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… Metal Gear. .. with zombies……Metal Gear….. with zombies. *sigh* I dont even know what to say to this. 

There’s content fluctuation, there’s content derailment, but then there’s just taking a piss. This… “game” has no logical basis for why it exists. Lets think about this.

Shadow the Hedgehog went full dark with guns a blazing. No one knows why, but 1 could play devil’s advocate and say people bitched about how kiddy Heroes was or suggest that they wanted to appeal to the market that was drowning itself in GTA and Halo.

DmC went emo with teenage angst.  No one knows why, but you could play devil’s advocate and say the old games weren’t selling as well so the game was altered to fit in with a market that enjoys angsty games (idk, I just made some shit up).

Bomberman Act Zero. Similar case to Shadow,  you could play devil’s advocate and suggest that Bomberman can’t sell by being cute and cartoony anymore,  so this was a desperate attempt to appeal to the masses. 

Sonic Boom (fufufufufufufu ), play devil’s advocate and drone on about Sega wanting a cross media franchise exclusively to sell merchandise (wait, that was the reason).

  1. People play devil’s advocate a lot more than you’d think. At least in America in regards to corporations. Any decision that is universally considered fubar, you’ll have at least one person (or asshole if you ask me) who will step in with a naive desire to defend these outrageous decisions. Hell, we had people defending BP after that oil spill. 

The Devils Advocate rarely cares about the subject by which he/she is defending, only that dissent, like crying, is an unnatural state of mind (Pokemon fans have this mindset in spades). So bizarre decisions, like turning Resident Evil into a first-person Blair Witch game similar to The Joy of Creation, would be seen as a positive by default rather than considering at all why this would upset people. Since America has such a backwards society, you see this happen more often than not. Complaining is taboo. 

These advocates are always unwarranted and unwanted. But you know what? I desperately want someone to justify this fantastic nonsense! I could care less about the Metal Gear Series, but turning it into a zombie game!? What is the business decision behind this move? What possessed them to think Metal Gear by its own merits has no appeal? Did MGSV do poorly!? 

*sigh* I keep thinking back to the commenter that suggested copyright law needs to be seriously reworked for cases like Sonic, but fuck, it needs to be revoked interiely when it comes to the Vampires at Konami! I would love to get Bomberman and Mother Fucking Bloody Roar out of their vile clutches.

Look, I know Japanese developers have this… competition going on about who can shit on their fanbases the most, with Nintendo taking first place, but Konami, if you truly want to out shitlord even the likes of Sega, then you have to do worse than this. This would make people laugh, like turning Castlevania into a porno. It shows more desperation on your part to show how much you despise your audience! People are more upset about how you treat your staff than the shit games you produce. To truly be a shitlord corporation, you must make decisions polarizing enough to warrant a Devil’s advocate, cause no one is defending you cock-suckers. After raping the Castlevania franchise,  I could care less what else you ruin. A Metal Gear title about zombies with a main  character who looks like he was ripped from Godzilla Final Wars is just laughable. Hell not just any zombie, ALIEN ZOMBIES

Seriously, can anyone defend this title!? I legit want to know!