I was thinking of renaming this blog. Maybe “Contrarian Gamer“? Or perhaps I should wait unless I ever decide to get a new console/PC. Cause it’s getting harder to find shit to talk about.

But enough of that! Lets talk Climate Change! Mobius seems to be suffering from it as a new teaser shows off “not Green Hill” and… a shadow puppet of what appears to be a male Blaze the Cat. Or according to everyone as Bubsy for some reason. Before I ever watched the teaser, I had assumed this game would’ve been some openworld Sonic game with people talking about how it transitions from Green Hill into a desert. But knowing this is more edgy Sonic Generation with different styles of gameplay, that would be impossible/confusing/disorienting. Even though Sega is that damn stupid, I doubt it’s open-world. 

I was actually pretty shocked at the amount of rage  this reveal got. I mean hell, I was getting sick of seeing trope hill over and over and over again, but fuck! The Twitter response didn’t smooth out anything cause…. what the fuck else would the zone be when the same goddamn assets from Green Hill in Generation were used to create this zone!? This isn’t just creative bankruptcy, it’s insulting one’s intelligence by suggesting it’s a completely different Zone. Climate change doesn’t… >_> change that.

But that brought up another theory. One guy mentioned that Robotnik took over the world via acquisition of a new power. Considering the new character who was noted to be integral to the overall gameplay, i’m assuming this new power is the new character who has the ability to warp the fabric of reality. And the teaser for Green Hill was a subtle (Read: Shitty) way of showing that. How else do you explain Robotnik’s incompetent ass being able to take over the world over-night? 

Or hell, even explaining Retro Sonic’s appearance. If Sega was ever trying to establish that Retro Sonic and Retard Sonic were 2 different characters, this would probably be the way to do it. Not that it would be a good idea. 

Or it could be a “custom character” you can make. After all, with a tagline like “Join the Resistance”….

It’s something to think about. My question is why they didn’t include this in the original Gameplay Trailer during the Panel!? Goddamn. ..