Fuck yearh! Mass Effect Andromeda!

Great, now I want a PS4. A shame it takes an RPG for me to want to spend money. 

Yes, I love Mass Effect. I needed a Space Explorer fix since Sega keeps fucking around with PSO2 localization, and by the balls of Ra, I will never need another RPG series ever again… Unless Bioware manages to fuck up Andromeda. I still have that curse after all. 

Anywho, I butted heads with the Nintard at work. He and this white girl keep bragging about fucking Pokemon. Can you believe these asswipes made a sand castle Pokemon!? 

Bah. Basically confirming what Mack said about actual boss fights, though according to Nintard at work, these trial leaders (Nintendo proves how unimaginative they are with naming conventions) are all Clare Clones. Try saying that five times fast. *coughs* As in you kick their asses and then they give you work. I should just take my Pokemon and shake those cocksuckers down for a badge. Great, so Nintendo takes what was perfectly fine and fucks it up. My poor Kirby

But alas, he fails to upend my misplaced enthusiasm for the next Mass Effect game. “What’s so great about another military shooter?” he inquires. What impudence!! “Mass Effect is a real RPG!” I chant. “Unlike those crappy JRPGs, you actually affect the course of your story. Dont want to be bothered stopping the story to deal withsome piddly sideplot involving an annoying bitch? Would you want to control an army of sentient killer robots!? Dont like certain characters and would rather screw them over for teh lulz!? Wanna fuck that blue alien and make believe you’re in Star Trek!? This is the shit for you!”

But alas! His Nintard brain could not comprehend such rawness! After all, Nintendo tells their fans what to like. And they like it rough… as in having no flexibility… in what you can do in their games. Ironic as Nintendo used to let you skip levels. Tis not what bothered me, however. He noted that players should not have this much power/control/freedom in games. He neglected to explain why, priorities on the job, that kind of shit. 

You know, it disturbs me that even aspiring game developers are echoing these sentiments, and if this mentality serves as the foundation of the future of videogames, it’ll die sooner than it could fart. If you believe the players shouldn’t have the power, why the fuck do you play Pokemon?

And why the hell shouldn’t they be given that kind of power!? Do you know what a game is!? It is interactive entertainment exclusively for our goddamn egos. Unlike movies that try to give you a story to teach you morals from someone else‘s perspective,  videogames cater to our egos, period. Its why so many gamers irrationally curse and scream over this shit, get into heated debates, or even get into protests over an ending (its… 50/50 justified). People take this shit to extremes because of the ego stroking that games provide. Hell, if the game doesn’t submit to your whims, its a marvel… nay, a wonder it was ever greenlit. This industry is full on shock value at this point.

And then you get into the role-playing games. Everyone knows that entails playing through a game where you have a party of preset characters, you have levels and experience points, you have gear to equip, skill points to accumulate and allocate, damage calculations… but that’s all the mechanics and shit. That shouldn’t say “role-playing”. What is role-playing? Huh? Huh!? Its playing pretend. You know, that shit you did as a child where you made believe you were someone more badass than you were at that age? You’d probably use a stick, pretend its a sword… or if you had laser-tag and pretended you were a cowboy or some space ranger. And no, as much I begged, never got that shit for Christmas

You know the best part of playing pretend? You could do w/e you want and not have anyone tell you that you couldnt do this or that just because someone else wants to tell a story or set some rules in place. You were free to tell your own tale. That in itself is the heart and soul of role-playing. 

Unfortunately, everyone’s idea of role-playing came from that Dungeons and Dragons game in terms of rules and classes.  Nothing else beyond that. For a board game (pen & paper, who gives a fuck), it was quite unique. Most other board games just gave you colors to play as, but this game gave you actual choices, elements that presented advantages and consequences. The classes you chose had clear positives and negatives. But at the same time, you could make up the adventures you have. Walk through a forest and have an unstoppable dragon come where everyone fights. 

