Finally! Amma..


This is an hour long. So if you don’t want to sit through this shit… uh… dont… watch it? 

00:00-08:21: Well that was unbearable. Sounded like Bollocks had a seizure at one point. And LOL even Roger knows Troy Baker is taking all the VA jobs. That mother fucker ruined Revolver Ocelot.

10:35-12:22: Did he just throw a toy!?

13:05-15:25: Good lawd! “Hardboiled Heavies“!? Suddenly I want the Deadly Six back! I can’t see the picture too well but goddammit. Can someone at this company think of better names than this? 

But you wanted new content, now you’re complaining about that!” Demands and Deterrents, bitch! But it’ll have to do.

15:26-w/e: ooooooooo! Ahhhhhhh! Plastic toys! Is this crowd easily impressed or what? 

We saw this shit months ago and they’re just getting horny. Shut the fuck up, Mike! You’re not funny! They spent more time talking about that damn collector’s edition… and not the actual game.

Basically Mania got delayed”  Hahahahahahah! Exactly! The guy ofcourse tries to downplay it by saying “they get more to work on it, that’s good”. Mania isn’t an experimental game. This is basically old shit with some fresh paint at the end of the day. There isn’t a whole lot you could fuck up from the start of development. Then again I am forgetting Sonic Genesis. *shudders*. And hell, Sonic Unleashed played just fine, didn’t stop people from hating it’s mere concept. That has been the problem since Unleashed. The concepts were keeping people from running toward these games. That’s not an issue now, but these… ahem… “Hardboiled Heavies”..*chuckle

Sorry… that name is so fucking stupid!

We at Sega don’t want to dissappoint our fans” Also hahahahahahah! That Zone ratio hasn’t been discussed at all, I see.

25:38: What’s with all the trolling at this panel?

29:??: Blah Flying Battery. Yes I liked this Zone, no I don’t care that it’s remixed, i’m more pissed that Web head hyped it up like it’s some big ass reveal. “Swsx exclusive look!”. Uggggggh

30:36-33:07: Apparently this panel was made for manchildren. Sega must think very little of their audience if they need their VA’s to act like clowns just to announce a new game’s plot.

Can anyone tell me what the point is of wasting energy to get out of your chair, talk some shit, then have another cracka waste energy to get out of his chair to pat you on the back as a signal to sit the fuck down?!

35:11-37:11: “SonicForces?” That…. that can’t be the title. Amma’s tits, don’t let that be the title. 

….Fuck… Despite these questionable naming conventions, this game sounds more like the Hero/Dark Side shit from SA2.

Skipping Voice Acting Questions cause no one cares.

49:00-53:36: Holy shit gais! World Exclusive footage of Sonic Forces (ugh) gameplay! Fuck yearh, even though I can play that shit on PS3 right now, lets get hyped up anyway cause it’s not Lost Mind or Boom!

That’s literally nothing to get ex-… Aww hell naw! Not those fucking wisps again! And of course, the Red Star Fetch quests are confirmed to return again. Because we still don’t know what replay value is or how it should work. Still, it’s looking marginally better than before.

Theme song isn’t bad. Im assuming the vocals will be shit though.

1:02:30: These fucks wait until they’re out of time before doing the Q&A!? Ausar’s balls! If they didn’t waste time with so much useless shit like clown adverts or the fucking collector’s edition we’ve seen days ago… ..

“Will we see Mighty or Fang again?” FUCK YEAH!!!

“Not in Mania, but maybe in future classic sonic games.” Euphemism for hell no. Can never get straight answers for questions like this.

Posters and birthday songs and shit….

Ok, it wasn’t a total loss. Forces (ugggggh) is looking better and worse. They provided no info of worth for mania outside of Hardboiled Heavies *maniacal laugh*. Damn these stupid names. I get the horrible feeling they wasted time on bullshit to cut the Q&A short. So Mania has been delayed, Roger and Mike were padded distractions, and the Zone ratio was never brought up. Or maybe I skimmed too much.

 I have to question the purpose of these panels as they’re rarely ever professional. They spend more time talking about bullshit no one cares about. And they seem to exaggerate the few things they do bother to show, which aren’t exciting at all. Flying Battery now has a garbage disposal. Why was that important to show? Why blur out screens of actual new zones. Why spend time showing off toys? Oh it has a download code? Totes worth it! And they give this impression that w/e they’re doing is automatically awesome. Evident by how they discussed the plot of Forces via antics. Nothing they did was even remotely clever or funny. How does one respect that? And that Weber dude just bothers me. Does he ever not smile? Creepy mutha…

Well, at least there was no ghetto raphog this time around. Whoever recorded the event, much appreciated. Now I must drink myself shitless to forget the nonsense I just watched.