Legit question. Idk why I’m just now thinking about it.

I see far too many parallels between Sega and Nintendo these days (rather unfortunate) and one of those parallels (At least regarding Sonic) is the disregard for 2D titles. We already have a new 3D Mario that looks like it’s worth someone’s time, but I fear with the lack of a proper D-Pad, Nintendo will never look back to 2D again, or just shove 2D Mario onto the mobile back burner for easy money.

That’s pretty much what 2D Sonic is these days. Easy money to be shoved into retro repacks till the end of time. We get the news of Sonic Mania being more recycled than more new. [Redacted]

 But all this time, there’s no other news about this game besides levels, playable characters, and a drop dash move nobody gives a fuck about. The most interesting aspect of Sonic Mania is ripping apart Taxman for poor choices of words. Unless you’re a journalist, that doesn’t give one much to be excited for.

Meanwhile, despite being unappealing at best, we have Project 2017 that treats itself like an actual game rather than a sausage fest. Or it could be with Retro Sonic’s unwelcome appearance. There’s room for speculation and interest. Perhaps owing itself to a crappy trailer rather than one that blows it’s load all in one take. Complete with shitty freestyle music.

Because as of right now, with the knowledge of Mania being more old shit, there isn’t much to look forward to. I think Mega Man 9/10 had more to offer. Mainly because they had context, they weren’t just an ensemble of levels that seemed like good ideas at the time.

 Sweet lord, im actually saying nice things about those vanity projects. What I mean is does the game have any other point besides being an homage? Even those have had more to them than fanservice.

Music is still good, tho.