I remember walking into a Gamestop couple years back, seeing a poster for an ultimate edition of Mortal Kombat X that was literally 100 cocksmashing dollars. I was in awe of that pricing. That a single game could cost as much as a used PS3 was shocking. I thought to myself “certainly, Warner brothers couldn’t be that confident in the stupidity of gamers. Why we’re in a shit economy! No one could afford a new PS4 and a game priced around that range. The Neo Geo AES tanked thanks to this!”
2 years down the road, I see this.

Feast your eyes on this fantastic nonsense here!

Now there are 3 separate versions of Injustice 2. Each increasing in $20. You have standard which doesn’t have shit, apparently, the BS version that has only 3 DLC characters, a skin no one cares about unless they’re horny teenagers jerkin off to Power Girl’s tits, and shader packs (you have to buy color schemes now!? Da fuq-). And you get the butt plug version with over 9 fucking DLC characters, 3 skins, one of which was already DLC in the last fuckin game, 2 shader packs, and a free dick in the ass. Top it off with some dyke ass pre-order DLC cause we gotta ride the hype by the time Justice League hits theaters. Probably a little, just lay out how shitty the standard version is compared to deluxe and ultimate to drive retarded kids toward the more expensive bullshit.

$100. For a goddamn fighting game.

I’m just like… there had to have been a sizable portion of fuckwits who bought the buttfuck version of MKX to justify WB pulling this shit again. They probably like “Aww fuck yeah! Dats my next paycheck bae! I’mma buy dat shit!” It has to be. No RATIONAL soul would pick this shit up… unless they’re one of those pretentious brown nosers who would have the gall to dictate the benefits of such as a practice and why such a price is justified. 

These people exist, apparently. I shouldn’t be surprised, assholes pay that much for a pair of shoes. But just seeing that WB is pulling this again is beyond infuriating. Where was the rage for this when MKX had this nonsense? Sure, maybe it was drowned out by the PC master race or eventually me and every other BS3 owner when our version was cancelled, but was there even a fart about how bullshit this was? Especially with the XL version that included everything even the DLC shit… at a fraction of the cost!?

You know damn well WB don’t need that money. This is a blatant scam, and even if you don’t think so for w/e astonishing reason, you have to agree that releasing 3 games of the same context all around the same time is just a means of inflating their profits for the 1st 3 months. They have this strategy of artificially grafting incentives. The standard version is already expensive, but doesn’t even have all the content available. So you have the option of buying more expensive discs to get extra content. Which, btw, would still be available online piece by piece for cheaper, and you know damn well they will repackage all that shit in an XL version a year later at $60. 

This is bullshit. I hope it never catches on. Luckily NRS isn’t under Capcom’s name or otherwise the whole industry would follow suit. But this is crazy. The blatant greed displayed by WB is a sight to behold. Who is buying the $100 edition of assfucked fighter? And why give in to that shit!? 

9 DLC characters oh Amma they were already in the process of fucking everyone right in the ass. Just salt the wounds here and there! Have some shill ass youtuber (Angry Joe, probably) advertise that bullshit probably in some pointless unboxing vid (wow, I’m going to youtube to watch someone take a product out of it’s box! Exciting!), make retards think this is a good deal and profit off the brain rape as you watch the ones you exploited drop videos on twitch showing off how much money they threw away with a bloody anus shaking & splashing across the camera. Ted Bear rattlesnake style. Cause that’s the target audience. Asses!

See here, this is why Indies are all hyped up, shit practices like this scare people away from the industry. Can’t expect a movie studio to understand this, Hollywood is all about exploitation. But see, that’s what makes it all the more dangerous. Injustice was the top selling video game for while when it was released. It has solidified a stable consumer base. And because gamers are getting stupider and letting their own hype justify their purchases, WB can get away with shit like this. Imagine if this became standard practice.

Gamers have accepted that full priced games will not have all of it’s content upon release. Many will, by the grace of w/e god you pray to, defend this nonsense to the death. And it’s only getting worse. People are championing digital as a standard as well as demanding DLC (with a fee). If this became a standard practice amongst the industry, then we’d be accepting and hell, demanding multiple versions of a single game with varying prices and quantities of content as some cheap (or expensive) attempt at giving us “options”.

Gamers will always care about content over gameplay, and the industry knows this. By  denying/starving the player of content at every turn, you push them toward a behaviour of desperation so that they are willing to pay more for what they should have had in the first place, thus turning one’s purchasing power into a skinner box. 

And because it’s worked so well, we have this unbridled horse shit here. Where are the anti-trust laws for the game industry? For Hollywood!? These companies are clearly out of control and are abusing their customers! 

Gamers would have a massive protest over a game’s ending, but not a business practice that is clearly manipulative and corrupt. This warrants a serious investigation.

A hundred damn dollars, thats not even the worst of it. The ultimate buttfuck version will simply give you access to those DLCs when they actually release. So you’re paying $100 for reserved parking, mother fuckers! Bloody anus like that! Don’t buy this shit.