No wait, there is a game master that determines what the story is

It was unique compared to everything else that came out. Still, the only thing developers got from this were the game rules. They took the body of the RPG but left the soul. What we have now are predetermined husks controlled at the behest of the creator, not the masters (you, I and everyone who pays). What good is a Role-playing game without pretend? Its only good for it’s mechanics and battle systems, shit people couldn’t give a damn about when talking about RPGs.

Lets put it this way. What are videogames played with?

A controller, right? What should that imply? That they who wield the controller are in control. Sure, this extended only as far as gameplay, you could determine if you complete a level,  skip a level, proceed to a dungeon you weren’t quite prepared for, use cheat codes to make the game easier, that kinda shit.

Then you introduce a story into the mix. Back then, the stories were simple. “ProblemJobReward“. The problem was baddies over there, the job is kill dey ass, and the reward is admiration from text, or a princess (you wont see that anymore). You contrlled the fate of that problem. The only thing you had to worry about was whether or not you were a bad enough dude to save the day. 

But lately, the last generation had a disturbingly high number of games with outcomes that are never in your favor, making it feel as though your contributions are meaningless. So many games end with your player character dying at the end, its redundant. If I wanted to be depressed from playing games, I’d play Sonic Boom. Not everything else

 Take for example,  Tales of Xillia 2, quite frankly the most depressing game in the series. Here you are given a character whose reactions and dialogue are yours to command. And that’s about it. You cant really do much else that would affect the course of the story. This becomes a painful fact when you realize just how miserable the game wishes you to be. Like say this bitch.

2 Versions of this heifer exists. One variant is the cold, distant and irritating type, the kind that Japan prefers when making slutty women, apparently. The other is hot headed and is quick to beat the hell out of anyone who so much as looks at her. 

The latter is hilarious. And she dies. Why? Some BS about how paradoxes shouldn’t exist, and prime bitch was the only 1 that could save the day… even though prime bitch does Nothing for the rest of the game!

For a game that gives you choices,  it goes out of its way to make you feel powerless. What if I wanted to keep fractured awesomeness!? Too bad! Game says prime bitch is too important. Deal wit it. 

Video games are egocentric entertainment, one where you have direct input in. You can affect everything but the course of the story. I believe, for an RPG at least, this needs to change. The “role-playing” is too often taken too literally and you’re simply there to witness the destruction of your avatar, crushing what further motivation you’d have in replaying the damn title. Being able to control your character’s destiny is much more fulfilling than having you being jerked around for $60.

Mass Effect does this decently enough (just dont bring up 3). Combined with some damn good lore, you can affect how characters respond to you, what people serve you in the end, what relationships you build (though this part gets creepy, damned Tali fans) and how the world develops. Its truly a game that molds itself around you… until 3. Mass Effect should serve as the foundation for RPGs in terms of content structure and personalization. Cause hell, if the industry is gonna turn every game/genre into an RPG, you might as well steal ideas from this series.

It would feel like these outcomes were earned. Because you personally made them happen. You had a hand in causing events to take place. A game of choices and the consequences thereof. Think about Pokemon. You already have your own pokemon teams, it took 15 years get character customization… but what if you wanted to join the evil teams and steal other’s pokemon? You know, since these bastards wont let them go..

Given that RPGs are a computer-centric genre, they fall under the veil of personal gaming. As such, the journey itself should be more personal. Everytime you play the game, the experience should feel unique to players, and not just by their classes. I cant imagine a better motivation to play through a game than an adventure that isnt beyond your control. Just imagine a Pokemon game where you could dictate more than just your team.

If minecraft taught us anything,  the player wants all the power in the world. Its clearly profitable to stroke the gamer’s egos. It should be extended to the plot. It worked well enough for Mass Effect until….. EA.

Yeah I know there’s been ass loads of articles on Mass Effect and how it’s really about false choice. I ask what game does “choice” better? Damn sure aint Splinter Cell Double Agent.