Why you have Zero Hype for Project 2017.

Well, that‘s easy. There’s little to no info on the game aside from 1 crappy trailer. What they provided would give people alzheimers by the time it releases.

It starts off announcing that it came from the same people that made Sonic Colors like it took the world by storm or something, and Sonic Generations, the last decent Sonic game we got before the Nintard storm. And then we shoot to 2 giant shitty looking robots destroying a city with psuedo epic music playing. And then we see Sonic looking pissed for no reason (come on dawg, you’ve seen this shit a million times, you should be yawning just to show how badass you are to snore at city-wide destruction!) So he goes racing through the city to stop the robots… but then stops in his tracks when a giant piece of debris heads way, ignoring the fact that he could just outrun that shit like he was previously (Retard Sonic , indeed!) but he is saved by retro Sonic, and they both race off to the robots. “Join the resistance” which won’t include Sally Acorn.

That didnt show us anything! No robot asswhoopin, no new characters, nothing! It might as well have been a tech demo!

This is probably Sega’s worst Sonic trailer in ages. Despite how much they hate making Sonic games (or love screwing over the fans), they would usually show new content in their trailers for new Sonic titles. This one just has no effort put into it. It comes off as “just give those whiny bastards something to talk!” You could literally mistake it for some Sonic Unleashed DLC. 

Of course, the most damning thing would be the inclusion of Retro Sonic… again. If this is a Generations 2, then w/e. I wouldn’t be happy about that either way, but it would be something some fans wanted. But I don’t get that impression at all. Considering the closing tagline “Join the Resistance”, it implies a different kind of game. Like perhaps some sort of Mass Effect Reaper invasion has enveloped the planet… and Sonic needs friends to help fight this kind of foe. That wouldn’t be any better, infact it would be a cliche implosion, but if it’s that kind of story… why the fuck would you include Retro Sonic in there!?

It’s like you have 2 different ideas coliding together in some horribly mangled crash. On one end you have a “Rebels against against the Orwellian dictator” and the other is Sonic Generations… again. I don’t see how these 2 ideas can fit together and work. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. I don’t know what the fuck else to make of this trailer. The problem being is Retro Sonic. It just… it kills w/e enthusiasm I have.

Actually, no, I’m gonna make a guess as to how the story flows. 

Retard Sonic and friends are in the post apocalyptic future already, and they’ve all become bitter and cynical as they try to fight an enemy that kicks their asses on a daily basis. But by some freak accident, Retro Sonic comes from the past with rainbows and fuzzballs to inspire the modern heroes to brighten up their smiles and change their outlook on life as they claim victory against their oppressors. 

This plot being created in some vain attempt to spite the spectrum of the Sonic fans for wanting a more mature take on the series with the happy go lucky Retro Sonic there to spread that message!

….. I losing my mind!  There’s honestly not a l0t to go on, the trailer did no peak my interest, the reusing of Retro Sonic is recycling content, and its being made by the same team that made Sonic Colors, meaning it will be kiddy as fuck. But the difference is they seem to have a lot more time to work on this so hey, it might be interesting down the road so who knows?

…….Geez, I didn’t have much to say on this game, huh? Yeah, I need more than what’s already here.

EDIT: Goddamn limited internet sucks. ..

I dont know if this is real or not, but…

Tiara Bobowski!? Iz zat u!?