Ok, lets see here..

In other words:

Wolf: Enjoy your perma Magnet Barrier! 

Rabbit: For when you need to puss out Of a fight quickly.

Cat: “Oh darling, we’re just…. too good to hold on to 10 rings like that Shadow guy. All that extra baggage might weigh down my charisma!”

Dog: So useless, you have to do die to reap the benefits!

Bear: You can’t ignore my bark! Or my 06 physics! 

Bird: Trust and believe I am the only real choice here.

Hedgehog: How to fail at promoting choice by one easy-mode species…… unless this is broadly defined and it means you catch rings in the middle of your damage animation…. then otherwise it’s completely pointless.

If there was any indication that the CaC was a fully-fledged RPG character, these “abilities” would make sense… to some degree. Otherwise, only the bird has anything resembling variation from the others. Maybe the Bear too. These are not “abilities”, these are “perks”. Class-specific-bonuses if you will. None of which offer any actual incentive to try them all. 

This is still Sonic, right? You’d think they would implement some species specific abilities. Cats wall-climbing, dogs…. digging (actually no, that’d be used for some bullshit ass Red Rings), Bears having some ground-pound shit, Wolves having melee attacks, Rabbits having multiplicity ( 😀 ), etc. All teh possibilities

Or would that get in the way of Sega’s Wisp fetish?