A while back, I showed my last 2 posts to the Nintendo fan at work (if anyone recalls him) where, while he wasn’t completely offended, mentioned that I had spent like 4 posts talking about the wonders of the Nintard mind, and it was chapping his ass. He’s begging the question of if I had anything nice to say about Nintendo fans or if I despise them outright. Probably some strange measure of assurance, a person can’t 100% not tolerate something or else they’re biased and have no credibility based on that alone. It’s a logical fallacy that says one’s views on a subject has to be balanced (Like/Dislike) to be credible. It’s why you see so many people online when they rant about something, they go “mind you, I do like this one thing!” To soften the blow, because they know bitches be sensitive. 

But if you’re reading this… “dude”…. no, I don’t hold you all in contempt. And there’s only one specific reason why. Nintendo fans will actually help you if you have a problem. If anyone recalls, some years back I had issues with my 2DS’ s R button. It was acting like it was being pressed all the time. I asked around some forums and people were legitimately trying to find solutions. No one really had an answer, but they were courteous and patient the whole time. Eventually, the R button unfucked itself and I haven’t had issues since (mainly cause I don’t play it anymore, mind you)

See, you won’t get help like that from no fuckin Sony fans. You got questions or issues with your devices, you better go to official employees or wikis for answers. Sony fans will outright insult you for not being smart enough to figure out these issues out on your own. “Use the search function, dipshit!” Yes, info that may be outdated will help me now, you arrogant fuck. You get all kinds of hassle, Sony fans are not pleasent people to be around. So yeah, Nintendo fans aren’t completely insufferable. 

Those goddamn Mario/Zelda fans are where I draw some fuckin lines.

But yeah, enough with the fandoms. Sonic Mania releases in 2 weeks! And oddly enough, I’ve gotten over the zone ratio. Unless I missed some news, thats just not getting fixed.

Looking at some of the more recent Mania vids and news, my prospects for the game are a lot better than before. The Chemical Plant remix was lovely and I assumed the delay was to actually remix the zones so they feel fresh and new

Then I saw a vid for Act 1.

By that, I am assuming that each Zone’s first Act will be an old rendition while each second Act will be the actual remix. That…. I dont like one bit. It comes off a tad lazy and creates this conundrum. The fans are gonna want new content, so people are likely to not enjoy playing the first Act of each zone, instead preferring to rush through to get to Act 2. The replay value is reduced as you’d have just a fragment of a zone to replay should you ever feel the desire. This is why I harped on the Zone Ratio so much because that spells a lack of new content you’d want to replay through. 

I know some people would say “well, Act 2 is the reward” and I say to hell with that! If Mania is some love letter to 30 year old fans, the game itself needs to be the reward. 

Bah…. I do think they’re going a bit cuckoo with trying to make the game feel as old as possible while having some hipster techno music playing in that trailer (actual manuals) and the game is loaded on hype. I don’t think i’ve seen this much fanfare for Mega Man 9, and that’s a franchise people don’t openly despise. Goes to show how starved people are for a halfway decent Sonic game.

Still, we should all hope for the best that Mania succeeds significantly in sales. Not internet reviews and praise. A sales failure for Mania is not desirable on any level. Otherwise, I truly fear the fate of this series if it doesn’t do well.

I really love the zone music, though. That soundtrack is fucking legit.