Well, it has been confirmed. We finally have a reason as to why Retro Sonic is in Forces. And that reason is fuck all. This was provided by a Justin. The source is in his comment from my last post. This is ofcourse another interview done from a Nintendo site so ofcourse Sega tries to sell people on the value of the Switch even though the games are fucking multiplatform!

I won’t do the whole interview as there isn’t a whole lot to be gained from it all imo.

 So right here, yhe explanation for Retro Sonic is that Nakamura wanted to detail the story better. A character who’s involvement in the story is nebulous…. but is necessary to… detail the story better. He said controlling different characters is essential to explaining the world more efficiently. We know this was the trope of 3D Sonic games from 98-06. He wanted characters that would feel like Sonic to be playable… which you have:

Tails. Knuckles. Cream. Shadow. Metal Sonic. Blaze (especially this cunt). All of these characters were created with abilities similar to those of Sonic’s. This game was being made side by side with Mania, yet this jap isn’t even taking a hint. So instead, he puts in Retro Sonic to express the world better, even though there is nothing that connects retro sonic to the game itself.

Justin bluntly states that this was a complete lie. And in trying to make sense of Nakamura’s reasoning, it’s hard to disagree. Half the fandom is nicknaming the game “Generations 2”, and for good reason. Retro Sonic’s mere presence gives them no other indication. Egg Dragoon all but confirms it. The presence of older villains demand such a title.

But more so than that, the game is borrowing ideas from the likes of Xillia 2 and DB Xenoverse. 2 games that are heavily dependent upon fanservice to sell themselves. Creating your own character/using a semi-preset avatar to interact with all your favorite characters. Forces is no different In this regard. Hell, with the playable avatars, retro Sonic’s inclusion for this very reason is completely unnecessary. The Avatars being regular everyday citizens can do well in explaining/expressing this universe as they live it. Why they don’t just have retard sonic and the avatar as playable characters and drop retro sonic altogether is anyone’s guess. It’s a waste of resources as there simply is no (good) reason for it’s presence other than, I suppose, to troll fans.

Unless… this is my original theory in that Retro Sonic comes to this world from a different dimension as a result of infinite or something, which would make sense and Nakamura would be an idiot not to use that. “Sonic Dimensions” was a rumored title after all. And these cocksuckers are trying to separate the muddled continuity for Amma knows what reason.

Yes, my last post was shit. I was having a helluva week. 😛 You try co