Asks the Ghetto-hog.

Another video in which he discusses how zee punk British asshole took down his video after getting 0 praise for…. hatin. And…its actually hilarious. The fandom is getting tired of this shit. You’ve got internet pseudo journalists creating all these false narratives to suggest that something is inherently wrong with Sonic games as a whole. At some point, people are going to get sick of it. 

But…. the American gaming industry mentality takes a while to mature. We still have people bitching about a camera angle that was changed to not focus on Rainbow Mika’s ass. Apparently, the industry still thinks it’s cool to shit on the franchise, and people are telling them “No, fuck you. After the last 4 years of Nintard pandering, We’re finally getting 2 games that’s made for the actual fans, taking after things we actually enjoyed, and you assholes are sitting here trying desperately to convince us it’s wrong!? Ain’t happenin!” For Tahuti’s sake, you had a pack of dumbasses trying to weave a narrative to suggest that the likes of Sonic 2 was bad. Yeah, IGN, I know, hell wit it. They were trying to convince you that The old Sonic games were bad based on pure lies. That’s how desperate they’ve gotten, these journalists are outright lying about these games. 

Hey, dipshit 1 uh… is it still cool to bash the Sonic franchise?”

“Idk, dipshit 2. Lets get a bunch of youtubers to claim that even the old Sonic games are bad, and see where that gets us! ALL HAIL THE STATUS QUO!”

But the question is why do they feel the need to lie about this franchise? Afterall, you’ve got assloads of material… ah, right. People are tired of bashing 06 now after 10 years, so lets jump on werehog! Lets ignore Lost Mind and Bust because those were “the happy Nintenwhore years!” See, they don’t want to admit that a Nintendo direction is detrimental to Sonic. It would be suggesting that Nintendo infact fallible. 

Aside from that, legit criticism of Forces is, oddly enough, rare. Shouts out to Splob for actually pointing out real issues the game has. Frankly, Soj not explaining as of yet why Retro Sonic is even in the game is bothersome. Otherwise, you get trolls. Maybe some Goblins and Orcs. They come up with dumbass reasons like “grimdark, reeks of werehog!” Or “2 fast 4 me”

But, enough of that. Silly as it is, GH pegs the question of why Nintendo and Sega fans can’t “get along”. Afterall, the companies themselves did.

Well first off, the Japanese divisions had no real beef with each other. Infact, most Japanese companies don’t see each other as competition or obstacles to overcome.  They all have this “We’re here to make Nihon great!” Mentality. Why do you think Jtoons keep promoting the power of friendship? The supposed rivalry of Nintendo and Sega arised from a marketing campaign by Tom Kalinske, who I remind you was thought of as an idiot by SOJ themselves. Japan doesn’t believe in competition against their own, or not as often as we do.

So technically speaking, Sega and Nintendo did not have any beef. The only ones I know that don’t like each other are Treasure and Enix over copyright issues. Poor Mischief Makers” This is exclusively an American phenomenon. 

Here’s the problem. Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t shit in Japan. Sonic’s popularity erected from the west. And a big reason why was thanks to the marketing campaign. A factor of Sonic’s fame did indeed come from the rivalry between NOA and SOA. So to remove that from Sonic’s core DNA and go on this Nintendo pride parade is one of the worst things you can do. At least for the west. Japan is so isolated from the world, they can’t bring themselves to give a shit about what makes games appealing internationality outside of reducing women to tits dragging around a body. Yes I’m a prude now, fuck it.

As far as actual fandoms getting along, never gonna happen. Nintendo fans,  especially the Nintards, are not interested in friendship with communities of different tastes. Internet gaming communities in general lack empathy for people. They’re too mal-adjusted for that. These People don’t want to surround themselves with other people who have ideals from them. It makes them feel lonely, like there’s less people out there who feel the same way they do. And as I’ve talked about earlier, if you end up surrounded by people who think less of you because you are different, you tend to be hostile towards others.

That and Nintendo fans were fucked with relentlessly by Sony fans so ofcourse they feel like the internet is a war zone. That being said, they also want easy targets to vent their frustrations on. And Sonic is the easiest target they can find. Afterall, the rest of the world no longer cares about Sonic, and those who do have nothing by bile to spew about, so naturally they feel emboldened to join in on the fun. And with idiots like Iizuka in charge, they don’t have to worry about losing their punching bag anytime soon. 

Nintendo fans picked up some baaaad habits from their Sony counterparts thanks to the Wii’s success. Supreme amongst all is their unbridled arrogance. They literally believe Nintendo can do no wrong. That tends to irritate people and make them hostile to Nintendo fans on principle. 

It‘s kind of a silly question, honestly. I think Ghetto-hog is trying too hard to not piss off people. Understand, when you’re dealing with the topic of gaming, that’s gonna happen. You will run into people that are psychologically incapable  of accepting a differing perspective. And thats good. Some fuckers need to get pissed off. That’s how some people grow up, honestly. That and people make a killing off of controversy. 

Either that or he needs subscribers for money. And to that I say…. w/e. Wait… wasn’t Youtube demonetized lately? 

There’s a huge Mania vs Forces climate right now and Pro-Mania people feel like they must shit on Forces to elevate Mania for some reason.