I’m speechless as well! $10 just to unlock all levels? I don’t know if prices like this are standard on mobile shit, but goddamn, that’s a little steep, ain’t it? I wonder what my mother would think if I told her she’d have to pay for warp pipes this day in age.

Chasing after dat HD chicken got them into this mess. Now Nintendo is fully committed to raping their loyal customers via DLC schemes. Hell, we saw that shit with Amiibo, and now that they got a taste of them side money profits, there’s no telling how low they will go for a quick buck.

Butthats what we all wanted, right!? For Nintendo to do business like Sony and Microsoft via making a *cough* real console with dem HD graphics, 1080p w/e the fuck that means. Now look at this shit. Nintendo running to the mobile market for a quick buck, w/e lousy funds they can scrounge up for Switch development.

 I mean just look at this game! Effort!? Fuq all dat! Just slap NSMB engine up there and put in autorun! Genius! That’s literally all it is! They’ve spared every expense in the world to give you nothing. For 10 bucks, its the cheapest recycle bin you can find. It just screams cash grab!

And yeah, Nintendo has done some dirty cash grabs in the past (ROB included). Zelda Four Swords Adventure was definitely made to sell GBA link cables, but it was a new fucking game! There was actual incentive to buy this new game! 

This shit here is a disgrace! It spits on everything Nintendo stands (or claimed to stand) for! What happened to being all about the games, Nintendo!? Oh I know all too well what happened. The Wii success caused you to become drunk on your own success, deemed that people loved you for your un-rich history, proceeded to make games and force cameos in 3rd party titles to express your vanity and utter disregard for the humiliation you caused games you dont own, and then when the market punishes you, you say “DAMN THE MARKET, WE NEED CHEDDAR BISCUITS!” Thus you resort to toys that hold DLC codes. And then you hold Mewtwo and Roy for ransom, shoving in characters that never appeared on a Nintendo console… ever, (oh sure, give us Cloud Strife‘s bitch ass…. BUT NOT GENO FROM MARIO RPG!!!???) And you lay on your knees begging people to download shit… while remaining arrogant enough… to reuse the same goddamn game, graphics and all, and figuring people are gonna pay 10 bucks oh it might just work, the mobile market is filled with same retards that kept Kings demonic asses in business.

Hell, at least Sonic Dash feels like it’s own game, but this!? Nintendo does not give fucks anymore. Its just a “GIMMIE MUNNY” scheme to them.

Seems like all gaming devices have their saturarion in 1 genre. Consoles are drowned in FPSs, PC’s with RPGs, and mobile with autorun games.