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Thanx Justin.

which doesn’t negate the fact that it’s a fanservice title. Afterall, why reuse Egg Dragoon if this is a different dimension? 

Excuse Plot is an excuse plot. What would’ve been interesting though cliche is if modern Sonic was actually on Robotnik’s side and because he’s OP as fuck, helped him rule the world. Then you’d have the perfect excuse as to why Retro Sonic is in the game. But then the assholes in the fandom would cry “INJUSTICE RIPOFF!”

He’s so ugly, goddamn! 😛


You have to admire Sega for being secretive with pre-release info. They’re actually trying to keep things under wraps now. As annoying as it is for me.

City Heights and Park Avenue are literally the same area. Or are we going back to SA2 branding of stages IE Radical Highway/Tails’ s variant? 😛

I’m not complaining, I just don’t see the point of calling them different names when they use the same damn textures.

Not to mention the main reason people will give Forces a fair shot…. if only a handful of people. 

Why do I get the feeling that was a loaded… “question”?

Anywho, this is the first time I’ve heard of Sega reading (or hell, even accepting) fan letters for anything. Their output sure as hell doesn’t show it.

Then again, someone had the idea of putting Axel Stone in PXZ2 so… who knows?

Oh, so these Wispons aren’t stage exclusive!?

*sigh* as much I bemoan the wisps, this is a good call. I can see tons of replay value with that alone.

I do question this “volume” of parts they claim to have. I don’t believe they’ll have a lot to show for it. Or at least won’t have decent parts to not come out looking fucking retarded like that trailer wolf trash.

Well this interview turned gay, didn’t it?

Oh look, we’re going on about Mania again.

So Mania’s existence was both an afterthought. … and an assumption!?

Fuck me, I was right! They did assume, ahem…. “classic” fans gave up on Sonic after 98! Pay attention to the wording.

But we suspect there may also be fans who enjoy playing both games”

Nice job knowing your audience, dipshits. This isn’t the same thing as with 2D and 3D Mario, both variants of Sonic are action games (stopped being the case in 2010 when Sega went coocoo for Famicock). Sonic fans had little reason, outside of forced genre roulette and Saturn baggage, to not give 3D Sonic a chance. 

Also, since when did a Z-Axis dictate a change in style for game rules? Sonic doesn’t need Treasure hunts or goddamn puzzles to break up a monotony that most fans aren’t even tired of. Sonic is based on the principles of Arcade Centrism. The boost gameplay is as arcadey as it can be. Half the time, all this other bullshit (like the damn wisps) are added for the ease of the developer’s monotony control rather than the benefit and consideration of the player’s desires. 

Course that’s a difficult message to pass on thanks to the overwhelming nintards that have infiltrated the fandom, those cocksuckers literally jerk off to puzzles.

Didn’t I tell y’all Sega was a bunch of graphics whores? 😛

Seriously though, were they trying to sell us on the Switch? Is it A wonder people think Nintendo bought you out? 

Again, more info that makes Forces look awesome, and more garbage that makes Mania look worse.