Anyway, I think it would be interesting if you would talk about why a lot of sonic fans nowadays are easily impressed.

Hell, I don’t even know anymore. I could just easily say they’re comprised of delusional anime fans (the epitome of bad taste), and having Roger Craig Smith there probably got them all hot and bothered. šŸ˜› In all seriousness, it could be all this pent up excitement for semi-decent Sonic games for a change

Cause hell, both games don‘t look bad. Compared to the foolishness we’ve had with lost mind and Sonic Bust, these look like award winning titles. There’s also the case that this the first time Sonic gets a collector’s edition (unless I’m mistaken) so in a way, it feels like Sega is actually taking this property seriously for a change (or so it seems). That said, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the actual toy. I guess it’s cool to have a Sonic Statue that talks and a little card with a gold ring giving you something with a bit of prestige I can’t even type that with a straight face.  I assume it was being shown off on-stage and attendees just wanted to be nice. Afterall, Sega’s down on their luck, they know it, and anymore blows to their self-esteem would probably doom us to another fuck-it clause. šŸ˜› The toy statue and whatnot would be more valuable to collectors though. It’s one of those “once in a lifetime” deals, you know they get horny off that shit. The comedy stylings of Roger and Mike? That’s just bad taste. 

And it was someone’s birthday too! Who wants to shit on someone else’s birthday!? Yeah, I didn’t care either.

If this is about earlier games that had no chance of success, well….  I don‘t know. :P. They probably had this  thought process of wanting to show Sega that they’re great fans and didn’t want to seem like all they do is mindlessly bitch about everything Sega does, which would explain half of these damn flamewars right now. Like this booster shit going on with Sonic Forces. Amma forbid you have a preference! Yeah, nevermind that they created some new shit ass enemies in Mania that rival the Deadly Six in mediocrity, the Boost came back! That’s controversial shit right there!

But… what I really think is for once, people have hope. Legitimate hope that these games would, at the very least, turn things around for the series. There are a multitude of signs pointing to Sega listening to fans for a change (while pissing off Adventure fans if… we’re now calling them a separate faction… which is stupid), a delay equates to some level of quality control (even if it’s for shit they should already have experience with!) and it’s an end to the dreaded Boom series which… hell, is any cause for celebration! šŸ˜› And again, I don’t remember any Sonic game getting a collector’s edition, nonetheless a digital title. Even I flipped off the walls the first time I saw this game! Kinda feel like a hypocrite now after shit talkin Megaman 9&10, but at least this has new graphics! šŸ˜›

It’s kinda like that announcer quote fron Sega All-Stars Racing.  “I remember this feeling!  Excitement!” Hope is the one thing that was sorely lacking in this franchise, and while people are still on the fence about Forces, there is a damn good chunk of people wanting Mania to be the best that it can be (I think. Barely see anyone talking or wanting to talk about these titles). Thats quite a feat. 

Maybe I’m being to nice about it. My pessimism and classic faggotry are at odds over Mania. While people do believe Mania will be awesome incarnate, I don’t see that much interest beyond “might be a good time killer, maybe”. Taxboy’s desire to keep Sonic as unpopular as it can be might’ve contributed to it’s underwhelming presence. I’m starting to see all this promotional shit (posters, really?) As a need to compensate for that. A guy who doesn’t want Sonic to be as big as GTA would probably be against a collector’s edition of any kind.

Shit man, i’ve lost my edge. Lemme finish these damn taxes. The hell is a political sub-division!? President Dump is fuckin up!