I happened upon some news which Sonic Forces will have DLC.  “Breath taking”

Classic Sega characters that you’d know fuck all about without the All-Stars Racing games get fugly cameo costumes no one will buy.  Well, i’d probably check out Beat’s costume, that looks nice. But eh, pure aesthetics.  What is known as “acceptable DLC”. šŸ˜›

Sega never really bothers to put much effort into Sonic DLC, which I find refreshing. But I don’t recall them ever going the pre-order route. Amma knows they need to keep out of that shit. But… guess what the bonus is.

Wow, that’s ugly as hell!

Fantastic idea, morons! Instead of an authentic skin, lets just make Shadow a hat so the face can look hideously distorted! Brilliant

No, I don’t care that it’s poorly designed. But… look at this. This is SOJ’S current idea… of letting you play as different characters now. Instead of the actual fucking characters, you instead have these shit skins as a substitute. You cannot play as the raw mutha fuckas, you have a cosplay party going on.

Now the existence of the CaC is suspect. Afterall, Avatars are merely blank slates with no pre-defined abilities. What better excuse for experimental gameplay than a blank slate? That way, very few people could honestly complain about a lack of variety in abilities so long as the premise of “normal citizen in this world” exists.

I realize this isn’t going to make a lot of sense,  and it’s mostly me just overreacting, but i’m seeing a thought process here that says Iizuka or whoever else involved with the game’s design is more focused on the experimental gameplay than the availability of characters. And that these avatars are now a shallow response to people who want to play as those other characters. And I suspect this goes back to why Iizuka never wanted to make an SA3. Because then he’d have to continue the same line of design and thinking in making multiple gameplay styles for different. Now, while I wasn’t a fan of treasure hunting or those fucking mechs (gah I hated those clunky bastards) I will say that the next 2 games were handled poorly in this regard. Sonic Heroes, where characters were squeezed into teams and had drastically minor differences in their abilities, limiting the amount of work they would have to do in designing 12 separate characters. What could’ve been the best damn Sonic game of that Generation was held back by this team system. But I suspect it’s because Iizuka did not want to do the work of defining 12 separate character abilities. 

Shadow the Hedgehog, obviously, you only have a single character playable unless you have siblings who can access a rather shitty version of Shadow with no  gun capabilities, or that 2 player mode with nothing but Shadow clones. Simply was no excuse for that.

06 is it’s own can of worms, but then we get to Unleashed and it’s been a steady pattern of solo characters. We no longer get the options to choose anyone outside of Sonic. Because now we have Sonic portrayed as the tech demo for new, experimental gameplay. If any other characters were playable and had defined abilities, Werehog would be seen as unnecessary. The wisps would be seen as unnecessary. The parkour system and overwhelming puzzles would be seen as unnecessary. The only games that allowed you to play as other characters… came almost exclusively from third parties. Because those people are not interested in experimental gameplay (except maybe BRB). Problem is outside of Dimps and taxman, those guys were terrible with Sonic.

You can tell that having multiple characters would interfere with what Iizuka wants to do with this series simply by how hesitant he comes off when regarding these panels whereby a conscious fan may ask “will we get to use other characters besides Sonic”? The answers are always vague and are meant to jerk you around. The avatar in this sense is now a half-assed means of mitigating those fans who want a return to character variety. Instead, it serves as yet another excuse for experimental gameplay ie saving wisps from the scrap heep and partially shoving them off to another character. 

The shadow costume is not only hideous but is also insulting in this regard. It taunts you with a character you’d rather be playing than a blank slate. But all it would serve to do here is remind everyone of the game that ruined Sonic in the eyes of many, and castrated the psyche of the Fandom for the last 12 years goddamn it’s been 12 years since Shth came out!? This quarter life crisis ain’t no joke!