As the Power Rangers movie finally comes out, I figure what better way to hype my inner 7-year old by… well… playing some Power Rangers games. Stupidly enough, I went mobile for that venture and downloaded Power Rangers Dash. That and I finished watching Dino Charge and can safely say kids today got the better show. Mighty Morphin ain’t shit compared to it.

Anywho, surprise, it’s another auto-run game that is… surprisingly fun… for about 2 days before the enemies become monstrously cheap and harder to kill, requiring me to farm E-Coins to level up all of my unlocked rangers individually. That combined with the requirements of unlocking shit are around the 10s of thousands of E-Coins and/or G-Coins which are hard as piss to aquire without cash, and accumulating E-Coins can take forever if you’re simply going through the same levels over and over. Completing new stages nets you tons of money, but if you’re stuck, you can maybe earn up to 900 E-Coins each playthrough. Then ofcourse they have this… thing… stamina shit that has to recharge completely every 50 minutes if you want to play it again (yeah, the game is a fucking nanny), I went on ahead and just deleted it. That’s bullshit overkill.

It’s like… how many games can you go through before you realize the samefucking. .. problems keep showing up? I keep trying to start up a post on MGS5, but it feels like a repeat of Inquisition. More grinding and farming bullshit just to progress. This seems to be the norm nowadays for progression in videogames, and it’s killing my love for this shit. The library of mobile shit is beyond saturated with this nonsense, I can see why the hardcore despise it all the same. 

But then this type of progression is popping up in console games. If it’s openworld, it’s jam packed with so much time wasting bullshit…. goddammit, what the fuck was wrong with how MGS2 played? Is there any reasonable justification that a 20 minute cutscene is inferior… to grinding a sector of your base to a certain level before you can use a fulton device to pick up a random truck while being sandwhiched by 2 tanks and fuckin ninjas omg fuck that mission!  

Sorry. Its just… combined with how long it took to upgrade everything (having to build housing first just to gain more people, and then I needed high quality peeps just to increase the level while needing to look for random materials just to build all of that shit) is a pain in the ass. Same shit with Inquisition, Dead Island Riptide, it feels like… almost every game now is about the constant repetition of farming and grinding, and I question how developers can even ponder what makes a hamster wheel fun.

For a while, i’ve had people talk about me having an unhealthy obsession with fighting games the past generation. .. which… might’ve been true years ago, but these days… It’s the only genre I can enjoy as it gets to the fucking point. I don’t have to grind levels or farm currency,  all I require is a little practice. I used to enjoy racing games before the ability to upgrade cars became a thing. Now we have racing games that take hours before they can be fun as you have to improve your cars before you can actually compete!

And the mobile scene, godammit, there isn’t a single game without a progression system tied to currency. And that amounts needed to improve are deliberately high to drive you to pay money. Otherwise, it’s a slog through it all.

I feel as though i’ve said this over and over… fuck it, I have. I’m losing my damn mind. I’d rather go back and play shallow ass boom blox than MGS5. This open-world fetish is nothing more than developers tea-bagging you with a bunch of time-wasters that may or may not progress the actual game. “All filler, no thriller” indeed. Nevermind that the game reminds me that im only what… 28% complete after beating Amma knows how many missions, and im thinking… you split this shit into 2 games, it doesn’t need to be any longer!

But see, it’s getting to a point where I find myself sounding like all those reviewers that bitch about sky beams in modern super hero movies. It’s a problem that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, and i’m constantly thinking what is the point of buying games anymore? Or downloading free shit on mobile, even? I can’t see how anyone can enjoy this sort of repetition. I doubt the developers even think about what makes games enjoyable anymore and do all they can to artificially make games longer by virtue of time-wasters, they don’t understand how long, drawn out avenues make the games boring for long stretches. 

But hell, why would they care? That vid Heat showed me with developers having conferences with boards saying “the customers are not always right” speaks volumes. I’d almost think this shit continues because developers despise their audiences. Who knows anymore? Or just skinnerian design for mobile to push people towards paying for digital currency in the most asinine ways possible. If all games in the future push towards this kind of format, how long do you think they’d last?

I hope this movie is halfway good.