barely anyone “switched” their opinion

What exactly would a console reveal do to affect how people feel about a game that is multiplatform? As far as I’m concerned, people’s opinions on a console pertain to the console alone. If you really want a game, you will find a way to get it, regardless of what platform it appears on. 

Unless there is some magical connection i’m missing that consoles have some adverse affect on the perception of quality of a game, aside from any potential performance issues, then… what the fuck is the point of the article? How and why would the Switch change people’s opinion on a Sonic game this day in age?

Shit man, I thought I was desperate for ideas on what to post about. These Sonic sites are just making up w/e they feel would keep Sonic discussion alive and open, but all it shows is how hard that really is. They should make an article on whether or not Sonic Boom killed w/e enthusiasm people had left for the Sonic brand (or perhaps they did and it got buried under flamewars, hell if I know), and whether or not that they feel Sega is aware of this disinterest. Cause otherwise, they wouldn’t have a shitty trailer for a game that’s supposed to be this glorious comeback. Or have the balls to put in Retro Sonic without good reason.

The game alone changes and grafts the outlook. The console is just a box you stick a disc into (or a cartredge in this case). You buy the box to get to the games. Nothing more. If the Sonic brand is so tarnished that it needs a specific console to artificially increase people’s interests, then its in worse shape than I thought.

Merry Christmas and a bahumbug to all!