Bit of a shame I haven’t bothered talking about this game yet despite my history with the Marvel Vs series. As I’ve said before, I was pleasantly surprised with how MvC3 turned out despite the fact they cut muh boi Venom out… and Captain Commando…. and Psylocke. But hey, Doctor Strange and mother fucking Nova Prime made up for it! And while the Capcom Roster was total shit (Phoenix Wright? Seriously? And lets pretend Bionic Commando and Okami were hot shit, mmmkay?), they were at least capable of holding their own in a fight for once. Plus, Eighting, the badasses responsible for Bloody Roar and Tatsunoko vs Capcom were behind it. So unlike SF4 which was a gimped Dream Match game, MvC3 actually felt like a proper sequel. With half the number of available characters. 

So even though Marvel is fully equipped with Disney’s dick up their ass, they’re still at least allowed to be a part of these crossovers.

I’ve mentioned the boner from seeing Megaman X’s reveal. Didn’t care about “Ms.“Marvel, so long as she doesn’t replace Nova. I have to say, I am not excited for the Infinity Gems coming back. Yeah, there was a fighting game simply called Marvel Super Heroes that came out prior to X-Men vs Street Fighter that used the same shit. Players had to bash the gems out of each other just to collect and use them. Though the abilities they use here seem to be more useful, I don’t particularly like the idea of having to fight over collectable boost gems. Or maybe they’re post-fight equips, idk.

But lets be real. This is Disney’s cheap marketing ploy for the Infinity Wars movie coming out next year. It’s all a slow build up for what will be mediocre. Hell, one of the “Super Hero Squad” games is about the fucking Infinity Gems too. All this Infinity stuff is getting redundant, is all I’m saying.

Aesthetics wise, i’m a little saddened that the cel-shaded look is gone in favor of generically plastic character models. Granted, the way MvC3 did it hurt my eyes, it had that comic book feel to it, while this game looks par the course. Almost lookin like the Smash Bros. graphical style which was ass to begin with.

Personal gripe that everyone will disagree with, I hate Hawkeye’s more modern costume. He just looks so basic and douchey. Yes, he’s cocky, but he’s still a super hero, dammit! give him his classic look! Don’t go the Ultimate X-Men route where they’re too embarrassed to wear a mask. What’s with Marvel always trying to put their heroes in casual/normal clothing!? You don’t see DC embarrassed maintaining and improving their own costumes over the years.

And by the balls of Ra, Thor is voiced by Travis Willingham! Get fucked! Surprisingly enough, his bitch Laura Bailey isn’t voicing Chun Li by the sounds of it.

But fuck all that, this game has a story this time around, and it’s as bare assed as it could be. 2 villains from Marvel and Capcom, robots, fuse together to make…Sigtron? And it’s up to both universes to stop it from using the Infinity gems.

You know… if you jackoffs were gonna do another Infinity War story obviously to promote future movies, why the pants-shitting fuck would you do it for a crossover game!? A crossover story should be about the crossover itself. Heroes from 2 universes colliding! How these 2 factions meet and what they do about it. But right off the bat, 2 robot villains merge and apparently Doctor Strange can’t just fuck him up by himself?

You know, as terrible as it was, Mortal Kombat vs DC had the right idea in terms of it’s premise. These beings meet for the first time, have major trust issues dealing with these new people, coordinate with their respective factions in how to deal with these beings, fight, then they put aside their petty shitfest to fight the true evil. And with a crossover that’s still more illogical than that, this would’ve been a great premise. Maybe they’ll do that with them all fighting over the gems, but the trailer doesn’t leave a lot to be hopeful for.

But hey! We get a real Avengers villain this time, not some punk bitch Taskmaster. Ultron getting in is actually pretty cool, and Amma knows he needs redemption after his lackluster movie. 

But even better than him was the announcement of Sigma! Omg the MMX respect couldn’t be more well deserved! Until

WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? 

You know, this is evidence that Warner Bros. has fucked fighting games even harder than before. Now we can look forward to a future of fighters with 2 distinct versions coming out at the same time, with the more expensive version being a complete game for the most part! At least until they come out with an Ultimate edition a year later at a cheaper price and all the added DLC! Capcom didn’t need to get any ideas after the massive amount of fans they pissed off last generation with their horses ass tactics. They were charging money for true endings for fuck’s sake! I’ll say this. If they have enough sense to put in Black Panther but enough dickery to make him deluxe exclusive, this game can fuck right off! 

And again, I don’t understand the appeal of toys with your videogames. But hell, it’s better than this stupid balloon I got with Persona Ultimax of… Teepo? It’s this blue bear in the game…. Teddy, that’s the fucker’s name. 

All in all, the game so far looks ok. We’re seeing more returning characters than new, but at least they have enough sense to keep Strider around and not dump him into Ultimate editions. I have some concerns regarding the story and Deluxe edition, but nothing too… oh who am I kidding, im pissed beyond belief with Sigma being Deluxed!

So here’s characters I want.

MARVEL: Black Panther, Falcon, Scarlett Witch, Venom, Mandarin, Enchanttess and it’s a longshot… but Shocker. Love that guy!

CAPCOM: Tiffany, Batsu, Maki, Axel, Lucia, and another longshot… Sean Matsuda!

….I suppose Dare Devil and Iris wouldn’t hurt either.