This is more of a response to Mack151 than anything. 

There are going to be boss trainers for each island after completing the trial, but that’s still just the equivalent of four gym leaders.  A recent trailer did reveal the plot involves establishing a league in the region, however, so who knows, we might still see gyms after all.

*sigh* Fine, thats better than nothing, I suppose. 

As for the evil team and save-the-world plot… _hoo boy_.  There’s implications that the Aether Foundation is the true evil team and that they’re experimenting on Pokemon to create a god, so the player may end up working with Team Skull to stop them.  And the player will have to fight these eldritch abominations from another dimension… which which have been confirmed to be catchable.  Great missed opportunity there, GF.

Oh joy! More artificial Pokemon! And yet another thinly veiled “fight evil team to catch legendary fucks at the end of the plot” er… plot. Why does this sound like RSE?

There is a theory floating around that either these games or the inevitable Gen 4 remakes are meant to be the last entries before a proper reboot/overhaul of the series.  Gamefreak has been building up a bunch of lore around mega evolutions being powered by pokemon life energy, at least gen 6 (if not gen 5 and the remakes too) taking place in an alternate timeline/universe from Gens 1-4, and there’s a bunch of alchemy/astrology symbolism and other junk… supposedly “it all comes together” in S&M.

 Then I take that back. They’re not being lazy. They’re fucking it up.  Goddamn, this does not sound appealing in the slightest. I was already turned off from Mega Evolution just by the whole power of friendship cliche. This is all junk from other kiddy shonen cartoons that no one got into Pokemon for. Those are supposed to be the copycats, so why is Nintendo taking dibs from those knockoff cartoons? 

Amusingly enough the anime looks to be going in the opposite direction, and fans are saying that’s likely influenced by pressure to compete with Yokai Watch more than any of the other changes in the franchise.

Meh. The cartoon hasnt been good since Johto so I couldn’t care.

GF is wasting energy building up lore around a feature from Digimon.

This sounds a helluva lot worse than I thought. Nintendo is reducing this series into a generic millennial kid’s anime trash trope of a franchise. Everything described here sounds like a Digimon cartoon. 

Pokemon used to be one of the few RPGs that could get away with having little story and focused more on a series about kids traveling the world. Everything that ensued was merely a sublot. A sidequest of itself if you will. Team Rocket was just a distraction, lets be honest. All they did was impede your progress to the Pokemon League. Nothing more, nothing less. 

That was the beauty of Pokemon not only as an RPG but also as a videogame. There was no true antagonist. The game was about your growth as a Pokemon Trainer. That’s the house this series was built on. Fuck all this noise about story, the game was about you. Your own personal journey with your personally crafted team of Pokemon taking on the world

Not just any world, mind you, but a world that replicated the real one with enough simplicity that kids could understand and enough grit that even adults could relate to (before Europe bitched and took out the slot machines). You get to meet new people, run into and fight biker gangs, make your own house (secret base) etc. 

What GF is doing is taking you out the world and turning you into a spectator.  You’re playing an interactive cartoon with all the same tired Japanese tropes you’ve come to expect. A specially powered evolution tied to the strength of one’s bond is so Digimon, I expect them to start doing fusions… wait, is that Ash and Gr-…  what better way to show off the dated 3D cutscenes?

And hell, now legendary Pokemon are tied to the plots and have zero unique qualities that are supposed to make them legendary. Entei, Suicune, and Raikou at least have a mythology to them. Xernas & Ytvel were simply created by GF to give Team Flare a fucking macguffin to achieve their goals. Legendary Pokemon in the first 2 generations were considered extremely rare and highly unobtainable. Tis why they would have “legends” surrounding them and even mythologies by the locals. It gave a sense of mystery and intrigue. Now its all about ancient prophecies and doomsday scenarios that the baddies know all to well to terrorize the populas. Thanks alot Euisine, you’ve ruined the franchise.

 And the evil teams, what more can be said? A bloated element that did nothing but pad out the game’s length, and were being forced to give a shit about them. A bunch of nameless nobodies who seek to control the world or destroy it for w/e BS emo reason these clearly pretentious leaders would have. I cant even remember the bastard in charge of Flare.

But… we live in an era where Pokemon fans are so cocksmashingly shortsighted that they would defend this with the buzz phrase “stories need conflict”. No fuckwits. Stories need substance. And these stories clearly lack such an element. They’re based around characters we dont (and never will) give a fuck about. The plots are ALL THE SAME! And by the end of the game, the grand majority of the NPC’s wont even acknowledge their “contributions” meaning they were a waste of time. 

But then those fans would say “its for kids, what were you expecting!?”. Because a children’s market mandates a lack of effort. Well, to that loaded statement, I say look to the 1st 2 generations as the stories for those games REQUIRED NO EFFORT AT ALL YOU FUCKJOBS!!!

*sigh* If Pokemon needs any kind of story, you know, desperately needing conflict and all that bullshit, then it should be based around competition. A series that usually focused on your growth should have a character that motivates you to get gud. And with a series like Pokemon, its incredibly easy to do.

What were the most interesting plots of the DP anime series? Ash’s rivalry with Paul. Dawn’s performance in those stupid contests. Not team galactic or hunter J (people forgot that bitch existed). Villains are merely the peas of the series, never the meat! What do fans (kids and adults) do when they catch Pokemon. They train them for fucking battle! Mostly in preparation for competition against other trainers. Champions. Tournaments. Every fan wants to be the very best,  like no one ever was.

Instead of that, we get some half-baked evil corporation wanting to make more Mewtwo/Genesect type fucks, and you the player are forced to deal with this bloated subplot because the nitwits at GF think Pokemon should be a generic RPG. How else do you show off your dated 3D cutscenes without putting more emphasis on story? It will be yet another forgettable plot element by the time players get to the endgame because GF only allows players to have one save file. If you put so much effort into building the lore, then let players experience it more than once. Thats what ALL generic RPGs do, since you turned Pokemon into one.

And get a better composer. The current guy sucks ass. No one likes this orchestrated kids bop music.