I honestly have zero experience with the Crash Bandicoot series. Most of that can be attributed to my time spent as a Nintard, shouting and spitting all kinds of poison at PlayStation. 

Well, no, there was that Mind over Mutant game on Wii, I don’t really care much for that game either. The characters were hideous and the unapologetic emphasis on what drug-induced writers call “comedy” just killed any enthusiasm I had in that game. Plus, the copy I had was messed up anyway so I couldn’t get far without it freezing.

As far as I’m aware, N-sane trilogy is an HD upgrade of the original PSX trilogy? And from the looks of it, it looks like all the trash coming from Dreamworks steeped in the hyperbolic logic that “it is animated. Thus, by the law of God, it MUST be silly and full of humor!”

It’s one thing to assume a cartoon needs to be funny, it’s another to bash the audience over the head with it… while being absolutely shit at it.

Gameplay wise, I think if developers took after Crash Bandicoot instead of SM64, 3D Platformers would’ve lasted longer. This is as arcade as a 3D platformer could get. On the other hand, it just… doesn’t interest me. I don’t know if it’s baggage from Mind over Mutant, or the general slapstick aesthetic, but i’m just not diggin it. I don’t know if the games have always been like this.

Course that got me thinking. Why do so many people overdo comedy relief?

 I mean, the MCU is one thing, but for several animated movies and/or videogames with anthromorphic characters to go this route? I’m shocked Sly Cooper played it straight for all of it’s entries. 

It might be just that misinformed millennial way of thinking when looking at the subject of cartoons. They see Looney Tunes and think “these cartoons are silly with all their slapstick humor, this must be the extent of their content!”. Nevermind that Looney Tunes was one of the smartest and classiest cartoons you could watch. It’s this prevalent attitude towards cartoons that has poisoned the Sonic fandom’s way of thinking. Because it is cartoony, it needs to be full of humor.

Hell, i’m starting to think the whole “Light and Dark” debate is less about the tone and more about maturity and silliness. Current Sonic is all about being funny and failing miserably. The same mentality that pervaded in Lost Mind, Boom, and possibly Forces is the same nonsense we’ve seen in All 4 One, Sacred 3, and Mind over Mutant. This isn’t just trying to be funny, it’s bashing you over the head with it. Constant attempts at humor at every inch and every corner. And it is repulsive. 

I don’t know anyone who finds this kind of humor funny. Children aren’t at all mentally capable of getting this kind of “comedy”. Adults certainly don’t find this shit funny. This form of comedy, where they feel like they’re debating with you on whether or not you should take any of their shit seriously, seems to be an attitude shared amongst Hollywood and the game industry at large. That because it is cartoony, it must be funny 100% of the time.

It’s this kind of shit that drives people toward Anime. A cesspool of pretentiousness and perversion.

But I’m getting off topic. I don’t know what to think about N-Sane Trilogy. Generally speaking, I enjoy retro collections, but why don’t they just go ahead and make an actual sequel? This is yet another PlayStation franchise after Ratchet to get remade and yet I hear nothing about an actual sequel. Ah right, Naughty Dog is too busy jackin off to interactive movies and fake difficulty. 

Maybe you could ask Heat about it. I know nothing of Crash Bandicoot.