By the balls of Ra! Nintendo no longer cares about being… unique!? This isnt surprising gai’s! Its cashing in, they want that temple run Sonic Dash money! Wait what the hell is Rayman jungle run?

Im almost saddened by this, it feels like Nintendo is just recouping their losses, or trying to. Which is funny to me, seeing that Big N was all masturbating to these touchscreens for 2 generations straight with all the “possibilities” they could unleash, they go and make some cash grab shit.

If you ask me, any game or franchise that goes and does a Temple Run knock off is a deadbeat series.They’ve got nothing left to offer and has to resort to copying this old ass… how old is Temple Run!? Goddamn, you’d think people would rip off Angry Birds! Like you’d have Yoshi shittin out eggs and flinging them at Shyguys. 

Actually, I would buy that!

But yeah man, this is their fall from grace. I remember Nintendo execs going on about never leaving the console business and would never dare consider going third-party. After this and Pokemon Go, I can tell that was hot air they were blowing. I was telling that Nintendo fan that Ninty was gonna go mobile after Pokemon Go’s success, and shit, the Switch looks about as big as a tablet.

Console gaming is turning into entertainment that’s exclusive to the rich, and here’s the symbol of the working class jumping on the Mobile gravy train goddamn all this symbolism… this fucking VR hype with $4-800 devices for a library of shitty games that even Dashie has trouble selling people on. The industry went nuts over this bullshit I keep rambling, this supposed to be about goddamn Mario…*laughing*

Or maybe its gonna be like that Robot Unicorn game or Geometry Dash. But w/e, its easy money, wont cost a 2nd mortgage for the average consumer, and Nintendo has a good excuse to be lazy with these games. Low prices (or just free) means no standards from consumers. Just make sure those fuckjobs from King dont copyright the name “run” either.

*sigh* Whats next? Bejeweled Kirby?

Hmm… the director of Deadpool wants to make a Sonic movie. Hmmmmmmmmmm