*sigh* Well shit, this is a low point. I got writer’s block and I dont know what the hell else to talk about regarding games. You can probably guess why. Im trying not to make several Pokemon posts, Sonic is literally dead to me (Mania definitely broke my balls) and I currently have no plan to buy current gen consoles. Atm they are too damn expensive and im too damn cheap. You become… reluctant to spend money on an industry that is more obsessed with bleeding you dry and pulling stupid ass moves with games that force you onto the internet either by DLC thats required to enjoy the game, or a mandatory patch that is required to make the game fucking work even though it should fucking  work right outta the box, escpecially when these cocksuckers still want you to pay full fucking price!

Its frustrating because pubs and devs will never stop pulling BS like this. And I dont have the patience for it anymore. I want a complete game for the prices they charge. I dont want to buy some toy statue to get bonuses, that should already be in the game via some unlockable shit.

But yeah, as the title suggests… and no pun intended. Just know that because I lack a decent PC, I dont have any opinions on fan games in particular.

I could probably review Dr. Strange now that I think about it….