Not even yo fine ass can get me to break out some jacksons.

Hypest thing about Mobile gaming, right!?

Im getting real sick of these nanny systems. This bullshit whereby you have literal “Play Stocks” to say “hey, this mother fucka’s been on this shit too long! Cut him off!”

The first I’ve seen of this crap was in Power Rangers Dash whereby you only have 5 Stamina stacks before the game itself dictates that you can’t play for a good hour or so before you can play it again. At first, since this was Power Rangers, I thought this was some shit put into the game to appease soccer moms. You know, not wanting their brats to ruin their eyesight and all. 

But here we are with a roguelike zombie game limiting you to a few plays and then telling you to wait it out for some refill time constraint.

The real bullshit, however, is that you have this option whereby you can pay for more play stocks. So if you’re too impatient and spendthrift enough to wait for a complete refill on playstocks, you can pay REAL WORLD MONEY to play again.

What kind of fuck shit!?

These mobile game developers, man, they’re a trip. I know they need money, a lot of these apps are already free, but goddamn! They need to learn a thing or 2 about making real incentives. Cause first off, none of these damn apps are good enough to spend any amount money on. They’re usually fun for a little while, but most people don’t keep these games for longer than a month or so. These games get old fast and are so heavily steeped in repetition that the thought of paying money just so 1 can play more often is downright stupid. 

Secondly, the way these devs handle unlockable content is painful. All the shmups i’ve played have all these extra ships that are impossible to get in a short time without plunking down cash. So really, you’re stickung with one ship for the long haul. The tactic is dreadfully obvious and actually discourages people from buying anything from the creators (unless it’s that goddamn Candy Crush), least of all some play stocks. To justify that, the game would have to be really damn good or have some kind of variety! App games are built around being repetitive! Ironically, Stupid Mario Run tries to have variety via levels with emergent gameplay. Geometry Dash updates it’s own mechanics creating interest in new challenges and forever catchy music. 

What idiocy would justify play stocks in a game about shooting cars all day!?

Just imagine if console developers started implementing nonsense like this in their games with them costing as much as a second mortgage. $100 Deluxe scams and all. No one would stand for it. Oh who am I kidding, college kiddies will find anything to justify. “It’s their game, they have the right to keep you from playing it!” All that noise.

It’s just pathetic seeing the lengths mobile developers will go just to make money. Their greed almost eclipses that of Gearbox. Knowing damn well people are changing the settings to avoid this shit.