. .. which negates the purpose of CaC’s entirely, but eh. That pre-order Shadow costume is now officially worthless! 

Why the hell do you have to download it, though? The shit is free, been announced 2 months in advance, they should just include it in the game when they press the discs. This is just inconvenient for the sake of.

Sega wasn’t one to go on a dlc craze, now we got all this pre-order shit going on. They must be thinking Pso2 micro-transactions will translate to all their other games. And for the ability to play as other characters, this is a slippery slope. Soon enough, because of all the demand, we’ll be paying to play as extra characters! This is something we need to be cautious about. 

I probably wouldn’t give a damn if it were Knuckles that was playable.  😛 Even so, from what I’ve seen, Shadow is literally a Sonic skin anyway. The same moves, no variant abilities, he has some orange trail.. stuff.. coming out of his ass, I guess that counts as new. I get the feeling that this might’ve been rushed if Shadow is just a skin. Considering Iizuka’s resistance toward the option of playing different characters,  this would not surprise mr one bit.

And that would’ve made the game more interesting. Far more interesting. But again, that would require Iizuka to not be a lazy shit. And allow for the ability to play as different characters. It’d be hilarious if the bastard was using the constant 06 backlash to justify not giving us extra characters since 2008.

Personally,  I think I’ve said all I needed to about Mania. I’ll probably check back and see about those NPD numbers if I can get them, but I don’t know what else I could say about it. Other than how no one gives a shit about Mania after 2 weeks. 

To me, Mania is wasted potential promoted endlessly by youtube shills and journalists.  But at least the music’s good.

Ah, and Justin passed along more of Iizuka’s lies. “We don’t want to make SA3 just to make fans happy because it’s a step backwards” said a month after Mania’s release. 

And there was never a Black Digi-destined either!

See, it’s this kind of nonsense I can’t stomach anymore from this industry. There’s so many fucking lies being spouted endlessly, all the while still wanting money from people. This medium is too damn expensive to BS people consistently. Who the hell is gonna believe that shit after Mania just came out!? And this was a last minute decision, no less. And of course the boost gameplay came back in Forces.

Just another day in Asia, I guess. Deceit is their culture. But hell, they don’t even try to lie anymore.