Ok, thats goddamn hilarious

Goddamn I hate Sega’s PR. Everytime one of these asshats open their mouths, w/e hype one would have for their games is sucked dry, crushed under the weight of their own pretentiousness. Jim is in Dyer need of PR lessions. Twinfinite (the fuck’s with the internet’s bizarre naming conventions!?) had a little chat with the new PM over the 2 new games and I couldn’t be more nauseous. 

  • The vision for Sonic Mania, according to Jim, was related to the Sonic ROM hacking community. Christian “Taxman” Whitehead and Simon “Stealth” Thomley are huge Sonic fans that “used to make their own modded ROM versions of the original Sonic games”. Jim said that “we saw that the Sonic community went absolutely nuts for these games. They were hailed as some of the best re-imagined works of the original-style Sonic games, so Mania is a new initiative from the Sonic team to build on that success”. SEGA is taking advantage of the popularity of Sonic ROM hacking.

That much was obvious. But this sounds like a similar tactic Sega used for Boom. Get a bunch of fucks whose names were attached to popular niches to inflate the value of the final product… except this tactic never really works. It’s usually a name brand company that gets people to plunk down some change, not one or 2 people. The guy who did the shitty Scooby Doo movies struck gold with the Guardians of the Galaxy. If you knew that and saw the tagline “from the director of Scooby Doo”, would you honestly see that piece of shit!? But because Marvel was responsible for the Avengers and Winter Soldier, audiences were hyped by default. No director names were dropped. Shane Black was attached to Iron Man 3. Audiences didn’t care that guy was shit on legs. The Wachowski Brothers were on top of the world after the Matrix. Everything they did afterward was a flop. Shamalan won big with signs and the 6th Sense, but the majority of his work is universally reviled. 

Taxman isn’t even well known, whose only real success came from a 14 year old game that already had fans and several other rereleases. Putting his face in a panel vid where he comically destroys a toy… doesn’t give him fame. If Mania were a new game and not another piece of celebratory masturbation, it would be a different story.

Also, the popularity of Sonic ROM Hacks wouldn’t have existed without the negligence of your shitlord company. This is basically an admission of defeat.

  • Jim is blunt. “Sonic is adored by our fans and we want to make a game that is by fans for fans, and is exactly what they want”. Which is what Mania seeks to be.

I’m sorry, what? I don’t recall wanting a bunch of reshuffled levels with uninspired villains that turn out looking worse than the goddamn Deadly Six! And last I checked, neither do a shit load of fans! The hype was generated exclusively from Studiopolis, and it died when you assholes announced that was a small pittance of the game!

  • Sonic Team has next to no input on Mania. “They just provide the assets and give them the creative freedom to do want”.

Yet Iizuka is overseeing the development process…

  • “At the end of the day, SEGA is a business and there is a strategy behind everything”. However, Jim explains that the strategy isn’t the same as it used to be. “Our model has changed drastically over the past decade. We went from a [Japanese] franchise into evolving into a PC, RTS powerhouse. This was great for our business model, but our fans who love our original titles are still there and we need to speak to that audience.”.

Well if you haven’t done that yet, then telling us you changed your business model does jack shit for us.

Hey, is Knux playable in Forces? No!? NPC over a communicator? Fuck you too.

  • Sonic Forces is meant to be a game for everyone. Mania is a game meant for fans. Jim says Forces will be brought out “soon after” Mania.

Ok? You got any ideas to draw everyone toward Forces? Using the same assets (and idiot writers) from Colors isn’t at all convincing as only a fan would enjoy that mediocre crock.

  • “Sonic Forces is its own initiative. It is a broader game, a different sort of Sonic than what we’ve done before. It is about reinvigorating Sonic. I won’t say Forces is about making Sonic relevant again because I don’t think that is quite the right term, but we understand we have a flagship IP, this brand powerhouse that SEGA wants to get back to what it should be.”

Well, that answers my previous question!

Why are people at Sega suddenly afraid of making Sonic relevant!? What pit of madness and despair did they fall off into!? You can’t reinvigorate a franchise without making it relevant to peoples interests! And I’m not talking about some cultural relevance bullshit like turning Sonic into DreamWorks levels of desperation, pop culture references galore, I’m talkin gettin the fuck off the internet and taking a hard look at the shit people are into!!! And examine why people are diggin the shit!

How did the Ninja Turtles make a comeback?

  • Jim admits that Sonic has had a tough time evolving over the years. “Sonic is a franchise that we’ve tried to evolve but it hasn’t necessarily worked – I can openly say that. Generations and Colors were huge successes within the modern Sonic world, but it is about taking modern Sonic and making it something more.”

I really need some hard NPD numbers for these “huge successes”, cause it sounds like he’s mistaking fan reception for success. The PSN Sonic CD would be a “huge” success,  and that was a goddamn port.

