RIP last bastion of coolness

I remember back when my Genesis died, my only access to Sonic material came from the comics. More specifically, the Knuckles comics. I damn near caught every issue. But I missed a lot. 

The Knuckles comics were especially great cause… at the time I discovered them, Knuckles Chaotix was out. Obviously cause of S3K, I wanted it badly. The characters looked amazing at the time. But… money, so that never happened. But that’s what made the comics so special. TV networks didn’t pump out enough Sonic material for anyone to get invested in these characters, so the comics filled that void easily. And these guys were amazing. Mighty had super strength, Espio could cloak, Vector… was the shit talker who couldn’t fight worth a damn, and Charmy was…. evicted from the group after hot dog poisoning :P. 

Wasn’t there a fire ant in that group?

And their villains just oozed wickedness! Enerjak, Mammoth Mogul, and… hell even that human hunter from the last 3 issues. Ok I can’t even lie about him.

Yeah, the Knuckles series got worse after the hot dog shit. The stories delved into romantic comedy bullshit and having to deal with bullies from the past (YEAH, IM KING OF THE HILL!) And JuliefuckingSu. I’ve never seen a tomboy so unlikable since Michelle Rodriguez. Rouge is the one thing the games have over the comics in this regard.

But yeah, after they canned the Knuckles way back then, I stopped following the comics. I know they merged the 2, but the red man’s stories and art suffered tremendously. I think the older material was better. I did like the two parter where Sonic and Tails were fighting an advanced Mecha Sonic in the forest. I think the last one I ever picked up was one where Sonic was fighting some red chinese dragon. That also had terrible art.

But yeah, up until I could afford games, the comics were a damn good substitute. I remember all the Super Specials! Including the ones where you had the females turn into Sailor Moon knock offs, the one featuring Zonic and Kintobor, and the one that had introduced Sonic Underground! I also remember the bad ones like Sonic Kids.

But my absolute favorite one had Super Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, and fucking Turbo Tails fighting Mammoth Mogul in an alternate dimension. For a long time, I thought Turbo Tails was real! He looked badass! But that issue alone was fantastic. 

I had a lot of fun reading these comics. After SA1 when the games actually had developed actual plots, I felt the comics held little purpose for me, so I overlooked the rest of the series altogether. Ofcourse now with how shit the game plots have become, the comics would again serve a purpose. Though considering all the legal piss going about giving Julie-Su a more grotesquely mannish appearance (I can’t remember all the details) and with SOJ ramming their cock into the comics, that purpose was killed off quickly.

And now this.

While I haven’t read a single issue since 2002, I feel bad for those who still did. With Pontaff style writing being a thing in the future, these thin books would’ve been a nice release valve for all the garbage we’d have to stomach. Unless you’re a Knuckles fan, maybe. I’m not sure if his stories ever got better in the last 16 years but nonetheless…. we could always count on Archie, from the 90’s to now, to deliver to us what Sega would continuously fail to deliver. Memorable stories, fantastic battles, and badass concepts. One thing Archie was not was creatively bankrupt. 

Then again, I wouldn’t know these days. And like I said, romance comedy and bullies wasn’t even close to what I came to the comics for. Or maybe it’s cause I hated Julie-Su so much. And they fucked and made a baby too..

Judging by Danido’s comments (I haven’t watched those vids yet), this could be the end of Sonic’s coolness.