For those who have never heard of them, Review Tech USA is one of the few YouTube channels that makes any sense these days when regarding videogames. A lot of their/his videos make very sound and rational arguments for a majority of issues that it’s literally impossible to argue with the man. And admittedly, this one is no different. 

This is the first time I’ve heard of it, but Breath of the Wild will have DLC. One of which is already available as season pass shit. I’ve heard the prices for these packs are at least $20, which is some bullshit

Including a difficulty mode which reeks of Gearbox levels of nonsense. My stance on DLC is pretty much known, but according to a mildly recent vid from RTUSA, there are thousands of people that are infact pissed about this. Here’s the original video.

Now, his argument as you’ve seen, is more about why people would throw other companies a bone when it comes to DLC but not Nintendo. And despite  some evidence to the contrary (Capcom, Sega, EA), it’s a valid question. People are eager to play devil’s advocate far too often when it comes to these practices. It becomes frustrating that no matter how much you kick & scream, there’s about a million assholes who swallow all this shit up without so much as a peep. And when Nintendo gets into it, then people have a problem with it, yeah it is bullshit. 

Except. .. it’s really not bullshit. “Can someone explain this to me?”

Nintendo attracts a certain kind of audience, different from Sony and Microsoft. The players that go for Nintendo obviously are not attracted to what I call the industry-standard.

Nintendo really did this to themselves. Since the GameCube and especially during the Wii eras, Nintendo established themselves as the anti-industry company. As anti-hardcore. If you went to Nintendo, it’s because you’re looking for a different experience. You wouldn’t be fucked in the ass by developer schemes like what we are seeing with BOTW.

Nintendo offered consumers a different avenue when it came to videogames, and people were convinced (however briefly) that Nintendo would maintain that attitude in the face of the industry and of the hardcore. I think Iwata said it best. We either change the way we do things in this industry, or continue on the path to oblivion. This is why Nintendo was this “special snowflake“. They generated this expectation that they would handle videogames differently.

With the Pii U, we saw Nintendo abandon the anti-industry attitude. Suddenly, there’s an assload of DLC for Smash 4, which was never brought up, I’ve not heard one complaint about this game or Mario Golf having DLC. Then there are the Amiibos which are physical DLCs. And here we are now where the Switch is looking more and more like a standard industry machine. Upgradable harddrives, expensive ass controllers, and season passes. All things that are currently present on PS4 and Xbone.

I believe people see this as a betrayal. Nintendo turning their backs on the people who wanted a different experience from the typical industry-standard. Nintendo abandoned their audience to join in with the rest of the industry crowd. Soon, we can expect Nintendo to start selling games that are only half complete only to charge you extra to get the rest of the product. You can expect the cartridges to contain data that you cannot access without paying for a download key. It’s a slippery slope no one wanted Nintendo to fall on.

So now you no longer have an avenue to enjoy videogames without the industry-standard. Even the PC is getting raped in favor of consoles. With Nintendo’s assimilation into the industry-status, we are seeing the end of an era. Where a pure gaming company (the last ones to ever maintain a console) become a pack of suits looking for easy money. There is no avenue for people looking for anti-industry gaming anymore. They now have 2 choices. Either accept the industry standard, or leave gaming altogether. 

It’s more than just a “company trying to make money”. I’m so over this goddamn argument. What weight does it hold anymore? It’s a fact of life, all companies are about making money. It goes without saying! But such… simple statements justify fracking, the BP oil spill, Firestone Tires having slave-like conditions in Africa. It’s the lengths these fucks are willing to go to make their money that is a concern for people. Nintendo could make big money without resorting to DLC, period. This was proven from N64-Wii and was almost entirely thanks to their handhelds that they survived this long. Their only excuse for resorting to Season Passes is because they lost a lot of money from their last consoles (3DS and Pii U). Both of which were a result of their own arrogance. In the end, we will have to pay (literally) for their mistakes. 

 So with that in mind, people are justified in being upset. No one wanted Nintendo to go in this direction with their games or consoles. Now you gotta pay for online and extra content, gaming is purely for the rich now. There’s no avenue for people who want anti-industry games anymore. Either accept it or leave. Nobody wants to stop playing games, but no one wants to constantly put up with bullshit anymore. And the industry won’t budge. So Nintendo going industry status foreshadows dark days ahead. What we have now is a countdown to a crash. 

And again with the space issue. Switch having this little memory- lemme try a… simple statement. YOU DON’T NEED TO BUY THE FUCKING DLC! Ofcourse, that negates everything we talked about.