thanx Bouge

Well, it’s confirmed. The Green Hill Zone we see in Forces is in fact… Green Hill. To make it less obvious if it were ever possible, the Generation style background was updated with less water and more sand. In the depths of their madness and desperation, they went and changed the music to something that not even fans of Kids Bop could love.

Music in games have always been a big deal to me. As I’ve said in the past, it sets the tone and atmosphere of a setting. It’s the difference between feeling amped or feeling terrified in a game about zombies. As detail-oriented as the Japanese are, they know better than most of what atmosphere to evoke for their games. And that’s not a loaded statement. Western games to this day often feel confused about their atmospheric presentation, often having this weird mutant hybrid of “epic orchestra” in games about wanton destruction and comical violence (See Ratchet and Clank/Bullet Storm). The Rising Sun just knows what feeling they want to create. Except Sega when regarding modern Sonic. Because HOLY SHIT!!! WHAT IS THAT HORRID TRACK!?

Pseudo-Green Hill has probably the worst song in franchise history! Not only is it shit to listen to, it also fits nothing this game was originally marketed as. It’s silly, “retrofitted” nonsense. I have no idea what they were going for. Let me be honest. Music can still be good even if it doesn’t fit the setting (Castlevania). Here, they didn’t even try! My ears are bleeding from this crap.

It doesn’t help that this is coming off the heels of the alleged controversy that this Zone was being overused (which it is), which displays an obvious sign of creative bankruptcy on Sega’s part, in that they’re mindlessly shoving out w/e Sonic games with a lack of quality control. No, these games are not out yet, but the more news that rolls out, the less enthusiasm we see. I’m still shocked there was so much rage at Green Hill alone.

What’s more shocking was the claim that this Zone wasn’t Green Hill at all. I’d probably agree. With music that bad, it just couldnt be that ol’ classic zone we’re all sick of seeing. 😛 But I digress. Sega of Europe uploaded a gameplay trailer calling it Green Hill. Whether or not SOE is even credible, that’s still an official channel. Wouldn’t they have been informed if this Zone was called something else? Or is communication that bad between all 3 branches? 

Or… why claim it as something else entirely? This place has design that resembles Green Hill almost completely. This isn’t like Emerald Hill were the friggin tiles were at least changed, there is literally nothing here to say that this is not Green Hill. No amount of climate change will…. change that. So why did Nakamura claim this was not Green Hill? Was it to calm down the fans? There would’ve been no point as fans would still argue about it’s overall design being far too similar to be a coincidence. Was it an honest mistake on his part? Hey, it happens.

If they call it something else when it releases, so be it. But right now, they’re shooting themselves in the feet.

EDIT: Ok, so according to Shin Sonic, this is all a huge misunderstanding. Nakamura was apparently trying to subtly hint at story details via dialogue. “This is not Green Hill” is something a character says in-game, not an actual statement. So… my bad.

That’s a really stupid way to tease a game. How the piss was anyone supposed to figure that out!?