  • Sonic Mania is not an effort to capitalize on indie gaming, especially ones with pixel art. “Sonic Mania is not a conscious decision to cash-in on that market. At its heart, this is an indie developed game that SEGA is facilitating. It is more about the capabilities of the indie games, their vision and the game they want to make and the game they want to know the community want made. Of course, SEGA recognizes that the ROM versions of the games that they made did so well, including the successful Sonic CD port to mobile. There is no doubt in my mind that people want to pick up Sonic, not just for nostalgia but because they are into that theme, but the initiative is about the fans, that is the goal; to let them know we are listening“.

…..That last sentence. .. bothers me. I don’t want to sound paranoid… but I’m reminded of Iizuka’s 2012 interview surrounding S4E2, and one of his statements was along the lines of “we have given the fans what they want, so now we can do what we want!” And I wish I was bullshittin. The goal of Mania is to make sure the fans know that Sega is listening to their concerns? And Green Hill makes a return anyway?

If that is the goal of Mania, it sounds more like a PR stunt than an actual game. At this point, it wouldn’t surprise me given how much he talked up “the successes of Rom Hackers“! Or the constant bombardment of “Celebration” that’s written all over the initial trailer.

Notice he doesn’t say anything about wanting people to have fun with Sonic games. As much as it kills me, I watched an interview with one of the people who worked on the original Transformers Movie of 2007 who (as his closing statement) just wanted people to have fun. And shit… he must’ve been genuine in his intent as so many people were having a blast with the film. I can still remember the cheers in the theater when Bumblebee’s first fight scene started. The kids shouting “awesome” when Megatron turned his arms into a gun. W/E that unmitigated piece of shit did, people were having the most fun at the movies that i’d ever seen. That guy working on the movie actually meant it.

But your goal is to just make sure the fans know you’re. .. listening? That is your mission statement? You’re fucking serious!? Sega has been doing that shit since 2010! With all their demands and deterrents!

Colors: Just give em Unleashed day time zones! Still mediocre.

S4: Give em 2D Sonic! Still mediocre. 

Lost Mind: Give it to Nintendo! Still mediocre. 

Boom: Give it to the west! Still mediocre. 

I sound like Immortan Joe

You can’t just “listen” and simply throw together w/e superficial BS you can think of and simply believe that will be enough to appease the fans. Suddenly i’m suspicious of the game’s delay, wondering if that was a PR stunt as well! Afterall, the fandom bitches enough that Sonic games don’t get enough time to finish, so lets delay some shit that honestly doesn‘t need it!

That’s. .. probably gonna bite me on the ass.

  • Jim also took a moment to talk about Mania’s levels and, you guessed it, the re-imagining of them. “There will certainly be other re-imagined versions of levels that we’ve seen in previous Sonic games. There will also be levels you haven’t seen before or have been altered so much that they are almost completely unrecognizable. We gave the team access to levels that didn’t make it into other Sonic games and they have been redesigned and re-engineered to work for Sonic Mania”.

Ain‘t shit worth talkin about. The website at hand tried to summarize the interview so as to cover the important parts, but this is regurgitation of information we are perfectly aware of! 

  • Tee Lopez was mentioned. Jim says “SEGA provided all the soundtracks from 1,2, and 3 and have given him free rein to re-imagine them in any way he sees fit”. What’s interesting is Sonic 3 is mentioned. Did SEGA sort out Sonic 3’s soundtrack copyright problems?

Wut? So that Mega Collection was a figment of my imagination? 

  • A physical release of Mania was brought up at the end. Jim says “we would love to do one”. “We want the community to know that we are listening, and at SXSW they suggested a lot of interest in us following through with a physical release. But we’re also aware that audience approves of anything Sonic related, so while we are listening and it is something we’d like to do, at this stage we are going to see how it goes.”

A simple “no” would suffice, you jackass.

I wonder if “We are listening!” Will become a meme. Cause it appears that’s all they’re trying to prove. Course, if they were actually listening, SA3 would’ve been made 5 years ago. 😀

Interviews with Sega always lead to pretentious answers and an air of assured smugness that everything they do is automatically awesome. Dyer goes on about listening to fans, but we have no evidence of Sega addressing the main concern of Mania, and that is the goddamn Zone Ratio! As soon as that was announced, the hype died for a lot of fans. The fact that no one at this company has yet bothered to talk about that shows Dyer being full of shit. Is Mania being delayed to increase the number of new Zones!? We don’t know! We just have a fuckin toy with a download code! It was the most important topic at the Panel, afterall!

Sega is more interested in pulling the wool over people’s eyes. The reason it seems to be working now is because Mania’s a rom hack with a price tag, and is just liek… so popular despite it being a symptom of their own incompetence! 

I honestly got nothing in regards to Green Hill being reused in Forces. As long as they don’t start shoving in more old  levels like Casino Night, I’ll be fine… naw, cause then I’ll be on the lookout for that shit. 😛