CaC’s are wisp dependent. Well, that just fucks w/e enjoyability this could shit could have.

Remember when Wisps made sense back in 2010? When they were involved in the story and weren’t just some excuse gameplay feature? Good times, now Sega is forcing em up our assholes. Da fuck kind of name is “Wispons“!? It doesn’t sound cool nor clever! This is some kindergarten shit! I suspect platforming puzzles for CaC’s are inevitable. 

Does anyone even care about Wisps!? I don’t know a single person who enjoyed that shit back in Colors.

Oh… I’m sorry.. “Wispons are for those who aren’t Sonic” Cause we don’t realize that characters other than Sonic has super powers! Gwagwagwagwagwa Fuck you.

What’s the point of CaC if everyone you make is a bootleg Tails?