Sorry for the lack of activity. (or am I?)  I was trippin after last Wednesday as I found a goddamn cavity! I ain’t nevah had one my whole life and I was freaking out. “By the balls of Ra, there’s a hole in my tooth!!!” But I got that shit straightened out on Monday and my dentist anxiety is over… for now. I’m just glad I didn’t have to get it pulled. That’s a whole paragraph dedicated to shit no one cares about.

Anywho, I’ve become something of a baby sitter after deciding to make peace with my neighbors. These 2 kids got stuck with a Pii U and only 2 games. NSMBU and Smash 4. After about 2 weeks of being begged to play this shit, I can safely say… Smash 4 was actually playable compared to Brawl. I officially hate everything Fire Emblem now, and Mega Man is totally shit. There was one thing I was missing from Brawl, and that was Solid Snake. 

Snake was a complete badass in Brawl. Not exactly good in close quarters, but the nuances of trolling every other character in the game with explosives alone was fun beyond belief. And he felt so out of place (he was too manly for this game :P) that I just had to use him. And hell, since most of my characters from Melee got nerfed to shit (*sniff*…..Ganon..) I couldn’t go wrong with him.

I admit….  I never played a Metal Gear game prior to Brawl. Actually no, I did try Metal Gear NES on an Emulator, hated it, and ditched it. It was too easy to get caught by enemies in that game. Not like the MSX2 version where stealth made sense. But all of the Solids, no.. at least until the Beginning of February. 

I found this Legacy collection at a gamestop. Wasn’t exactly cheap, but didn’t cost an arm and a dick like the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Most people might hate them, but I love picking up retro collections. Saves me more money to pick up multiple games in one package,  and gives me a chance to get in on shit that I missed out on during my tenure as a Nintard. And this pack was to have everything. The original 2 Metal Gears from MSX to the MGS trilogy, VR missions, and the semi-recent MGS4. I assume this was to acclimate new fans to MGS5 or w/e… get caught up, that kind of shit.

But oooooh these notorious shit birds actually ran a scam. Exhibit A!

All of this shit implies that MGS1 is included in the collection. It’s name along with the vR missions (w/e the fuck those are) pops up all over this collection, giving you the distinct impression that you could enjoy an entire saga’s worth of games.

Instead of that, I get this shit.

There’s a goddamn access code. This is supposed to be a retro-collection, right? Why the fuck do I need to unlock 2 old ass PS1 games in a collection where it’s fucking advertised as being included in the collection!? 

That’s not even the best part. When you pop in the disc, it comes up as “Metal Gear Solid HD Collection”. This collection that came out years prior to this “Legacy” shit. I skipped out on the HD Collection because it didn’t have MGS1 originally. Instead it had some dyke ass PsP game that was tailored toward Monster Hunter fans, who the fuck wants that shit? I don’t want no PsP remaster-

Actually. ..

But seriously…. they… repackaged…. a repackaging of old games! And then had the balls to resell that shit, and requiring you, the customer, to verify if the game was bought new before you can get MGS1! Holy shit! That’s vintage dickishness right here. Who does this shit for a repackaging of old fucking games?

Not to mention that if you have no internet to get that shit (like moi), you are left without crucial details in understanding what the fuck is going on in MGS2 & 4. It’s like that 4th game is taunting me constantly.

Maybe Konami is a bigger shitlord than Nintendo! I don’t know any developers that would pull some shit life this! Well, no, there was that Far Cry collection that wouldn’t give you Blood Dragon without a verification code… was that Ubisoft? They can suck my ass too. Cause this is bullshit. I’m getting real sick of companies assuming everyone has internet. Half the time, it feels like the internet is being forced upon you. It can’t just be a perk in video games, it’s literally required to enjoy anything gaming related. And even if you’re cool with that, you can’t bullshit me on this. There’s no excuse for false advertising. The damn game should’ve been on the disc.